WARNING–JRP CONTENT: In His Own Words, Johnny Rock Page Reveals Plans For His 2016 MotoAmerica Campaign On ADR-Prepared Yamahas, As Well As Running For President!

WARNING–JRP CONTENT: In His Own Words, Johnny Rock Page Reveals Plans For His 2016 MotoAmerica Campaign On ADR-Prepared Yamahas, As Well As Running For President!

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This is a press release issued by AMA/FIM North America-licensed MotoAmerica Superbike racer Johnny Rock Page. If you do not want to read this press release issued by Johny Rock Page, please ignore it and instead click on one of the approximately 50,000 other posts on roadracingworld.com. If you do not know what a press release is, click here: 


By Johnny Rock Page

Hello fans of MOTO AMERICA, SUPERBIKE RACING, MOTO GP, HOLLYWOOD MOVIE LAND, and all those who follow politics as little as possible!

My Name is Johnny Rock Page, and the story continues on, threading through the 2016 MOTO AMERICA SUPERBIKE season!

I’ll keep readers in the loop as things progress so we can all appreciate this journey together as I will need your support so we can accomplish and lead America together!

When I first realized I was being called to lead America as a future President, I remember thinking how I am so much not like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, or George Bush; they actually participate in all those rallies that everyone keeps telling me to go to and they worked their way into being a President as a Senator or some previous political position.

How can I achieve and remain unique and different if I do what they are all doing?

Nicky Hilton says, “Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken.” I love that quote. It helped me realize that America was looking for something different, and that’s when I realized that, like you, I am unique in the way that God made me!

We all have to find our talents and go with who we are, keeping the best version of ourselves and improving, shedding off the habits that are not so great.

I kept asking God, “Are you sure you have the right man?” God slowly lets you know when; It’s a pretty amazing reality as God starts to make his home within.

We are so small and God of course is so magnificent, one day at a time doing my best each day of course I’ll need God’s grace in areas and daily guidance and yours as well.

I am thrilled to announce that I will be campaigning on two Yamaha R1 1000cc motorcycles for the entire 2016 MOTO AMERICA SUPERBIKE season! I look forward to working with the design team on these patriotic-looking American Superbikes.

To be a Pro Superbike racer is quite the thrill for me, going on 48 years young this July 25th. My daughter Alexa is now 16 and is eligible to hold the umbrella on the grid for Daddy Rock, sharing this grand stage with her older sister Madison, now 18. Please everyone continue to say hello to them and help them feel welcome–as you always do–into the race family! As a dad this is such a great dream to build on and continuing with the JRP Signature Phrase: Dream Big, Anything Is Possible!

Reflecting back it was SURREAL racing with Josh Herrin when he was so young,  tugging on my shirt, then watching him win the Superbike Championship in 2014 with me sharing the racing circuit at age 45.

I see little parts of Donald Trump, he’s great at making money and has many qualities that would make him a great advisor!

I can’t talk good like Barack Obama and I don’t smoke cigars like Bill Clinton, but I have had some fun experiences like him too! I think Bill Clinton and I should get together and smoke a few cigars, have great conversation too!

Bill has a great noble wife in some areas where many people are lacking now days and that is a heart of grace; I like that about Hillary Clinton.

However when one strays the other is not too far behind; When one Dog strays the other Dog typically follows the lead Dog; Hillary Clinton, Bill’s lovely wife, perhaps we can all have a cigar together and get open. Powerful people who lead Americans need to be refreshed sometimes and this is one of those times; Americans need relatibility, NOT to be over-powered by the privileged seat you may hold over the people.

Road racing for me is a way I can come express my love and gratitude for America through one of my talents that God has given me and do my best to lead in the way God has called me!

There is a lot going on in America, and throughout the world.

Rest assure there will be many top advisors who will be appointed to me when transitioning into America’s next Presidential leader as I move into the White House, perhaps with a tinge of light pink in a certain wing.

There are a lot of spiritual matters going on in this world with Isis and during times many of us could learn and grow spiritually as well.

I look forward to shipping many of my motorcycles, some I have given away. They would be set up and make a great display as to what was going on during trials and tribulations each year as I was racing, campaigning, dealing with personal issues of course and staying focused ahead.

I hope many will find that you are not alone as I openly share my life story.

As we all know life is not easy always and there are challenging times; I wish I could tell you how perfect I was, however my story will be a story that went through and experienced many sins the list is long. Being restored and redeemed I will believe in the redemption of the human spirit as many Americans rise together and be great in the areas that God has called each of us.

During the campaign I will be sharing a movie so that a portion of my life story can be shown to many viewers. I believe Netflix, Hula, I-Tunes, Amazon have now received the application and we anticipate the movie to be made available as the race season gets underway, sometime in April!

The movie is named “One Tenth of a Second,” produced by Kurt Kubicek. The film contains 7-10 years worth of clips that were supposed to go into the success of a reality TV show during the times when the Kardashians were making it into the scene.

Bruce Jenner, now referred to as Caitlyn, connected me with E-Channel years back.

Instead of getting a reality TV show, a full-length two-hour feature film was completed and here I am. Wow, how greatful I am to be able to share it with viewers throughout America and all around the world.

Today I am an unmarried man and although many people have an idea as to who I fancy, it’s important to take my time to make sure I am United with a Supportive Compatible Suitable Beautiful wife who has a great attitude towards me as well. This is why courting is so beneficial and important now days, prior to jumping in the sack and having sex with one another as I’ve experienced!

During the season I will be handing out 100,000 newly designed “DREAM BIG, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE” bracelets with the Matthew 19:26 scripture along with the message written I heart America / Freedom Rocks / Dream Believe Achieve Faith Love Hope and a few other inspiring messages on them.

Included is a ‘secret’ SUPRISE ‘message’ for everyone to receive! Time to step it up America, be sure to get one of these packages as we will be handing them out during the first few rounds.

I expect to run out and need more bracelets soon, as they are FREE. JRP 2016 Signature Presidential Campaign Posters that will be created from the two-day test/practice session held March 23-24 at the Circuit of The Americas MotoGP/MotoAmerica Superbike track located in Austin, Texas.

I need everyone who loves God to step up purchase, wear and support as WE ALL get involved and inspire America, doing our part to keeping it great!

I am building an infrastructure starting with e-commerce, soon following into many retail outlets as cash flow allows us the DBAiP team to expand building the Johnny Rock Page 269 DBAiP inspirational clothing line and merchandising the latest clothes & Items that are trending with my signature inspirational messages throughout each piece with surprise unique packaging made available for self purchases, corporate staff employees or great for gifts to people you love and want to encourage as we continue to inspire!

Please show your love for God, America, our Families and Friends through purchasing from my website/E-commerce strategic clothing and apparel lines which will also be carrying my signature JRP269 DBAiP Collector pieces.

HEALTH AT 47: Currently I am rehabilitating my fractured heel & torn rotator cuff, looking to get stem cell therapy for both injuries soon!

THERAPUTIC CONDITIONING: Swimming a lot is very therapeutic and creates the perfect resistance as I can control the amount of water i move around against the rehabilitating sensitive injuries.

David Anthony and I will be training on dirt bikes that he prepares for me for conditioning and slide comfortability.

I am grateful for all his help and all the team’s great support over the years with ADR RACING, David Anthony really stuck with me during all the adversity and always comes through with great prepared motorcycles, thank you!

The new redeemed Johnny Rock Page is looking forward to some incredible race battles on the track for race wins as well as getting to know the 2016 fellow MOTO AMERICA Pro Superbike Stars, furthering friendships outside of racing as well.

Good luck trying to keep up with me Cameron Beaubier, Josh Herrin, Josh Hayes, Chris Ulrich, Corey Alexander, David Anthony, Barrett Long, Jake Gange, Kyle Wyman, Taylor Knapp, Bobby Fong, Danny Eslick, Claudio Corti, Ryan Jones, Jake Lewis, Roger Hayden, Josh Day, Hayden Gillim. The new Johnny Rock Page is going to be lightning fast; remember our talk at Infineon Daytona Anderson? As for the newbies Anthony Kosinski, Brandon Cretu, and Max Flinders I look forward to some radikal fun racing!

Team Owner David Anthony has teamed me up with Patricia Fernandez. Who could ask for a more fun, energetic female? She’s all heart, that girl!

ENERGY: The company’s rep wants to see how I perform first before I make the announcement as to what they have me taking, I look forward to making a media announcement soon following!

BOOK COMING. SOON-to be PUBLISHED: Building a 50-100 Page Supersized pictorial book with short paragraphs making for an easy read for all you right-brained people like me too! I hope it’s inspiring and remains in an area where you can read anytime you may need some inspiration!

CONDITIONING: I Anticipate to be in perfect condition for the first MOTO AMERICA round one.

MENTAL APPROACH: Reconciling with God, staying pure as possible, daily prayer, no masturbating, no porn, no TV at my house, rarely alcohol, no illegal drugs, embracing being single until the season is near over~I have to get this next relationship accurate, three strands is important, she has to love God too!


Johnny Rock Page says, America is Great and so are YOU–and remember God loves you!

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