UtahSBA: Lopez Returns From Injury And Wins

UtahSBA: Lopez Returns From Injury And Wins

© 2022, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc. From a press release issued By Russell Carpenter of the UtahSBA board:

Round 4 of the Utah Motorcycle Law Masters of the Mountains series took place on July 9th at Utah Motorcycle Campus on the West track configuration.

The series crown jewel race, Moto United KOM GTU/Moto Station-Pirelli KOM GTO, would have multiple story lines with series points leader Anthony Norton not attending, and defending number one plate holder Jerry Hicks electing not to race after a nasty crash in an earlier round. Additionally, previous race winner Genaro Lopez would be returning from a broken wrist suffered at Round two and second place points holder Dave Meyer would be looking to eat into a 38 point deficit to Norton in first place.

In qualifying Lopez set the early fast lap at 1:33.006. Meyer would soon answer back with a 1:32.9 and briefly move into P1 before being bested when Lopez responded with a 1:32.625 on the very next lap. At this point in the session it would be Lopez and Meyer running in first and second with local racer Ryan Richardson in third with a 1:33.632 lap time. In the closing minutes of qualifying Scott Decker would be able to edge Richardson for the third place qualifying slot with a 1:33.632. The top three in the final qualifying order would be Lopez, Meyer, Decker.

Come race time, Meyer would lead the pack entering turn one but Lopez would make a quick pass and exit turn one with the lead. Richardson would exit turn one in third. By lap two Lopez would open a sizable gap on Meyer and Richardson in second and third respectively.

Behind the lead trio, Kellen Birch was leading Kevin Dolan in a furious battle for fifth. The two would be tip to tail for two laps with Dolan attempting passes in seemingly every corner before finally making a pass stick in turn five of lap four. Birch would close the gap and try to regain his position in the turn ten but his efforts would be fruitless as Dolan would retain his position.

Meanwhile on lap seven Meyer, at this point running in second, would accidentally activate his pit limiter and allow Richardson in third to move up into second. The running order now re-shuffled to Lopez, Richardson, Meyer. From there the top three would bring it home to the finish line without further changes in position.

In The Mechanic Modern Vintage GTO/GTU race Josh Snow would get a great jump and post a 1:35.41 lap time for lap one. Dolan would be second on for the entirety of lap one with Marshall Miller trailing behind in third. By the beginning of lap two Snow and Dolan were separated by no more than a yardstick setting up a race of one overtaking attempt after another, corner after corner. Snow would manage to separate himself on the first half of the lap, with Dolan able to catch up in the second half of the lap. Dolan would attempt a pass each lap in turn ten, getting a good drive and drying to drag race Snow in first on the front straight. Dolan’s efforts were in vain as Snow was able to hold on for the win with the podium group being Snow, Dolan, Miller in the final standings. Said Snow of his race, “I felt like I had kind of plateaued in my riding then somehow I broke through and won the first two races of my career at Round 3 and was able to back it up with the win this afternoon. Huge thanks to my mentors Marshall Miller, Alex Zinaich, and Scott Rybarik.”

In the Moto United Open Superstock race, local racer Kory Cowan would ride a huge wheelie off the starting line, opening the door for Ryan Richardson on the Trackstar Racing ZX-10 to get the holeshot. Kowan would gather the bike in time to tuck into second behind Richardson with Cole Phillips in third. At the end of the first lap Kowan would make the pass for the lead in turn ten but Richardson would immediately answer back by getting a better drive and retaking first place by passing on the gas down the front straight. Cowan stayed close to the leader though, ultimately passing for the lead again in turn four. By lap three Philllips had caught back up to the two leaders, ticking off laps and waiting patiently for a mistake so he could move up in the running order. By turn five of lap four Richardson was able to catch Cowan and would stalk him the rest of the lap before pouncing in turn ten and getting hard on the throttle to secure first position. Cowan would trail the rest of the lap before unexpectedly retiring from the race and handing second position to Phillips. Scott Decker would inherit third place and the finishing order would be Richardson, Phillips, Decker. After the race Richardson was happy with his victory but expressed a desire for improvement. “I’m happy with the win but I want to be running a 1:32 lap time. I have some ideas where I can drop a half a second or so from my lap time. I want to thank my Dad Ian, Dunlop Tires, Jason Parkinson at ECS HVAC, and Trackstar Racing,” said Richardson.

As the track went silent the racers gathered at their race round staple barbeque event to bench race and make plans for Round five, which will be held August 6th at Utah Motorsports Campus on the perimeter track configuration. The UtahSBA wishes to express our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to our racers, their families, and last but certainly not least our generous sponsors. None of this would happen without you and we can’t wait to see you at Round 5 in August. If you’ve never raced with the UtahSBA before, do it! You’re missing out and there’s no better time to start than on the perimeter course configuration with one of the longest straightaways in North America. See you there!



Motostation/Moto United KOM Overall:

1. Genaro Lopez (BMW S1000RR)

2. Ryan Richardson (KAW ZX-10R)

3. David Meyer (YAM R1)

4. Cole Phillips (KAW ZX-10R)

5. Kevin Dolan (KAW ZX-10R)

6. Kellen Birch(YAM R1)


Motostation KOM GTO:

1. Genaro Lopez (BMW S1000RR)

2. Ryan Richardson (KAW ZX-10R)

3. David Meyer (YAM YZF-R1)

4. Cole Phillips (KAW ZX-10R)

5. Kevin Dolan (KAW ZX-10R)

6. Kellen Birch (YAM R1)


AZ Riding Academy Combined GTO

1. Gilbert Gonzalez (KAW ZX-10R)

2. Joshua Snow (YAM R1)

3. Steven Marco (YAM R1)

4. Sam Arquit (HON CBR1000RR)

5. Christopher Mousley (YAM R1)

6. Scott Christensen (YAM R6)


Off Highway Van Combined GTU

1. Joshua Fisher (TRI 675R)

2. Chayce Lance (YAM R6)

3. Scott Christensen (YAM R6)

4. Belisario Arango (KAW ZX6R)

5. Mario Fernandez (YAM R6)

6. Brian Gerwe (HON CBR600RR)


The Edge Powersports Deseret Dash – Expert

1. Steven Marco (YAM R1)

2. Sam Arquit (HON CBR1000RR)

3. Joshua Snow (YAM R1)

4. Marshall Miller (BMW S1000RR)

5. Braxton Young (YAM R6)

6. David Meyer (YAM R1)


The Edge Powersports Deseret Dash – Novice

1. Alban Bonilla (BMW S1000RR)

2. Brian Gerwe (HON CBR600RR)

3. Mario Fernandez (YAM R6)

4. Landon Mattson (SUZ GSX-R600)

5. Cameron Holladay (YAM R1)


Harrison Eurosports Formula 40 – GTO

1. Kevin Dolan (KAW ZX-10R)

2. Alex Zinaich (YAM R1)

3. Christopher Mousley (YAM R1)

4. Dave Loynd (HON CBR1000RR)

5. Jeff Taylor (YAM R1)


Harrison Eurosports Formula 40 – GTU

1. Lee McNutt (YAM R6)

2. Kirk Doyle (KAW ZX-6R)

3. Eliu Heredia (YAM R6)

4. Dustin Lance (YAM R6)


The Weekend Garage Middleweight Superbike

1. Brian Childree (KAW ZX-6R)

2. Joshua Fisher (TRI 675R)

3. Braxton Young (YAM R6)

4. Brian Naylor (KAW ZX-6R)


Toxic Moto Racing Middleweight Superstock

1. Brian Childree (KAW ZX-6R)

3. Joshua Fisher (TRI 675R)

2. Lee McNutt (YAM R6)

4. Brian Naylor (KAW ZX-6R)

5. Belisario Arango (KAW ZX-6R)

6. Braxton Young (YAM R6)


The Mechanic Modern Vintage – GTO

1. Joshua Snow (YAM R1)

2. Kevin Dolan (SUZ GSXR1000)

3. Marshall Miller (BMW S1000RR)

4. Dave Loynd (HON CBR1000RR)

5. Cameron Holladay (YAM YZF R1)

6. Robert Jojola (DUC 999)


The Mechanic Modern Vintage – GTU

1. Joshua Fisher (TRI 675R)

2. Brian Gerwe (HON CBR600RR)

3. Kirk Doyle (KAW ZX-6R)

4. Donald Rothfuss (DUC 848)

5. Braxton Young (YAM YZF R6)

6. Mario Fernandez (YAM YZF R6)


Karl Malone Powersports  Moto 2

1. Brian Childree (KAW ZX-6R)

2. Joshua Fisher (TRI 675R)

4. Scott Christensen (YAM R6)

3. Brian Naylor (KAW ZX-6R)

5. Zach Jenson (YAM R6)

6. Kirk Doyle (KAW ZX-6R)


Redline Realty Moto 3

1. Brian Gerwe (KAW Ninja 400)


Legion of Speed Novice GTO

1. Christopher Mousley (YAM R1)

2. Jeff Taylor (YAM R1)

3. Alban Bonilla (BMW S1000RR)

4. Scott Christensen (YAM R6)

5. Zach Jenson (YAM R6)

6. Joseph Ruck (SUZ GSX-R1000)


Trackstar Novice GTU

1. Kirk Doyle (KAW ZX-6R)

2. Scott Christensen (YAM R6)

3. Zach Jenson (YAM R6)

4. Brian Berwe (HON CBR600RR)

5. Mario Fernandez (YAM R6)

6. Jeff Leeman (YAM R6)


Vortex Open Superbike

1. Ryan Richardson (KAW ZX-10R)

2. Kevin Dolan (KAW ZX-10R)

3. David Meyer (YAM R1)

4. Gilbert Gonzalez (KAW ZX-10R)

5. Sam Arquit (HON CBR1000RR)

6. Kellen Birch (YAM R1)


MotoUnited Open Superstock

1. Ryan Richardson (KAW ZX-10R)

2. Cole Phillips (KAW ZX-10R)

3. Scott Decker (YAM R1)

4. Kellen Birch (YAM R1)

5. Kory Cowan (SUZ GSX-R750)


Karl Malone Powersports Open Twins

1. Joshua Fisher (TRI 675R)

2. Donald Rothfuss (DUC 848)

3. Jake Ferdinand (DUC 959)

4. Jared Baird (DUC 1299)

5. Robert Jojola (DUC 999)


TruSolace Production 500

1. Brian Gerwe (KAW Ninja 400)


Monarch Powersports Sportsman

1. Jordan DeJarnett (YAM R6)

2. Jared Baird (DUC 1299)

3. Robert Jojola (DUC 999)

4. Cameron Holladay (YAM YZF-R1)

5. David Schulz (YAM YZF-R6)


Napa Auto Parts Tooele Stock 1000

1. Ryan Richardson (KAW ZX-10R)

2. Gilbert Gonzalez (KAW ZX-10R)

3. Jeff Taylor (YAM R1)

4. Steven Marco (YAM R1)

5. Christopher Mousley (YAM R1)

6. Joshua Snow (YAM R1)


Carbonsmith Super Street Bike

1. Remington Mathews (KTM 1290 Super Duke R)

2. Marco Tellez (SUZ GSX-R1000)

3. Alex Zinaich (YAM FZ1)

4. Robert Jojola (DUC 1199)

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