UtahSBA Race May 30-31 At UMC Is A Go

UtahSBA Race May 30-31 At UMC Is A Go

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Attention Racers Round 2 is a go!

The Utah SBA Board is excited to announce that we are moving forward with Round 2 and the start of the 2020 season. With restrictions surrounding COVID-19 being lightened this week we feel confident that we will be able to go racing! Registration is now open.

To make Round 2 happen UtahSBA and UMC have agreed that certain social distancing measures will be met. Here are the big ones:

This is a ZERO spectator event. If you are not a racer, crew (1 person), or UtahSBA staff, you should not attend. Please do not invite friends or customers. Our understanding is that all spectator areas will be restricted.

Nose and Mouth coverings are 100% required. These will need to be worn whenever you are in public areas. You will not need to wear these while racing or while in your pit area. These can be a homemade mask, a bandana, a balaclava, etc., but they need to be able to stay on your face while you use your hands. You will need to provide these yourselves.

UMC is requiring temperature to be taken at the front gate to enter the facility. This will happen each time you enter the gate.

All participants will need to practice social distancing at all times. Please be aware of this as you maneuver the pits during this round.

The track has advised that in order to adhere to social distancing there will be restrictions on the number of racers in day and gp garages for this event. While we were working with the track on this leading up to this email we think the best move here is for you guys to call them at (435) 277-8000 and inquire how many people you can have in your garage rental when you book.

Registration by credit/debit card only. No cash

No BBQ and Awards ceremony. – Sorry guys we hope to be back to grilling soon.

I’m sure it will come as no surprise that it is still possible for our round to be disrupted. If there is a change with the track or government preventing our round at any point leading up to race day you will be notified by us immediately and refunds will be issued.

The 2020 race season is going to look a little different from seasons in previous years. Starting with round 2 we will be having a one-day race schedule on Saturday only. This is a temporary, but essential measure to ensure the longevity of the club during the pandemic. We know it will be unpopular with anyone traveling from out of town and locals alike. It is our hope that when things return to normal we will return to a two-day schedule. Please see the attached draft schedule for one-day racing so that you can get a feel for what your day will look like. As a friendly reminder though this is a draft and is subject to change.

The second major change is a no loss registration policy. The club cannot hold race rounds this year that run a negative balance. To ensure this we will be requiring 51 registered racers eight days prior to the round in order for the event to move forward. If we don’t have the headcount of 51 paid registrations by 11:59PM on Thursday May 21st the race round will be canceled and you will be refunded your registration fees. This will be an irreversible cancellation if it happens as the club will cancel with the track. If we have the numbers at 8 days and things move forward you will still be able to register late but we cannot stress enough that we will need you in the pre-registration numbers to make the rounds happen. If you’re planning to attend please register now.

Through this pandemic we have to work together to keep the club going and the last change is a tougher pill to swallow. In the event any pre-registered or late registered racer chooses to cancel inside of the 8 day time period they will have to petition the board in order to get a refund. To put it another way, if you register, the headcount is met, and the round moves forward getting a registration refund will be difficult and handled on a case-by-case basis. The reason for this change is simple: we still have to pay the track and the numbers are tight enough that one racer makes the difference. We want to continue racing into the future and we know you do too so please work with us on this difficult change.

We realize there are a lot of big changes going into this round and 2020 that fall way outside of the norm and while a lot of you read these emails there are still some that do not. Please reach out to your friends and fellow racers to make sure that they have seen this email and if they haven’t, ask them to go read it. We’re counting on you.

Finally, with the diminished practice time in our one-day schedule I’m sure a lot of you will be wanting to get some track time in prior to the round. Please don’t forget that our friends at Apex Track Days will be on track Friday May 29th for all your track time needs. Please be sure to sign up with them at www.apextrackdays.com.

We look forward to seeing you at the track!

Eric Jones

President UtahSBA

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