Updated: Even More From This Past Weekend’s Various Races

Updated: Even More From This Past Weekend’s Various Races

© 2007, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc. From a press release issued By Dalke Motorsports.

Dalke Motorsports enters 2 teams in the Talladega round of the WERA/AMA National Endurance Series and takes 2 podiums home.

Friday practice was the usual hot, humid Alabama weather and went by uneventful as Dalke Motorsports used the time to set suspension and gearing and learn the recently configured track. Expecting searing temperatures and high humidity on Saturday team riders kept a close eye on the temperature gage all day.

Since the team decided to qualify a second bike for the GNF, every effort was made to have both Interstate Cycle Yamaha R6’s ready well in advance of the race. While the sprint racers were qualifying in the late afternoon the team 1 bike was fully prepped for the race, and all 4 riders would practice on the team 2 bike Saturday morning with only a tire change to be made between practice and the race.

Team 1 started form their 7th place grid position and stayed near the top 5 for most of the race. Temperatures started to fall into the second hour and rain threatened for into the third hour before finally dropping the downpour. With approximately one hour left team 1 came in for rain tires and one of the team’s rain specialists went out to finish the race. Because of the pit stop team one dropped out of the top 10 but only briefly as Gio began quickly moving up the leader board. The final storm moved in with 30 minutes to go in the race and several lightening strikes around the track brought out the only red flag of the race. This gave team 1 the class win and 7th overall

Team 2 started in 37th position and steadily moved up to as high as 10th overall and second in class. Team 2 used a different strategy to handle the rain by choosing to stay out on the Pirelli DOT tires they started the race with. The teams last pit stop was supposed to be a fuel only stop but the rear tire was showing signs of chunking through to the inner carcass and not knowing another storm was following the team quickly changed the rear and sent its other rain specialist out for the transition from wet to dry. The red flag shortened race allowed Team Chicago to get by for second, so the second team settled for third in class and 14th overall.

Dalke Motorsports is very happy about putting both bikes on the podium and very grateful for the crew that worked so hard to get us there.

More, from a press release issued by AFM/Mike Solis:

AFM Round 5 at Infineon Raceway

In the MDK Motorsports Formula Pacific race at Infineon Raceway, it was David Stanton who took the early lead on his Dunlop-shod, Mach 1 Motorsports Yamaha R1, coming back from the six week break in the schedule with the same speed that placed him at the top of the championship points race. Riding a brand new Dunlop-shod 2007 Suzuki GSX-R1000, Michael Earnest of Pacific Track Time challenged Stanton early, but dropped back to third after overcooking the entrance of the Turn 9 chicane. Earnest’s miscalculation on the brakes allowed James Randolph – the number one plate holder for 2007 to take over the second spot on his Pirelli-shod Suzuki GSX-R1000.

From the second position, Randolph closed the gap on Stanton, but dropped back after a few unsuccessful attempts to take over the lead. Further back, Cory Call challenged Earnest for third place, momentarily taking the position with a move on the brakes in Turn 9 before settling into fourth place. As the checkered flag flew, it was Stanton who crossed the line to take the win, with Randolph second and Earnest third.

“James really kept me honest the whole race,” said Stanton, a STAR school instructor since the beginning of 2007. “On the first lap I had a little moment in the Carousel I have to thank Michael for not running me over! After he made that mistake in the chicane, I heard this buzzing all over the back of me, and I knew James was right there. I rode as hard as I could James really made me earn it! KC from BRG Racing has spent a million hours on this thing, and it’s absolutely perfect!”

Despite coming up short in the Formula Pacific event, Randolph the top active AFM finisher in the Superbike class at the recent Laguna Seca AMA National didn’t walk away from the weekend empty handed, winning the Fremont Honda Kawasaki Open Superbike race over Stanton earlier in the day. Martin Szwarc finished third, riding his Pirelli-shod Rattler’s Rock Racing GSX-R1000.

“In Open Superbike, we were really just testing our setup for Formula Pacific,” said Randolph. “We got a good start, pulled a two or three second lead, got into some lappers, and were just gone. I had a couple of big moments in the FP race we were having problems entering corners. The front end would just chatter then slide. I have some setup issues I have to deal with the bike runs good, but it will run better next time.”

Despite his win in Open Grand Prix, Szwarc’s day was filled with more lows than highs. In the Take it 2 the Track Open Production race, Szwarc an instructor for [email protected] went down when his front tire made contact with the MDK Motorsports GSX-R1000 of Cory Call on the approach to the Turn 9 chicane, taking both of them out of the race as they slid into the tire wall on the exit of the turn. In the Formula Pacific race later in the day, Szwarc lowsided on the exit of the Turn 6 Carousel. Szwarc escaped both incidents unharmed.

“It really was a disappointing weekend,” said Szwarc. “With two AFM races and the AMA race at Laguna to prepare for in September, we have a long month ahead of us.”

Years ago, when four cylinder superbikes were limited to 750 cubic centimeters, two-cylinder Ducatis were dominant at both the national and world level. During last weekend’s AFM event, a two-cylinder motorcycle still finished at the top of the order in the 750cc classes, as Brian Parriott rode the wheels off of the San Jose BMW R1200S to take decisive wins in the Suzuki of Oakland 750 Production race and R Tech Fuels 750 Superbike race. Parriott also took the win in the Desmoto Sport Open Twins class, making his way past the Munroe Motors Ducati 1098 of second place finisher and former AMA Pro Thunder champion Tom Montano before going on to take the win.

“The bike we were riding last weekend is a little different,” said Parriott. “It has some better brakes, better wheels, and some chassis improvements we actually had to change the wheels and brakes out for the Production race. It’s a bit lighter, and that’s about all. It’s really good on the brakes and really stable in the corners that’s where I have to get those guys. Coming out of corners, it makes a lot of torque, but we give a lot away between 6 and 7, that’s for sure!”

Cory Call took the early lead in the Scuderia West Formula 1 race, but in the end it was David Bell who took the win, riding his old 2004 GSX-R750 after crashing his new bike at a recent Thunderhill event. Call crossed the line in second, with Scott Wilson third.

“I’m only riding one bike this weekend,” said Bell, “and it makes things a lot easier! It was a bit of a show early on from third, watching Cory and Scott trying to kill each other. I thought ‘I wanna get out of here’ because I didn’t want to get involved in that! I have to thank Dean Mizdal for building me a bomb of a motor.”

For the first time this year, Formula 4 and 650 Twins points leader Jeff Hagan finished a race weekend without taking home a first place trophy. In the Foremost Insurance 650 Twins race, William Fox took home his first AFM win on his Pirelli-shod Rattler’s Rock Racing Suzuki SV650. Hagan crossed the line in second on his Bridgestone-shod Art Chambers Suzuki SV650, with Dan Sewell third on his Twin Works Factory Suzuki SV650. In the Race-Oil.com / AMSOIL Formula 4 race later in the day, Hagan’s clutch cable broke as the “5” board as the riders were leaving the hot pits for their warm-up lap, forcing him to bump start from the last row to avoid getting run over. As Hagan worked his way through the field, Zoom Zoom Trackdays instructor Dan Sewell quickly worked his way to the front of the pack, eventually going on to take his first AFM Formula 4 victory. William Fox finished second, with fast novice racer Oliver Rowen third on his ClickAway.com Suzuki SV650.

“The Twin Works bike worked fabulously,” said Sewell. “By the halfway point, I was able to move out to the front no one ever showed me a wheel, but I knew Will and Oliver were right there. I’m not sure what happened to Hagan on the restart I would have loved to see him up there too!

In the Formula 3 race, points leader Michael Aron took the early lead on his Mojotown.com RS125, looking to score his first win in the lightweight two-stroke class. Aron’s lead didn’t last long, as Jeff Lim took the position from Aron at the entrance to the Carousel. Riding his Carlos Neves tuned Redline Powersports RS125, Lim went on to take his first race win of the season, as Aron crossed the line in second to maintain his points lead. Former LRRS 125 champion and new west coast transplant Eric Yoo crossed the line in third.

“I was having a little problem in Turn 4,” said Lim, “so I tried to follow Mike in there so I could see what he was doing. When I caught up to him at the top of the Carousel, he hit the brakes really early, and I thought to myself it’s now or never! I still have stitches in my neck from a surgery I had two weeks ago I feel fortunate that I was able to pull through!”

Kevin Smith – the current AFM president made a surprise appearance on the 500 Twins grid, riding the trellis-framed Gibson-built EX500 that took him to the 500 Twins championship years ago. Early in the race, Smith made his way past the Twin Works Factory SV500 of Jonathan Forman to take the lead, as the two broke away from the rest of the field. Forman stayed in the shadow of “El Presidente” throughout the race but was unable to take the position back, as Smith went on to take the race win. Forman held onto his championship points lead with a second place finish, with Leonard Barker Jr finishing third.

“That was a fun race I had a really good time out there!” said Smith. “I kept waiting for Jon to let up, and he never did!”

In the [email protected] 600 Production race, Rick Corey was the first rider across the line on his K&L Supply, Sport Tech Cycles tuned R6, but was later disqualified after a teardown revealed a questionable airbox modification. With Corey’s disqualification which is currently being appealed first place went to Net Moto Racing’s Kenny Carlotta. Former WSMC number one plate holder Brant Wiwi was awarded second, with Berto Wooldridge third.

“I had to miss the last race because my health insurance dropped me, so my starting position wasn’t so great,” said Carlotta. “I made my way up to second and started catching up to Rick, but I just ran out of laps. As far as this whole protest goes, I don’t want to win that way, but winning is winning I’ll take it if I can get it. I’ve gotten a lot of second place finishes in the AFM, but no wins yet!”

In the Pacific Track Time 600 Superbike race earlier in the day, Corey took the win, successfully defending himself from the challenge posed by the West Coast GP Cycles R6 ridden by Brant Wiwi. Matthew Sadowski son of former Daytona 200 winner David Sadowski finished third.

“I finally have some things with suspension the figured out, and the bike is running awesome now!” claimed Corey. “We’re appealing the disqualification in Production they’re claiming my airbox was modified illegally, but the rulebook says the only modification permitted is the sealing of the airbox drains. And that’s all I did.”

A number of racers dedicated their weekends to former AFMer Craig Hightower, who recently passed away in a tragic streetbike accident.

The next round of AFM action is scheduled to take place at Thunderhill Raceway on September 8-9.

AFM Round 5 August 18-19, 2007 Infineon Raceway Unofficial Results

MDK Motorsports Formula Pacific 1. David Stanton (Yam 1000) 2. James Randolph (Suz 1000) 3. Michael Earnest (Suz 1000) 4. Cory Call (Suz 1000) 5. Ken Hill (Suz 1000) 6. Brian Parriott (BMW 1200)

Fremont Honda Kawasaki Open Superbike 1. James Randolph (Suz 1000) 2. David Stanton (Yam 1000) 3. Martin Szwarc (Suz 1000) 4. David Bell (Suz 1000) 5. James J. King (Suz 1000) 6. Christopher Weiss (Suz 1000)

R Tech Fuels 750 Superbike 1. Brian Parriott (BMW 1200) 2. David Bell (Suz 750) 3. Scott Wilson (Suz 750) 4. Garry Combs (Suz 750) 5. Ryan Gorman (Suz 750) 6. Kim Nakashima (Suz 750)

Pacific Track Time 600 Superbike 1. Richard Corey (Yam 600) 2. Brant Wiwi (Yam 600) 3. Matthew Sadowski (Yam 600) 4. William Scott (Yam 600) 5. Jeff Hagan (Tri 675) 6. Berto Wooldridge (Suz 600)

Alpine RV 450 Superbike 1. Richard Moore (Yam 442) 2. Erick Crabtree (Hon 400) 3. Jonathan Forman (Suz 500) 4. David Wallis (Hon 400) 5. Andrew Silva (Hon 400) 6. Mark Elrod (Hon 400)

250 Superbike 1. Andrew Duafala (Yam 250) 2. Joe Rust (Yam 250) 3. Johnny Radavero (Yam 250) 4. Carmela Eager-Stowe (Kaw 250) 5. Steve Mandeville (Yam 250) 6. Luke Silverstein (Kaw 250)

Take it 2 the Track Open Production 1. Ken Hill (Suz 1000) 2. Mike Thompson (Suz 1000) 3. Blake Wicker (Kaw 1000) 4. Ron Bunten (Suz 1000) 5. Dave Grace (Suz 1000) 6. Vik Anderson (Suz 1000) Suzuki of Oakland 750 Production 1. Brian Parriott (BMW 1200) 2. Scott Wilson (Suz 750) 3. Cory Call (Suz 750) 4. Kenny Carlotta (Suz 600) 5. Garry Combs (Suz 750) 6. Kim Nakashima (Suz 750)

[email protected] 600 Production 1. Kenny Carlotta (Suz 600) 2. Brant Wiwi (Yam 600) 3. Berto Wooldridge (Suz 600) 4. Spencer Stuart (Yam 600) 5. Zenzo Tazawa (Suz 600) 6. William Scott (Yam 600) 450 Production 1. Mark Elrod (Hon 400) 2. Erick Crabtree (Hon 400) 3. David Wallis (Hon 400) 4. Andrew Silva (Hon 400) 5. Joe Carpenter (Hon 450)

250 Production 1. Gary Jaehne (Kaw 250) 2. Warren Metlitzky (Kaw 250) 3. Susan Urquhart (Kaw 250) 4. Thomas Dorsey (Suz 400) 5. Carmela Eager-Stowe (Kaw 250) 6. Michael Altamirano (Kaw 250)

GP Frame and Wheel Open Grand Prix 1. Martin Szwarc (Suz 1000) 2. Andy Carman (Suz 1000) 3. Justin Mastalka (Suz 1000) 4. Mike Thompson (Suz 1000) 5. Shawnery Hardin (Suz 1000) 6. Blake Wicker (Kaw 1000)

Scuderia West Formula 1 1. David Bell (Suz 750) 2. Cory Call (Suz 750) 3. Scott Wilson (Suz 750) 4. Ryan Gorman (Suz 750) 5. Garry Combs (Suz 750) 6. Matt Eccleston (Yam 600)

Mazda Technologies Formula 2 1. Jeffry Hanford (Hon 250) 2. Shawn Herrera (Yam 250) 3. Kelly Winkelbauer (Yam 250) 4. Andrew Duafala (Yam 250) 5. Michael Altamirano (Yam 250) 6. Dante D’Ambruoso (Yam 250)

Formula 3 1. Jeffrey Lim (Hon 125) 2. Michael Aron (Hon 125) 3. Eric Yoo (Hon 125) 4. James Eckerman (Hon 125) 5. Phillip Krenn (Hon 125) 6. John Kreidel (Hon 125)

Race-Oil.com / AMSOIL Formula 4 1. Dan Sewell (Suz 650) 2. William Fox (Suz 650) 3. Oliver Rowen (Suz 650) 4. David Civiello (Suz 650) 5. Brian Harp (Suz 650) 6. Jeff Hagan (Suz 650)

Desmoto Sport Open Twins 1. Brian Parriott (BMW 1200) 2. Thomas Montano (Duc 1098) 3. Craig McLean (Duc 1098) 4. Patrick Blackburn (Duc 998) 5. Matthew Green (Duc 999) 6. Nate Kern (BMW 1200)

Foremost Insurance 650 Twins 1. William Fox (Suz 650) 2. Jeff Hagan (Suz 650) 3. Dan Sewell (Suz 650) 4. Oliver Rowen (Suz 650) 5. Kevin Heiss (Suz 650) 6. Aaron Tulchinsky (Suz 650)

500 Twins 1. Kevin Smith (GIB 500) 2. Jonathan Forman (Suz 500) 3. Leonard Barker Jr (Kaw 500) 4. Mickey Fimbres (Kaw 500) 5. Gary Jaehne (Kaw 250) 6. Eric Schiller (Kaw 500)

Formula Singles 1. Gerry Piazza (Yam 720) 2. Robert Black (Hon 450) 3. Thomas Dorsey (Suz 400) 4. Surasuk “Sonny” Piputtana (CD440) 5. Clay Hassinger (ATK 598) 6. Andre Benguerel (Hus 450)

Teresa McKinney Realtor Formula 40 1. Mike Thompson (Suz 1000) 2. Spencer Stuart (Yam 600) 3. Jeff Hagan (Tri 675) 4. Bud Anderson (Suz 1000) 5. Rick McDaniel (Suz 1000) 6. Jeff Smith (Suz 1000)

Super Dinosaur 1. Paul Kieffer (Suz 750) 2. Ed Haazer (Hon 400) 3. Leonard Barker Jr (Kaw 500) 4. Noe Pulido (Yam 400) 5. Eric Karl Schiller (Kaw 500) 6. Timothy Silva (Suz 750)

Clubman Heavyweight 1. Carl Thompson (Suz 1000) 2. Steven Daughhetee (Suz 988) 3. Stephen Gregg (Suz 750) 4. Somchai Hoffman (Suz 1000) 5. Dale Hoover 6. Keith Tashiro (Suz 1000)

Clubman Middleweight 1. Ricardo Vizcaino (Yam 600) 2. Pablo Martin (Hon 600) 3. Andrew Price (Suz 650) 4. Craig Smith (Suz 600) 5. Gregory Rocha (Hon 600) 6. Todd McLaughlin (Yam 250)

Clubman Lightweight 1. Ari Henning (Suz 650) 2. Steve Smith (Suz 650) 3. Scott Reavey (Suz 650) 4. Peter Le Duc (Hon 125) 5. Jennifer Lauritzen (Suz 650) 6. Cary Hilt (Hon 600)

More, from a press release issued by TVR/Team Moe’s:

Team Moe’s/TVR Win Heavyweight Superstock in Rainy Endurance Race at Talladega

OXFORD, Ala. Chuck Ivey, James Stroud and Joshua Day gave Team Moe’s/TVR another Heavyweight Superstock class win during Saturday’s WERA National Endurance Series race at Talladega Gran Prix Raceway.

TVR also took fourth overall on their Yamaha YZF-R1, despite rain in the fourth and final hour of the race and a crash that could have had devastating effects on the team’s results.

Stroud, who has plenty of seat time at Talladega, started the race and led the opening laps. Due to the extreme heat, Stroud was forced to end his stint early with mild dehydration. While he recovered, Ivey rode his stint before handing the Yamaha over to Day with two fresh Pirelli tires.

“I felt really good at the start,” said Stroud. “The R1 was exceptional and everybody did really well. That track is really tight, especially on a 1000. It’s fun, but there’s not time to rest whatsoever.”

Day also cut his stint short because of lingering problems in his hands and arms, but by then Stroud was recovered enough to climb back on the TVR Yamaha. “This was my first time at Talladega,” commented Day. “I won both the 600 Superstock and Superbike races on Sunday, so it was a pretty good first time at this track!”

With 50 minutes remaining in the race, rain began to fall and Stroud was forced to pit for rain tires. Ivey, who normally does not like the rain, rode the final stint and turned some good lap times to help bring TVR back up to the front. “I knew that it was up to me to make up ground and I just decided to go,” said Ivey. “The track dried a little and I tried to conserve the rear tire, but then the rain came back and there were a lot of new puddles.”

Ivey found a slippery spot when he turned onto the front straight, and after hydroplaning briefly he crashed. Luckily, Ivey was uninjured. Lightning in the area brought out the red flag at the same time, and per WERA rules the results reverted to the last complete lap of the race. The TVR Yamaha was on the ground, but the team had won Heavyweight Superstock.

“The Yamaha R1 performed flawlessly this weekend, especially paired with our tires. It’s a race like this one, with both heat and rain, that you really appreciate how effective the Pirelli tires are,” said Ivey. “And I’ve got to thank Arai for keeping my head protected in my crash.”

Ivey added that the TVR pit crew was a large contributor to the win. Chris Cutright, who usually helps in the pits, broke his collarbone on Friday so we had to find extra crew,” he said. “Mike, Michael and Doug did a great job and really made a difference.”

TVR has a three-week break before heading up to Nelson Ledges for the next endurance race of the season. Fans can keep up with TVR’s race for the championship at www.TeamVelocityRacing.com.

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