TESTIMONIAL: Rick Moreau’s Tale Of Flying Into Air Fence Head First At Daytona

TESTIMONIAL: Rick Moreau’s Tale Of Flying Into Air Fence Head First At Daytona

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Rick Moreau originally posted this description of what happened to him during the AMA 250cc Grand Prix race at Daytona on the NEAR race list; he has since given roadracingworld.com permission to post it here:

Yes, it’s true, I got hit from behind by Jason DiSalvo and knocked out of the race. I guess DiSalvo came out from behind Sorenson to try for an inside pass into turn 6. He didn’t see me until it was too late. I wasn’t aware that the leaders were coming through, neither of them had shown a wheel or made their presence known. I was committed to my line, Sorensen was on my line behind me, DiSalvo T-boned me in the rear wheel and spun me around, sending me in the air. It was a hard hit, and I hit the ground hard with my left side.

I’m doing OK, just a couple broken ribs and a nasty bruise on my left hip. But I should be back to normal and ready to go for the first LRRS event.

I don’t hold anything against DiSalvo, He made a mistake, it cost him a good race finish and possibly a win, but that’s racing.

I wasn’t able to continue, but my bike is in remarkably good condition, considering DiSalvo’s hit, then the impact with the Air Fence. I hadn’t realized there was Air Fence in that turn. when you are on the track you don’t pay that much attention to what’s lining the edges of the course. But when I was sailing through the air and saw the white wall coming, the thought flashed through my head “oh sh*t, looks like a solid wall coming….oh man it’s going to hurt!”. I went in head first and hardly felt a thing, what a relief! I think if it had been haybales or something more solid, I probably would have broken my neck.

I’ve got to write to John Ulrich and thank him for persisting and getting Air Fence at AMA races. It has already saved many people from both personal suffering and monetary losses, and will continue to in the future. You can’t put a dollar amount on the value of having that Air Fence.

See you all at the races.

Rick Moreau
LRRS #39

Air Fence is a trademark of Airfence Safety Systems of Australia.

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