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Sep 24, 2006

Suzuki Introduces New Street, Cruiser, Dual Sport And Scooter Models

All new 2007 Bandit 1250S.
STREET 2007 SUZUKI HAYABUSA GSX1300RZ The Suzuki Hayabusa has been an icon of performance and styling for nearly a decade and the 2007 edition of the GSX1300R is no different. The Hayabusa blends a cohesive mix of high-performance aerodynamics with powerful engine design creating the ultimate in performance on the street and at the drag strip. New for '07 the Hayabusa will now feature the serious and refined look of three monotone paint schemes complemented with black painted frame and swingarm. Motivation for the Hayabusa comes in the form of a potent inline-four-cylinder engine. The high-powered motor is equipped with a 16-valve, DOHC cylinder head with narrow 14-degree valve angles. Electronic fuel injection, ram-air intake, a gear-driven counterbalancer, six-speed transmission and large-capacity hydraulic clutch all enhance overall engine performance. Anchoring the hugely powerful 1300cc engine is an aluminum-alloy, black painted twin-spar frame suspended by 43mm titanium-nitride-coated forks offering 4.7 inches (120mm) of travel. A link-type rear suspension system mates a bridged aluminum swingarm with a fully adjustable shock for 140mm of travel. Wide, cast-aluminum wheels shod with radial tires provide ample traction at both ends. Braking comes from six-piston calipers gripping dual 320mm rotors in the front and a twin-piston caliper and 240mm rotor in the rear. Optimum aerodynamic efficiency requires a precise fairing shape and the GSX1300R achieves this. Indeed, the elements of the Hayabusa's fairing, headlight and turn signals result in the lowest coefficient of drag of any Suzuki ever produced and an immediately recognizable look. GSX1300RZ (K7) AT A GLANCE Suggested Retail: TBD Engine Type: Four-stroke, DOHC, liquid cooled, inline four cylinder Bore and Stroke: 81.0mm x 63.0mm Front Brake: Dual Hydraulic Disc Rear Brake: Single Hydraulic Disc Wheelbase: 58.5 in. (1485mm) Dry Weight: 478 lbs. (217 kg), 480 lbs. (218 kg) CA. Model 2007 SUZUKI BANDIT 1250S/ BANDIT 1250S W/ ABS The Suzuki Bandit has become a hugely popular machine worldwide by delivering the perfect balance of performance, style and value for many years, now it's even better. Introducing the new 2007 Suzuki Bandit 1250S. Boasting a combination of an all-new liquid cooled engine, a sporting chassis and distinctive styling, the new Bandit 1250S provides the perfect balance of qualities that today's motorcycle rider is looking for. The new Bandit 1250S's balance of power, style, and technology is a combination developed by a team of highly dedicated Suzuki engineers, working to produce a street machine of unmatched quality and style. Torque is what really counts when riding on the street and the Bandit 1250S will not disappoint. Featuring an all-new, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, DOHC engine, the '07 Bandit 1250 utilizes a bore and stroke of 79.0mm x 64.0mm displacing a full 1254.8cc's and Suzuki's legendary Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve fuel injection for optimum throttle response, smooth power delivery, improved mileage and reduced emissions. The engine is built specifically for the Bandit with a symmetrical layout, centralized cam chain, and four valves per cylinder. Intake and exhaust valves are set at a narrow valve angle in a compact high-compression combustion chamber with updated intake and exhaust ports. The new powerplant is also significantly more compact with vertically staggered transmission shafts for a shorter engine front to rear and tighter spacing between the two pairs of cylinders makes the cylinder head and throttle bodies significantly narrower. The hydraulic clutch utilizes coil springs for improved lever feel and a new six-speed transmission improves acceleration, reduces top gear rpm and a secondary balancer shaft further quells engine vibrations. A new large exhaust catalyzer is built into the high-volume muffler and when combined with the Suzuki Pulsed AIR system and the oxygen feed back closed loop engine management system make this the cleanest running Bandit ever built meeting tough Euro3 and Tier 2 emission standards. The Bandit 1250S's classic tube frame chassis is built using larger diameter downtubes, improving torsional rigidity with rake and trail measurements remaining at 25.3 degrees of rake and 104mm of trail. Front forks are 43mm units and like the single rear shock is preload adjustable to accommodate riding with a passenger. Seat height is adjustable up or down by 20mm by flipping over and re-installing clever mounting spacers between the seat and frame rails. Braking duties are handled by dual full floating 310mm front disc brakes with four piston calipers, along with a 240mm rear disc and single piston caliper. Additionally the Bandit 1250S is also available with a digital ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) that monitors wheel speed and matches braking power to available traction. A sleek half fairing with a built-in line beam headlight and effective windscreen and fairing mounted mirrors clothe the Bandit 1250S and in combination with the color coordinated frames, powerful exposed engine, and three spoke cast aluminum wheels create a stunning new look for the Bandit 1250. The all-new Bandit 1250S; more torque, more performance, more style and most importantly more fun! Ride the new Bandit 1250S and experience what we call Total Balance. GSF1250S (K7) AT A GLANCE* Suggested Retail: TBD Engine Type: Four-stroke, DOHC, liquid cooled Inline four-cylinder Bore and Stroke: 79.0mm x 64.0mm Front Brake: Dual Hydraulic Disc Rear Brake: Single Hydraulic Disc Wheelbase: TBD Dry Weight: TBD GSF1250SA (K7) AT A GLANCE* Suggested Retail: TBD Engine Type: Four-stroke, DOHC, liquid cooled Inline four-cylinder Bore and Stroke: 79.0mm x 64.0mm Front Brake: Dual Hydraulic Disc w/ ABS Rear Brake: Single Hydraulic Disc Wheelbase: TBD Dry Weight: TBD * Specifications not final 2007 SUZUKI GS500F The Suzuki GS500F is the ultimate entry-level streetbike; it combines the aggressive, sporting GSXR look with a user-friendly personality. The overall result is a good-looking, un-intimidating and low-cost package. The most distinctive feature of the GS500F is its fully enclosed fairing, which provides an aggressive appearance and sporty character. The fairing features a pair of vertically stacked headlights that bear a striking resemblance to those on the hugely popular GSX-R1000. On either side of the bike, the two sharply styled vents feed fresh air to the engine. Handsome custom cutouts further enhance cooling efficiency, while still showing off the attractive engine cases. Remarkable looks aside, the fairing also offers the GS500F rider improved wind protection for improved overall effectiveness of the motorcycle. The GS500F is powered by a venerable yet reliable four-stroke, 487cc parallel-twin engine. Fed by dual 34mm Mikuni carburetors, the air-cooled motor is lightweight and compact with an abundance of low-rpm torque for easy riding and versatile performance. An easy-shifting six-speed transmission provides plenty of performance. Supporting the GS500F is a rigid box-section frame with a single shock suspension. A single hydraulic disc with four-piston caliper provides reliable braking in front, while a dual-piston caliper-and-disc combo is mounted out back. GS500F (K7) AT A GLANCE Suggested Retail: TBD Engine Type: Four-stroke, air-cooled, parallel-twin, DOHC Bore and Stroke: 74.0mm x 56.6mm Front Brake: Single Hydraulic Disc Rear Brake: Single Hydraulic Disc Wheelbase: 55.3 inches (1405 mm) Dry Weight: 396 lbs. (180 kg) BOULEVARD 2007 SUZUKI BOULEVARD C50C The Suzuki Boulevard C50C offers traditional looks, modern engineering and, in turn, unmatched value. No doubt, its class-leading features and championship-winning technology Suzuki DNA "” place it many steps above the competition. The Boulevard C50C is also the only 50 cubic inch Boulevard to come equipped with stylish cast aluminum wheels. The C50 comes equipped with Suzuki's multi-championship-winning electronic fuel injection system. This modification brings a whole new level of performance to the 45-degree, 50-cubic-inch V-Twin engine. The Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) system, multi-hole injectors and 32-bit ECU from the GSX-R series provide the C50 with easier starting, improved mileage and smoother throttle response. Nostalgic styling cues include a classic 4.1-gallon fuel tank, wide fenders and a unique tribal style paint scheme. Dual staggered exhaust system, full-size floor boards with heel/toe shifter, and multi-reflector headlamp and turn signals enhance the overall package. Convenient hazard lamp and headlamp passing switches are standard. Boulevard C50C Features Include: "¢ New fuel gauge added to the speedometer "¢ Updated front brake master cylinder, brake lever, clutch lever, and handlebar switch design "¢ Stylish cast aluminum wheels for an impressive overall look "¢ GSX-R-derived electronic fuel injection for better throttle response, improved fuel consumption and smooth power delivery "¢ Special Tribal paint scheme combined with a studded seat and Boulevard logo on the seat. "¢ Utilizing exhaust catalyzer and PAIR system for better emissions control "¢ Dual-staggered exhaust and floor boards with heel-toe shift lever "¢ Comfortably wide saddle is low to the ground so most riders can be flat-footed at stops "¢ Multi-reflector headlamp and turn signals and hazard lamp and headlamp passing switches provide good looks and convenience C50C (K7) AT A GLANCE Suggested Retail: TBD Engine Type: Four-stroke, V-twin, liquid-cooled, SOHC Bore and Stroke: 83.0 mm x 74.4 mm Front Brake: Single Hydraulic Disc Rear Brake: Mechanical Drum Wheelbase: 65.2 in. (1655 mm) Dry Weight: 542 lbs. (246 kg) 2007 SUZUKI M109R LIMITED EDITION Building on the huge success of the Boulevard M109R, Suzuki proudly introduces the new limited edition M109R. This special M109R will feature an all new paint scheme with a sporty racing stripe and a unique new speedometer background. Also a clear taillight lens with red LED's and a textured seat complete the limited edition look. Engine The heart of the Boulevard M109R is an all new 109-cubic-inch, liquid-cooled, 54-degree, V-twin powerplant with double overhead cams, four valves per cylinder and seamless Suzuki electronic fuel injection. This is an engine designed to produce massive waves of torque from just off idle all the way to redline. The Boulevard M109R is simply the most powerful cruiser Suzuki has ever produced. The Boulevard M109R starts with a massive 112mm bore and a 90.5mm stroke featuring forged aluminum alloy pistons with short skirts and cut-away sides mated to chrome-moly-steel connecting rods, just like those found on the GSX-R1000. Piston rings are finished with a race-proven chrome-nitride plating for reduced friction and optimum cylinder sealing. The massive, 112mm bore makes room for two 42mm intake valves and two 38mm exhaust valves set at an narrow 27-degree included angle in an efficient dual-spark plug, pent-roof combustion chamber design with a 10.5:1 compression ratio. The M109R utilizes a unique, two-stage chain-driven cam-drive system based on the high-performance gear-driven system used on the TL1000R. This design keeps the cylinder heads more compact, reducing overall engine height and lowering the center of gravity. The cylinders are positioned in a 54-degree V angle to accommodate straighter downdraft intake ports and crankpins are offset to produce the perfect primary balance of a 90-degree V-twin while still maintaining the aggressive look of a narrow-angle V engine. The motor is also rubber-mounted in six positions for minimal engine vibration. Feeding the amazing 109-cubic-inch motor is a purpose-built version of the Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) fuel injection system perfected on the high-performance GSX-R line of sportbikes. The SDTV system uses a computer-operated secondary throttle valve in each throttle body to maintain ideal intake velocity and smooth throttle response in any condition. The M109R features a pair of single-injector 56mm throttle bodies with controlled by a powerful 32-bit CPU equipped ECM. The entire SDTV system works in conjunction with a three-piece airbox with dual intakes and a massive 9.5 liters of internal volume. An innovative dry sump lubrication system called SASS (Suzuki Advanced Sump System) is also designed to reduce overall engine height and allow the crankshaft to be positioned lower in the crankcase, lowering the center of gravity and making the motorcycle easier to lift of the side-stand. The dry sump lubrication system also utilizes a scraper plate that pulls oil off the crankshaft, while a jet directs a cooling stream of oil at the underside of each piston for maximum performance. A slick-shifting five-speed transmission directs power smoothly from the engine back through a low-maintenance and reliable shaft-drive system. Nothing can match the sound of a big V-twin engine under acceleration and Suzuki engineers dedicated a serious amount of time and effort to find the perfect balance of performance and sound. The 2-into-1- into- 2 chromed, stainless-steel exhaust system features Suzuki's digitally controlled SET (Suzuki Exhaust Tuning) system, which uses a butterfly valve to adjust the exhaust for optimum performance at all RPM ranges. The M109R also makes use of Suzuki's proven PAIR system for reduced emissions. Chassis Power is nothing without control and the Boulevard M109R was designed to handle as well as it accelerates. The M109R chassis is built to comfortably handle all the power and torque of the massive M109R V-twin powerplant while also delivering agile handling and a comfortable riding position. Wheelbase measures in at 67.4 inches with 32 degrees of rake and 5.1 inches of trail for unmatched handling and ride comfort. Seat height is a low 27.6 inches, making it easier for the rider to reach the ground. The frame itself is made of high-tensile steel in a double-cradle layout designed for a perfect balance of comfort and handling. The cast-aluminum-alloy swingarm works with a progressive linkage and a preload adjustable single rear shock producing 4.66 inches of travel. Up front, inverted front forks with 46mm stanchion tubes and race-proven cartridge internals that deliver 5.12 inches of travel. The race-proven front brake system is based on that of the AMA Superbike Championship-winning GSX-R1000 sportbike including the radial-mounted four-piston brake calipers and 310mm brake rotors for the ultimate in braking performance. Rear brakes consist of a dual-piston caliper and 275mm rear disc. Spiral-spoke cast aluminum alloy wheels feature and aggressive design and measure 3.50 x 18 inches in front with a Dunlop 130/70-18 radial tire, while at the rear is a massively wide 8.50 x 18 inch rear wheel mated to the widest rear tire ever used on a Suzuki motorcycle: a radial Dunlop 240/40R 18 tire. Styling One look is all it takes to tell that the Boulevard M109R is not your average cruiser. Its muscular, innovative look of high performance, aggressive styling and long, sleek flowing lines define a new generation of Suzuki cruising machines. Aggressive, performance-oriented styling smoothly integrated with the sleek lines of a cruiser best defines the look of the M109R. From the GSX-R-inspired front fender to the purposeful front headlight housing all the way back through the long, low fuel tank and stylish rear fender, the M109R drips with deep rich paint complemented by miles of mirror-like chrome over the entire motorcycle. A wide, stretched-out fuel tank with a generous 5.2-gallon capacity flows smoothly into a low comfortable seat, integrated frame side covers and an incredibly stylish radiator cowl. Up front, a streamlined headlight cover houses a unique trapezoid-shaped multi-reflector H4 halogen headlight and a maintenance-free LED taillight is built into the tailsection. Chrome dual slash-cut mufflers complete the look of the amazing M109R. Dual triangle air cleaner covers are mounted on each side of the engine with traditional, chrome-plated bullet-shaped front and rear turn signals are utilized front and rear. Gauges consist of a tank-mounted analog speedometer, LCD odometer, dual tripmeters, fuel gauge and clock. Add to that a digital tachometer mounted on a large, one-inch chrome handlebar with 1.25-inch grips. You can have power and style all in one package. The Suzuki Boulevard M109R Limited Edition, ready when you are. M109RZ (K7) AT A GLANCE Suggested Retail: TBD Engine Type: Four-stroke, 54-degree V-twin, liquid-cooled, DOHC Bore and Stroke: 112.0mm x 90.5 mm Front Brake: Dual Hydraulic Disc Rear Brake: Single Hydraulic Disc Wheelbase: 67.9 inches (1710 mm) Dry Weight: 694 lbs. (315 kg)* DUAL SPORT/ADVENTURE 2007 SUZUKI DL1000 V-STROM In a world of increasingly specialized motorcycles, The Suzuki V-strom 1000 stands out as a true do-everything machine for riders who want it all. The proven combination of a powerful V-twin powerplant, nimble handling, unique styling and an all-day riding position have proven to be the ultimate recipe the perfect adventure-touring motorcycle. New for '07 the V-strom 1000 will feature new swingarm pivot covers and clear turn signals for an updated and stylish new look. Powering the V-strom1000 is a 90-degree 996cc, liquid cooled, V-twin engine featuring four valves per cylinder, dual overhead cams and a big bore/short stroke 98.0mm x 66.0mm configuration. The DL1000 also utilizes gear-driven cams, vertically staggered transmission shafts and an exceptionally short crankshaft for an ultra-compact design. A five-speed transmission equipped with an overdrive gear completes the V-strom engine/transmission package. Feeding the 996cc V-twin powerplant is Suzuki's Dual Throttle Valve fuel injection system for the amazing throttle response, improved low rpm torque and reduced emissions. The big V-strom also utilizes a built in Auto Fast Idling System (AFIS), which automatically sets the idle speed at start up. AFIS then monitors the engine coolant temperature and adjusts the idle as the engine reaches normal operating temperatures. An aluminum-alloy twin spar frame supports the DL1000 and features a 60.4 inch wheelbase and a comfortable 33.1 inch seat height. Front suspension duties are handled by 43mm cartridge forks with adjustable spring preload. Out back an aluminum-alloy swingarm works with a piggyback reservoir shock with adjustable rebound damping and a convenient knob operated spring preload adjuster. Wheels are lightweight cast aluminum-alloy units with radial tires and brakes consist of dual discs in front and a single disc brake mounted at the rear. Completing the V-strom 1000 is an aggressive front fairing, a huge 5.8-gallon fuel tank, high mounted dual mufflers and an off-road inspired skid plate. An adjustable windscreen covers a vertical range of 50mm and provides maximum wind protection for the V-strom rider. DL1000 (K7) AT A GLANCE Suggested Retail: TBD Engine Type: Four-stroke, 90-degree V-twin, Liquid cooled, DOHC Bore and Stroke: 98.0mm x 66.0mm Front Brake: Dual Hydraulic Disc Rear Brake: Single Hydraulic Disc Wheelbase: 60.4 inches (1535mm) Dry Weight: 458 lbs. (208 kg) 462 lbs. (210 kg) CA model SCOOTER 2007 SUZUKI BURGMAN 650/650 EXECUTIVE The Suzuki Burgman 650 is ideal for today's modern scooter rider. Featuring advanced technology and performance, it offers a winning combination of easily accessible power, maximum convenience and modern styling for the ultimate scooter experience. For those looking for the ultimate in scooter style and sophistication, Suzuki proudly offers the Burgman Executive. The Burgman Executive boasts all the high tech features found on the standard Burgman 650 but ups the ante with an advanced Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), an electrically height-adjustable windscreen and a easy-to-use rear view mirror retraction button for squeezing into tight parking spaces or garages. Both 2007 Burgman 650's are powered by a 638cc twin-cylinder engine with a 75.5mm x 71.3mm bore and stroke. The four-stroke DOHC, liquid-cooled powerplant features an 11.2:1 compression ratio and is fed by electronic fuel injection. Overall performance is enhanced by Suzuki's own Twin Swirl Combustion Chamber (TSCC) design. With an emphasis on low- to mid-range torque, the compact engine transfers power to the rear wheel via the Suzuki Electronically controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (SECVT). The highly innovative SECVT utilizes an electronically controlled CVT system to create a smooth ride while simultaneously offering three shift modes for maximum versatility. The button-controlled system allows the Burgman 650 rider to choose from two automatic modes (normal and power) or one manual mode for sportier riding situations. Surrounding the muscular 650 twin cylinder motor is a tubular-steel frame designed for strength and agility. Suspension for the Burgman consists of a 41mm front fork producing 105mm of wheel travel working in conjunction with an aluminum swingarm with five-way preload adjustable shock with 100mm of wheel travel. Brakes are a pair of dual-piston calipers grasping two 260mm discs up front and a single 250mm disc mounted at the rear. An easy-to-use parking brake is also incorporated. Rolling stock for the Burgman are lightweight cast-aluminum wheels with tubeless radial tires, providing balanced performance and handling. The Burgman's high-tech demeanor is complemented by its comfortable riding position. The scooter is endowed with a hugely comfortable saddle and a low seat height of 29.5 inches. The seat itself comes equipped with an adjustable backrest and, underneath, 56 liters of storage area capable of holding two full-face helmets and more. Three additional storage areas are also incorporated into the front fairing assembly, along with a DC outlet and a magnetically operated ignition switch cover. Swoopy good looks are the key to the Burgman 650 and Burgman Executive. The stylish front fairing houses dual multi-reflector headlights, a protective windscreen and fully integrated rear view mirrors and turn signals. Floorboards are conveniently sculpted with cut-outs for problem-free stops and comfortable foot placement. A digital instrument cluster incorporates one large LCD screen for the speedometer, tachometer, odometer, dual tripmeters, oil change indicator and oil level indicator. A shift-position indicator resides under the main LCD display while water temperature and fuel level indicators, as well as a clock and turn signal indicators, are also displayed within the instrument cluster. AN650/AN650 EXECUTIVE (K7) AT A GLANCE Suggested Retail: TBD (Burgman 650) TBD (Burgman 650 Executive) Engine Type: Two-cylinder, four-stroke, DOHC Bore and Stroke: 75.5mm x 71.3mm Front Brake: Dual Hydraulic Disc Rear Brake: Single Hydraulic Disc Wheelbase: 62.8 inches (1595 mm) Dry Weight: 518 lbs. (235 kg) Burgman 650 535 lbs. (243 kg) Burgman 650 Executive