Shops: Moto-D Racing, In the August Issue

Shops: Moto-D Racing, In the August Issue

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Featured In the August 2022 Issue of Roadracing World:


        It seems like there are two kinds of people who work in the motorcycle industry—those who are born into it and those who are drawn to it. Scott Diamond had no family history in motorcycling and already had a career working on Wall Street, but he fell in love with riding motorcycles as an adult and decided to make motorcycles his life. Along the way, he started MOTO- D Racing to fuel his passion and the passion of others, and he hasn’t let off the gas since…

—Shops: MOTO-D Racing, by David Swarts


            MOTO-D Racing is more than just a passion project. The company has become a supporter of track day riding, racing, and performance motorcycling, to the point where it’s rare to walk past three garages at a race or track day without seeing at least one of the company’s products in use. Read the story of MOTO-D’s establishment and growthit’s in the latest issue of Roadracing World!

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