SFLminiGP Creates Path For Youths To Move Up To Full-Size Tracks

SFLminiGP Creates Path For Youths To Move Up To Full-Size Tracks

© 2022, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc. From a press release issued By SFLminiGP:

Introducing the SFLminiGP Bridge Program



As the Mini Moto industry continues to steadily grow, there is a need to have minors transition safely to larger tracks. Parental concerns have limited options available to them when their child is ready to transition to a larger displacement motorcycle. There is a great risk to minors who ride larger tracks, and an accident with a larger cc motorcycle could have serious consequences.




Most track day organizations are unwilling to create a 400cc & under class because it would be adding another rider category. The fear of lower attendance to their events due to less riding time for other classes over the importance of safety is a major factor for them.



SFLMINIGP has always had the business policy of removing the excuses to get more riders on the track. As we enter our 6th year operating in Florida, a lot of our young riders; and older riders for that matter; are becoming more successful on the racetrack and want to transition onto the bigger venues. SFLminiGP will now expand its series to a handful of large venue track days. There is a unique opportunity to provide qualified minors or adults a format where they can safely transition to a large venue via “The Bridge Program.” The structure would be as so:


·       Two (3) 20 Min Sessions (Lap times designate what group you are in)

o   1st session is for Beginner

o   2nd session is for Novice Riders

o   3rd  session is for Coaches and Advanced Riders

·       Motorcycles accepted for this event must be under 400ccs such as:

o   Moriwaki MD250H

o   Honda NSF250R

o   Tiandra 300s

o   Aprilia/Ohvale RS250SP

o   Kawasaki Ninja 400/300

o   Yamaha R3

o   Honda CBR 250/300



1.     Safety, Safety, Safety for the riders, tracks and operators

2.     Participants will learn the rules and regulations of the larger venues. There is a difference in approach from riding on a local kart track to being at a major facility. They will be prepared to enter race events such as Pan American Superbike, WERA, CCS and MotoAmerica

3.     All riders are classified by lap times and will not need to worry about larger displacement motorcycles passing at much higher rates of speed

4.     Coaching will be available to learn how to ride on a larger track vs the riding styles of kart tracks



·       Local vendors will be available with rental motorcycles and gear to help get more riders on the track for these specified events

·       Ensuring minors meet minimum eligibility requirements to responsibly ride on the track

·       Making certain that Bridge participants adhere to paddock rules

·       Code of conduct and professionalism will be required to participate


Who Can Participate:

·       Minimum Age is 12 yrs old

o   Important note: Children 12-15 must be pre-approved by the Bridge Program prior to the event by either submitting supporting documentation from a MiniGP Location or resume with proper and verifiable references.

·       Not just for kids…anyone looking for safe track time on bikes with 400cc or less

·       No 10” or 12” wheel sized motorcycles allowed



All Events will be held at Jennings GP in Jennings, FL

·       April 28 & 29 (Thursday and Friday prior to the SFLMINIGP Round 3 at Gainesville Raceway)

·       June 2 & 3 (Thursday and Friday prior to the SFLMINIGP Round 5 at Bushnell Motorsports Park

·       November 3 & 4 (Thursday and Friday prior to the SFLMINIGP National Round at Bushnell Motorsports Park)


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