American Riders Invited To Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Tryout

American Riders Invited To Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Tryout

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Fast teens head to Modena Rookies Cup Selection Event

Well over a 100 of the world’s best teenage racers will assemble in Modena, Italy on September 6th, 7th and 8th for the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Selection Event.

After three days of track action a number will be invited to join the Cup for 2023.

It is the first time that the Selection Event has been run at Modena and the first time in three years that there has been a Selection Event as it could not be run in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid.

Roughly half the assembled riders take to the track on Day 1, the other half on Day 2. Those that are considered to have the best chance of being invited to join the Cup are offered the possibility of riding again on Day 3.

While the prospective Rookies make their way to Modena one of this year’s Rookies, Harrison Voight, lines up 170km down the A14 in Misano at the Grand Prix in the Moto3 class making him the 101st Rookie to make a GP start.

More than 50% of Rookies have made a GP start and 26 of those have won 152 GPs.

Vote to give your favourite rider at the Selection Event the chance to wear the Golden Bib!


Invited riders

(riders who are American or are currently racing in America are in BOLD)

Leonardo Abruzzo (Italy)

Luca Agostinelli (Vietnam)

Hamad Khamis Al-Sahouti (Qatar)

Pau Alsina (Spain)

Evan Belford (Great Britain)

Edoardo Bertola (Italy)

Edoardo Michele Boggio (Italy)

Mattia Bosello (Italy)

Joan Bouchet (France)

Lucie Boudesseul (France)

Korbinian Brandl (Germany)

Carter Brown (Great Britain)

Biel Cabana (Mexico)

Benjamin Caillet (France)

Álvaro Carpe (Spain)

Yvonne Cerpa (Spain)

Chris Clark (United States)

Julius Coenen (Germany)

Torin Collins (Canada)

Massimo Coppa (Italy)

Adrian Covarrubias (Spain)

Adrian Cruces Serrano (Spain)

Noa Cuypers (Belgium)

Hakim Danish (Malaysia)

Lucca de Melo (Brazil)

Alessandro Di Persio (Italy)

Geoffrey Reviven Emmanuel (India)

Alexander Enriquez (United States)

Joel Esteban Ruiz (Spain)

Lorenzo Fasca (Italy)

Guilherme Fernandes (Brazil)

Jayden Fernandez (United States)

Alberto Ferrandez Beneite (Spain)

Varis Fleming (Thailand)

Ryan Frost (Great Britain)

Alvaro Fuertes Juan (Spain)

Leungo Gaorekwe (South Africa)

Julio García (Spain)

David Garcia Miguel (Spain)

Marco Garcia Almansa (Spain)

Quentin Godefroy (France)

Nazareno Leonel Gómez Arrieta (Argentina)

David González Pérez (Spain)

Alex Gourdon (France)

Theo Gourdon (France)

Angus Grenfell (Australia)

Kimi-Nikita Gundermann (Switzerland)

Eduardo Gutierrez Cobo (Spain)

Brian Hamilton (Great Britain)

Uriel Hidalgo Mimbrero (Spain)

Kilian Holzer (Austria)

Dorian Joulin (France)

Elliot Kassigian (France)

Lena Kemmer (Austria)

Farkas Kevin (Hungary)

Raheesh Khatri (India)

Cody Lamar Kitchens (United States)

Edoardo Liguori (Italy)

Facundo Llambias (Uruguay)

Cristian Lolli (Italy)

Tomás Marin (Columbia)

Jayden Martin (Australia)

Hodei Martínez Nuñez (Spain)

Xavier Martínez Sosa (Spain)

Felix Marzinzik (Germany)

Alessio Mattei (Italy)

Archie McDonald (Australia)

Yandel Medina (Domenican Republic)

Yehonatan Meiri (Israel)

Dylan Mellor (Great Britain)

Owen Mellor (Great Britain)

Erik Michielon (Italy)

Gun Mie (Japan)

Mohamed Mikail (India)

Kgopotso Mononyane (South Africa)

Rossi Moor (Hungary)

Facundo Martin Mora Allis (Argentina)

Marco Morelli Chincolla (Argentina)

Sullivan Mounsey (Great Britain)

Marianos Nikolis (Australia)

Jhon Nuñez (Colombia)

José Manueal Osuna Saez (Spain)

Vasileios Panteleakis (Greece)

Cesar Parrilla (Spain)

Kyle Payne (France)

Mark Pérez (Spain)

Ioannis Konstantinos Peristeras (Greece)

Valentín Perrone (Argentina)

Samuel Pezzetta (Australia)

Lenoxx Phommara (Switzerland)

Nicholas Pighin (Italy)

Guido Pini (Italy)

Guillem Planques (France)

Joel Pons Llubes (Spain)

Leo Rammerstorfer (Austria)

Oriol Rodriguez Vives (Spain)

Matthias Rostagni (France)

Matthew Ruisbroek (Netherlands)

Mario Salles (Brazil)

Max Sánchez Quesada (Spain)

Dustin Schneider (Germany)

Alessandro Sciarretta (Italy)

Carter Thompson (Australia)

Cesare Tiezzi (Italy)

Jesús Torres (Spain)

Antonio Torres Dominguez (Spain)

Blai Trias (Spain)

Kotaro Uchiumi (Japan)

Britanni Vaccarino (United States)

Tibor Erik Varga (Hungary)

Loris Veneman (Netherlands)

Rei Wakamatsu (Japan)

Chris Wright (South Africa)

Xabi Zurutuza Torres (Spain)

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