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Dec 31, 2015

Roadracing World Action Fund Success in 2015

The Roadracing World Action Fund has reached a total of $1,620,897.36 in donations as the year comes to an end, with fundraisers, steady donations, and sponsored deployments adding up to fulfill our mission to help prevent racetrack injuries and spread the word through motorcycle road racing safety education.

Steady Donations Add Up…

Charles Buse has donated to the Roadracing World Action Fund each year since 2003. With his recent donation of $100, his grand total now stands at $3000.

David Pierce has donated every year since 2005, and his contribution of $500 for 2015 brings his grand total to $4500. David wrote, “Thanks for your efforts! Can’t forget little Nicky Hayden into the Airfence twice at Laguna trying to make something happen with the crimson pig.”

Michael Arenella participates in the Chevron Matching Employee Funds program, whereby regular contributions made as a payroll deduction are matched dollar-for-dollar by Chevron. Starting with a humble original donation of $30.50 made on June 9, 2009, and including his latest donation of $100, (and matched by Chevron), Arenella’s grand total contributed through this program now stands at $8,858.20.

Rand Kennedy has donated $200 for the third year in a row, bringing his grand total to $600.


N2 Track Days held its first fundraiser in 2014 under the direction of Robert Cichielo, raising $45,595. The money raised made it possible for 31 new Airfence EVO soft barriers to be delivered this year, 16 deployed at Pittsburgh International Race Complex and 15 at North Carolina Center For Automotive Research (NCCAR). The deployments benefit track day riders at these venues, with events run by various track day/school organizations including Team ProMotion, Motorcycle Xcitement, and, of course, N2 Track Days. An additional $11,000 was raised in 2015, bringing the grand total to $56,595.

In Memory of…

Donations made in memory of Peter Lenz include:Analisse Frederick, $20;

Analisse Frederick wrote, “I would like to dedicate this donation to the Lenz family, may they be forever blessed in Peter’s light.”

Summary of Recently Posted Contributions

(Contributor comments and dedications are included below with their listing. Total overall contribution appears in parentheses.)

Roadrace Fund

New Jersey Motorsports Park (Sponsored Deployment) $22,500

N2 Track Days LLC $11,000 ($56,595)

David A Pierce $500 ($4500)

Andrew Daugherty $250 ($450)

Michael Arenella/Chevron Matching Employee Funds $200 ($8858.20)

Rand Kennedy $200 ($600)

Greg Melka $100 ($200)

Charles Buse $100 ($3000)

Paul Rosal $80 ($580)

Charles Pomeroy $50 “To Erin Pomeroy”

Analisse Frederick $20 In Memory of Peter Lenz

Dirt Track Fund

Paul Rosal $20 ($120)

December 31, 2015

Accounting Details to Date

Road Racing Expenditure Details

Purchases of soft barriers: $1,129,135.39

Shipping/Customs: $62,526.00

Bank Fees: $4523.52
Transportation & Installation: $198,646.25

Soft Barrier Parts, Repairs & Signage $15,342.67

Accounting/Business Fees: $4768.00

Misc. Supplies/Services $906.15

Office Services: $4987.00

Total Spent: $1,422,834.98

Total Donations Collected: $1,495,313.61

Cash on hand: $72,478.63

Dirt Track Expenditure Details

Purchases of soft barriers: $123,789.35

Shipping/Customs: $2717.72

Transportation & Installation $2174.77

Total Spent: $128,681.84

Total Donations Collected: $125,583.75

Cash on hand: ($3,098.09)

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