Roadracing World Action Fund Reaches $2.25 Million To Help Improve Motorcycle Safety On The Racetrack

Roadracing World Action Fund Reaches $2.25 Million To Help Improve Motorcycle Safety On The Racetrack

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In 2019 donations for the Roadracing World Action Fund came from throughout the motorcycle community in the form of wedding gifts and memorials; of fundraisers by both racing organizations and motorcycle clubs; and from businesses and a corps of hard-core supporting individuals who have steadily donated over the years. Soft barriers are deployed more frequently and in greater quantities than ever before, thanks to contributions totaling $2,256,591.31 since 2001 to support the Roadracing World Action Fund’s mission of helping to prevent racetrack injuries through motorcycle road racing safety education.

2019 Donations 

The Roadracing World Action Fund received a check for $500 in honor of Patrick & Elizabeth Delaney. Elizabeth wrote, “Please accept this donation being made in lieu of favors at our recent wedding. My husband participates in track days with N2 so the mission of your action fund is dear to him.”  N2 Track Days had a fundraiser of its own, along with P.R.E., Motovid, and other track day organizations who raised money for the Roadracing World Action Fund to help keep their riders safer on the race track.

Here is a review of Roadracing World Action Fund 2019 highlights. 

Steady Donations Add Up… 

Steady donations really do add up! Since 2005, David Pierce has donated $500 almost every year.  His latest contribution to the Action Fund brings his grand total to $6,500! Rand Kennedy has donated $200 each year since 2013, for a grand total of $1,400.


Racing Organizations

Performance Riding Experience (P.R.E.) held its annual fundraiser at VIR, which raised $15,710 in donations, with the goal of bringing more soft barriers to VIR, as well as NC Bike, according to President of P.R.E. John Allen. P.R.E.’s grand total now stands at $121,089 since 2014 and maintains the top position on the Roadracing World Action Fund all-time total donations chart. Combined with the amount raised for the Action Fund while he was with the now-disbanded NESBA, John Allen-led fundraisers total an astonishing $179,420. and ZARS (Zalusky Advanced Riding School and Track Days) teamed up for the Eighth Annual Broken Wing Benefit to raise money for the Roadracing World Action Fund. The event included a Silent Auction/Dinner, and was held in the evening on Saturday Aug 11, 2019, at Blackhawk Farms. Both track day organizations were there for the weekend, with the ZARS Track Day run on Saturday and the Track Day Sunday. The event raised $18,788, and the overall total from Motovid Broken Wing Benefit now stands at $82,394.

N2 Track Days, in its sixth year of fundraising for the Roadracing World Action Fund, brought in $15,093.00 in donations for a grand total of $114,622.25.

Racer and AHRMA trustee Arthur Kowitz started a grass-roots fundraiser which ran from July through October, and raised a total of $2,404 when it was all said and done. Kowitz said he would talk to AHRMA members at meetings and events about the importance of having soft barriers in place, and encouraged them to donate to the Roadracing World Action Fund. Kowitz emphasized the urgency of donating now rather than put it off, saying, “It’s too late to stroke a check when you’re sliding on your ass [while crashing].”

New Jersey Motorsports Park donated the proceeds from a parade lap at a recent AHRMA event totaling $150. “Not much, but we tried,”   wrote Brad Scott, NJMP President and COO. Herb and Pam Haigh won a raffle at the AHRMA Awards Banquet and immediately donated $200 toward the fundraiser. Other AHRMA members contributing included: David A. Pierce, 500; Kevin Dinsmoor (AHRMA Race #304), $304; Arthur Kowitz $300; Lorraine Crussell, $200; Curtis Comer, $100; William Doran, $100; and John Rickard, $50.

Businesses matches customer contributions to the Roadracing World Action Fund dollar-for-dollar, and has since 2011. The company’s contributions for 2019 total $5,614.00, bringing the grand total to $43,364 over the past nine years.

AmazonSmile donations are made each time a customer uses the AmazonSmile portal to make purchases on Amazon. The AmazonSmile Foundation’s total contribution for 2019 was $1,816.56. To participate, be sure to log in to the AmazonSmile portal and name the Roadracing World Action Fund as your charity of choice. Donations are automatically sent to the RWAF quarterly.

The KMC Employee Charitable Contributions Matching Program matches employee contributions to non-profit organizations, up to $500 per organization per employee. Croft Long and Jon Rall took advantage of the program to double their donations ($500 and $100, respectively) to the Roadracing World Action Fund, for a total of $1200.

Ninja400 Bike-Build Fundraiser, organized by Dee Ridgeway, raised $1250 for the Roadracing World Action Fund

Club Donations

The Mid Atlantic Ducati Owners Club (MAD) has donated $2000 to the Roadracing World Action Fund. Treasurer Stephan Oliver wrote, “Our club voted for charity donations and everyone agreed your fund is a worthy cause. Our club regularly does track days and sponsors two events with the Cornerspeed Professional Roadcourse Instruction at Virginia International Raceway in Alton, Virginia. There are air fence systems there which everyone pitches in and installs for the motorcycle events. As track day enthusiasts we all appreciate the additional safety that the air fences provide and recognize organizations such as yours aid at race courses and want to promote more devices in the future. We would like to thank you for your efforts and want to donate to keep your efforts affordable for the future safety at all courses where motorcyclists have the same passion to race and enjoy our sport.”

The Chicago Vintage Motorcyclists have donated $600 to the Roadracing World Action Fund. The donation arrived with a letter from Bob Burns: “My name is Bob Burns. My wife Jennifer and I are part of the Chicago Vintage Motorcyclists which is most definitely not a club. We non-members of ChiVinMoto are very proud of our lack of organization and the associated complete failure to have things like officers, dues, and regularly scheduled meetings about meetings. There are two small events that I put together every year for the non-members of ChiVinMoto. One is an annual outing to southwestern Wisconsin where we spend a weekend enjoying the local twisty roads, cheese and beer. The other is a springtime track day with our friends at where we polish up our skills and get our race bikes ready for the upcoming season of racing with AHRMA. Part of the annual Wisconsin outing is a small fundraising effort. We sell shirts and other swag and sometimes people make donations. Once the costs of the event are covered, we donate any remaining money to some worthy cause. Given that some are AHRMA racers, and so many more of us do track days with Motovid, Jennifer and I felt that it would be appropriate to give this year’s donation on behalf of the Chicago Vintage Motorcyclists to the Roadracing World Action Fund. Thanks very much for all you do.”

The Mid-Atlantic Roadracing Club has donated $1,475 to the Roadracing World Action Fund, and the club’s all-time total now stands at $2,475. Treasurer Celeste Broadstreet wrote, “The Mid-Atlantic Roadracing Club (MARRC) provides safety crew services and a Roadracing school at Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia. Our members have seen first-hand the safety value of Airfence and other soft barriers at the racetrack. We would like to donate, as a club, to your fund to support the deployment of soft barriers. If possible, we would like to target our donation to Summit Point Raceway. Thank you for your dedication to your mission of preventing racetrack injuries. You are making a difference in the racing community.”

Last but not least: Ruts to Racelines (, an organization, according to its website, which is “dedicated to help women build confidence and skill to become better and safer riders,”  held a bike wash on August 31, 2019, at NCCAR in Garysburg, NC, and raised $33 for the Roadracing World Action Fund.

In Memory of…

Gary McQuiston has once again donated in memory Bill Parr and Richey Halstead, in the amount of $2,000. Adding to his past donations in their honor going back to 2004, his all-time total stands at $3,200. McQuiston says his donation also honors long-time ASRA/CCS race official Jennifer Morgan Campbell, who passed away suddenly September 9th.

 Anna Dickey has donated to the Roadracing World Action Fund in memory of Bob Dickey, whom, she wrote, was “a man who loved motorcycle racing and believed very strongly in the safety your air fence provided.”  Bob himself donated frequently to the Action Fund, usually in small amounts, almost always with a dedication, and sometimes he just seemed to find a good excuse to donate. His first donation was in 2003, in memory of Mike Monroe. Other notable dedications include:

“20 because Nicky won. 30 because SPEED extended pre-race coverage”

“In Memory of Andre Espaillat, as flamboyant a racer as ever was!”

“Happy Birthday Harry Tomlinson. A buck a year!” ($48)

“A bet’s a bet and IMO M3”

“In honor of Dits and NBC chickens”

“In memory of my Endurance partner, M3”

“Congratulations Metalhead for 2nd in your first WERA race!”

“For all you do for all of us. Bob Panthercity Racing”

“Thanks for all y’all do!  Bob ‘Panthercity’ Dickey”

Over the years, Bob Dickey donated a total of $673.

Ohlins USA has donated $75 in memory of Arthur Sakakura, father of Yoshimura Racing LLC president Don Sakakura.

 The Welch Family has donated $200, “In Celebration of Mackenzie Podo.”  The Chattahoochee Elementary School Retirees have donated $25 in her memory, along with Mastermind Productions, $300; Bob & Mimi Buchanan, $50; and Brittney C., $50.

 ASRA/CCS founder and president Kevin Elliott has donated $300 to the Roadracing World Action Fund in memory of his mother, Roxie Elliott. Fast Lane RnR Cycles also donated in memory of Roxie Elliott, in the amount of $200.

Donating in memory of racer Robert Miller: Douglas Coulter, $360.

 Two-Up Ride Adventures

Team Hammer’s Chris Ulrich once again gave two-up Superbike rides on the Dunlop 2-Seat Superbike Suzuki GSX-R1000R at MotoAmerica events in 2019, promoting the sport of motorcycle road racing and also raising money for the Roadracing World Action Fund. Fans who donated a minimum of $250 got to experience the ride of a lifetime, and support a good cause at the same time. A record total of $11,950 was raised in 2019. Since 2016, this program has raised a grand total of $26,270.

Every year since 2006, Chris Ulrich has a two-up Superbike ride fundraiser on Thanksgiving weekend during the Fastrack Riders track day at Auto Club Speedway. This year, the event, held on Sunday, raised $1,310, bringing the all-time total to $60,810.

Summary of Posted 2019 Contributions

(Contributor comments and dedications are included below with their listing. Total overall contribution appears in parentheses.)

 Roadrace Fund

 8th Annual Broken Wing Fundraiser $18,788 (82,394)

Performance Riding Experience (PRE) Fundraiser $15,710 ($121,089)

N2 Track Days Fundraiser $15,093 ($114,622)

Chris Ulrich Two-Up Superbike Rides With Dunlop and MotoAmerica $11,950 ($26,270)

VMware Foundation 12-Year Milestone Award- A.J. Ciampa -$6000 $5,614 ($43,364)

Pirelli Tire LLC $5000 ($10,000)

Pacific Utility Installation $3500

Otto & Hanna Duetsch Private Charity Fund $3000

Bob Robbins $2500 ($32,900)

Mid-Atlantic Ducati Owners Club $2000

Gary McQuiston $2000 In Memory of Bill Parr, Richard Halstead, and Jennifer Morgan Campbell ($3200)

Anonymous In Memory of Ave Gudelsky  $2000 ($8,000)

AmazonSmile $1816 ($4713)

Anna Dickey $1500 In Memory of Bob Dickey

Peter & Carol Anne Swetish $1500

Chris Ulrich Two-Up Superbike Rides/Fastrack Fundraisers $1,310 ($60,810)

Ninja400 Bike-Build Fundraiser $1250

MARRC $1000 ($2475)

George & Janette Nassaney $1000 ($1500)

The Chicago Vintage Motorcyclists $600

KMC Employee Charitable Contributions Matching Program $600

Craig Beardsley $700 ($4810/Includes Disney Matching Funds)

Croft Long $500

AHRMA $500

David Pierce $500 ($6,500)

In Honor of Patrick & Elizabeth Delaney Wedding $500

Dent Wizard $500

Kevin Dinsmoor $304 AHRMA Racer #304

Arthur Kowitz $300 AHRMA ($800)

Mastermind Productions $300 “In Celebration of Mackenzie Podo”

Kevin Elliott $300 In Memory of Roxie Elliott ($400)

Mountain Air Auto Care $200 ($300)

Yamaha Champions Riding School $250 ($1,010)

Brew Crew Racing $250 “Thank you for the Airfence. Haven’t hit it yet but tire walls hurt.”

  1. Kevin Boda $250 ($500)

Keith & Patty Souter $200 ($4000)

Welch Family $200 Celebration of Mackenzie Podo

Fast Lane RnR Cycle $200 In Memory of Roxie Elliott

Thomas Costantino & Anita Koury Charitable  $200 ($400)

Rand Kennedy $200 ($1400)

Lorraine Crussell $200 AHRMA

Herb & Pam Haigh $200 AHRMA

James Bonner $200 ($600)

NJMP AHRMA Event Parade Lap Fundraiser $150

Bob Guntrip $136.39

Juan & Gudrun Negreira $125 ($465)

William Doran $100 AHRMA

Jon Rall $100

Bruce Hammer $100

Curtis Comer $100 AHRMA

Paul Lamoureux $100

Beach Chair Therapy $100

David Sapsis $100 ($597) “ WERA Zarco 2019 bet. You go, Garf.”

Robert A. Kindler $100

BeatGdub $100 (Note from Greg White:  “To settle on my RMFantasySX debt. BeatGdub smoked me and he deserves this in his name.”)

Vijay Lorick $93 ($143) “From Big Bird WERA MotoGP Fantasy League”

Ohlins USA $75 In Memory of Arthur Sakakura

Mel Hinshaw $50

Sheila Barnes $50 In Memory of F. Allen Barnes ($1200)

Chippy Wood $50

Stephen E. Moore $50 ($100)

Nathan & Allison Kirklin $50 ($150)

Sean Stebbins $50/fastedyamaha

Jason Bays $50 In Honor of Chris Bays

John Rickard $50 AHRMA

Brittney C. $50 In memory of Kenzie Podo

Bob & Mimi Buchanan $50 In Memory of Mackenzie Podo

Nicholas Hande $40

Ruts to Racelines Benefit Bike Wash  At NCCAR Aug 2019  $33

Dean Alsman $25

Chattahoochee Elementary School Retirees $25 In Memory of Mackenzie Podo

Neil Barker $15

About the Roadracing World Action Fund

      The Roadracing World Action Fund – a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization – began back in 2001 as a grassroots movement to improve racetrack safety for motorcycle racers and riders.  At the time, hay bales or stacks of tires were sometimes placed in front of concrete walls for rider protection in case of a crash. A far better solution for rider safety existed – inflatable soft barriers which absorb the energy of a crash. Soft barriers – made by Airfence or Alpina – can allow racers to often walk away from a crash which in the past might have caused catastrophic injury, or even death. 

     The Roadracing World Action Fund gained the support of the motorcycle community, as racers, riders, family and friends, motorcycle businesses, and racing organizations and racetracks helped to make use of soft barriers the standard, rather than the exception, for motorcycle races and track days at racetracks across the nation. Now, from Laguna to Daytona, Motorsports Ranch to VIR, AutoClub Speedway to Blackhawk Farms, and many more, soft barriers are deployed more frequently and in greater quantities than ever before, as the Roadracing World Action Fund continues its mission of helping prevent racetrack injuries  through motorcycle road racing safety education.

December 31, 2019

Accounting Details to Date

Road Racing Expenditure Details
Purchases of soft barriers: $1,624,318.05

Shipping/Customs: $94,486.37

Bank Fees: $8,689.19

Transportation & Installation: $203,647.17

Soft Barrier Parts, Repairs & Signage $53,052.91

Accounting/Business Fees: $7,924.50

Misc. Supplies/Services $1,170.14

Office Services: $34,987.00

Total Spent: $2,028,275.33

Total Donations Collected: $2,107,962.87

Cash on hand: $79,687.54

Dirt Track Expenditure Details
Purchases of soft barriers: $123,789.35

Shipping/Customs: $2717.72

Transportation & Installation: $2174.77

Soft Barrier Parts, Repairs, & Signage $5,800.00

Total Spent: $134,481.84

Total Donations Collected: $148,628.44

Cash on hand: $14,146.60

Certain administrative costs, including web site maintenance, promotional items, and shipping have been absorbed by Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.


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