Quinn Knives Producing Josh Hayes Limited Edition Pocket Knives

Quinn Knives Producing Josh Hayes Limited Edition Pocket Knives

© 2024, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc. From a press release issued By Quinn Knives:

Quinn Knives & Josh Hayes Team Up to Produce the Josh Hayes Limited Edition Carbon Fiber Benchmade Mini Bugout Pocket Knife

Josh Hayes holds the record for all-time wins in US motorcycle racing (88), has seven national titles, including four in the premier Superbike class. But he’s not done yet. A Daytona 200 win remains an elusive target, though Josh has never finished lower than 4th, oft times four bikes wide across the finish line, separated by thousandths of a second!

During a recent motorcycle ride up to Quinn Knives to find his next everyday carry, we started kicking around the idea of creating a Josh Hayes Edition knife to help support Josh’s next attack on the 200 (March 9th, 2024) while getting an awesome blade into the hands of motorcycle fans who’d like a way to directly support their favorite rider. Like any good idea, it got wilder as we went along.

So not only does the purchase of the Josh Hayes Edition Benchmade Mini Bugout get you a top-tier, made in the USA, customized knife, but each JH4 Mini Bugout purchase automatically enters you to win the Grand Prize: a fully custom, hand-made, Duane Dwyer “Rotorcraft” folder, created from the actual brake rotors off Josh’s 2024 Yamaha R6 racebike, straight off the high banks!

Duane Dwyer is a legend in the blade-making world, local to both Quinn Knives and Josh Hayes, and a longtime motorcycle enthusiast himself, with a primo Ducati 916 displayed at his workshop. Duane’s Rotorcraft knives are iconic for their creation out of used brake rotors including bits off exotic cars, bikes, and even military aircraft. Teaming up with Duane to create the Grand Prize just made sense, and Duane was thrilled to have the opportunity to get one of his masterpieces into the hands of a fellow motorcycle racing fan.

Josh Hayes Benchmade Carbon Fiber Mini Bugout purchase includes:

  • One (1) Josh Hayes Limited Edition Benchmade Mini Bugout
  • One (1) Josh Hayes Autographed Thank You card
  • One (1) Entry for the Grand Prize Duane Dwyer x Josh Hayes Yamaha R6 “Rotorcraft” knife
  • All proceeds from the sale go directly to supporting Josh Hayes Racing CSU One Cure Yamaha Racing Daytona 200 effort

A maximum of 200 Josh Hayes Edition Mini Bugouts will be produced, with the purchase window open from February 22nd – March 11th. All knives will be produced upon the closing of the program with orders shipping within approximately 30-45 days of close.

Multiple partners came together to make this program a reality, and they include:

“Quinn Knives has been a staple of the San Diego scene for over 40 years and due to our location in the Southern California high country, many of our customers are motorcyclists looking for that next everyday carry while enjoying our beautiful mountain roads. When Josh rode up one weekend, and was chatting to us about his Daytona 200 plans, we really wanted to help support the effort. As we’re a small mom n’ pop shop, we had to get creative, so we came up with a great program that not only puts an awesome, customized, Josh Hayes Edition Benchmade in your pocket, but also directly supports the Josh Hayes Racing CSU One Cure Yamaha team effort. As a bonus we looped in legendary local knife maker Duane Dwyer, who graciously agreed to create one of his unique “Rotorcraft” knives using the brake discs off Josh’s Daytona 2024 racebike, as a Grand Prize offering (a $2,500 value!). We’d like to thank our excellent Quinn Knives customer base and for visitors to www.quinnknives.com, please use JH200 for an additional 15% off any applicable product on the site. We’ll see you at Daytona!” – Alex Dunstan, Owner, Quinn Knives

“Due to Quinn Knives, my personal knife collection has gone from zero to hero way too fast! I’d been eyeing up the Benchmade Carbon Fiber Mini Bugout for some time, as I love that carbon and Yamaha blue accents, so on a recent trip I decided it was time to get one. Alex started talking about putting some of my designs on it, like the Jolly Roger and #4, and well, one thing led to another and we thought why not make this a limited run, 200 pieces for the 200, and get the motorcycle community in on the action! Then I found out about the fantastic custom knives Duane Dwyer makes and offered up my racebike rotors, made into a knife, as a possible extra cool prize for one lucky winner. It’s crazy how quickly this all came together and a big thank you to everyone that made it happen. I hope fans like the JH4 Edition Mini Bugout as much as I do, and I’ll be giving it everything I have to put the CSU One Cure Yamaha R6 on the top step.” – Josh Hayes

The Fine Print:

  • A maximum of 200 Josh Hayes Edition Benchmade Mini Bugouts will be produced.
  • Benchmade Knife Company is not affiliated with this program. We are an official Benchmade dealer and producing this Josh Hayes Edition on our own.
  • Limit 10 Josh Hayes Edition Mini Bugout purchases per customer.
  • Each Mini Bugout purchase will equal one (1) automatic entry into the Grand Prize “Rotorcraft” drawing.
  • Program ordering window will be open February 22nd through March 11th with knife production starting upon program close.
  • All “Rotorcraft” entries will be put into a helmet and drawn by Josh Hayes, live on Quinn Knives Instagram, upon program close. Drawing date to be announced.
  • Allow approximately 30-45 days for Josh Hayes Edition Mini Bugout production and delivery upon program close.
  • Production time and delivery for the Duane Dwyer “Rotorcraft” custom knife to be determined.
  • All proceeds (outside of production costs) will go directly to the Josh Hayes Racing CSU One Cure Yamaha team.

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