Pirelli Trackside Tire Vendor Tracksidetires/MDM Releases Its 2019 Schedule

Pirelli Trackside Tire Vendor Tracksidetires/MDM Releases Its 2019 Schedule

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Tracksidetires/MDM announce 2019 trackside schedule

Pipersville, PA — Tracksidetires / MDM, the east coast’s premier trackside Pirelli race tire provider, is eager for the start of the busy 2019 season. We will be at CCS, ASRA, WERA and Motogladiator races, also all EvolveGT and N2 track days.

With several new tires slated for release this year, we cannot wait to break some more records in 2019. We look forward to seeing you at the track in 2019.

2019 Schedule (track, event, dates):

NCBIKE EvolveGT April 6-7

NCBIKE Motogladiator April 7

Summit Point EvolveGT April 19-20

NJMP CCS April 26-28

NJMP N2 April 29

VIR EvolveGT April 29

Summit Point N2 April 29

NCBIKE N2 May 4-5

NJMP Private Event May 7

NJMP EvolveGT May 11-12

NJMP Motogladiator May 12

Nelson Ledges WERA May 11-12

PITT RACE N2 May 18-19

NCBIKE EvolveGT May 18-19

NJMP N2 May 20

VIR EvolveGT May 20

Summit Point CCS/ASRA May 24-27

PITT RACE EvolveGT June 1-2

Pitt Race Motogladiator June 1

Summit Point EvolveGT June 1-2

NJMP N2 June 2-3

VIR EvolveGT June 7

VIR Motogladiator June 7

PITT RACE N2/WERA June 14-16

NJMP EvolveGT June 16-17

NJMP Motogladiator June 17

Summit Point CCS June 21-23

NCBIKE EvolveGT June 22-23

NJMP N2 June 30-July 1

VIR EvolveGT June 30-July 1


PITT RACE N2 July 6-7

NCBIKE EvolveGT July 6-7

Summit Point N2 July 6-7

NJMP EvolveGT July 13-14

NJMP Motogladiator July 13

VIR EvolveGT July 21-22

Summit Point EvolveGT July 21-22

Summit Point Motogladiator July 22

NCBIKE N2 July 27-28

Summit Point CCS August 16-18

PITT RACE N2 August 17-18

NJMP EvolveGT August 19

NCBIKE EvolveGT August 24-25

NCBIKE Motogladiator August 25

Summit Point N2 August 25-26

NJMP CCS August 30-Sept 1

Nelson Ledges N2 August 30

Nelson Ledges WERA August 31-Sept. 1

VIR EvolveGT Sept. 13

VIR Motogladiator Sept. 13

PITT RACE N2 Sept 14-15

NCBIKE N2 Sept. 21-22

NCBIKE Motogladiator Sept. 22

Summit Point EvolveGT Sept. 22-23

Nelson Ledges WERA Sept. 28-29

NJMP N2 Oct. 5-6

NCBIKE EvolveGT Oct. 5-6

NCBIKE Motogladiator Oct. 5

PITT RACE N2 Oct. 12-13

Summit Point EvolveGT Oct. 13-14

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