Pipe Dreams Podcast (and Video): Episode Three – Kayla Yaakov

Pipe Dreams Podcast (and Video): Episode Three – Kayla Yaakov

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Episode 3: Kayla Yaakov

The 15-Year-Old Future of Road Racing

March 16th, 2023 – Desert Center, California – MotoAmerica / American Flat Track racers Corey Alexander and James Rispoli are pleased to release Episode 3 of their Pipe Dreams Podcast featuring 15-year-old road racing phenom Kayla Yaakov.

In this episode, Kayla talks us through her future in racing as she progresses into the MotoAmerica Twins Cup class where she will join a female-led effort aboard the MP13  Racing Yamaha R7, working with Melissa Paris and Josh Hayes. Kayla also shares her experience as an emerging female star in a male-dominated sport, what it’s been like racing in Europe, and her story thus far in what is destined to be a successful career.

Kayla is incredibly professional, well spoken, and insightful well beyond her years.

We hope her story inspires you!

Available on all major podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Video of the episode can be viewed on Spotify and YouTube.

About Pipe Dreams Podcast:

Pipe Dreams Podcast launched in 2023 by MotoAmerica and American Flat Track riders Corey Alexander and James Rispoli in an effort to share the stories of fellow racers and motorsport professionals around the world. The podcast releases twice per month for streaming on all major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Production and editing is curated by videographer Sam Thurman. Follow @pipedreams_pod on social media or visit https://anchor.fm/pipe-dreams to listen now.


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