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Sep 3, 2013

New Company Offering IV Rehydration, Oxygen Replenishment Services To Club Racers, Track Day Riders

IV Pit Stop Brings Relief and Eye Candy to Competitive Athletes

MISSION VIEJO, CA — IV Pit Stop announced the launch of its first mobile rehydration and replenishment unit, designed to bring relief to superbike racers and athletic competitors alike. Revitalization services are safely administered by an attending physician and trained registered nurse. While undergoing treatment, exhausted athletes are accompanied by Pit Girls, who provide athletes with conversation and companionship during their stay.

Heat illness, dehydration and muscle fatigue can occur for many superbike athletes and enthusiasts. By visiting the custom-equipped IV Pit Stop bus, athletes can electively recharge with vitamin-infused IV rehydration and oxygen replenishment therapies, all from the convenience of an on-site facility. The restorative effects of these therapies help speed recovery and boost performance by quickly achieving fluid and electrolyte balance as well as rejuvenating fatigued muscles.

Company CEO Christopher Dancel states, "We are the only company that provides mobile rehydration and oxygen replenishment electively in California."

An avid Superbike Track Day enthusiast and competitor, Dancel sought an alternative method for comfortably alleviating his post-race dehydration and heat exhaustion. From his experience as Police K9 Handler, he was familiar with the IV rehydration process, a method commonly used to relieve officers who endure heat exhaustion on the job. After consulting with a trusted physician and self-testing the method at his next racing event, Dancel had found his solution. Thus, IV Pit Stop was born.
"I launched the company because as a competitive track enthusiast, I saw a need for the service," Dancel says. "When I fully realized the benefits, I wanted to provide it to all competitive athletes and race enthusiasts, not just encompassing superbike racers."
About IV Pit Stop

IV Pit Stop operates a full service, mobile rehydration and oxygen unit to safely provide superbike and competitive athletes with elective fluid restoration and oxygen replenishment therapies. Our custom-equipped bus, attending physician, registered nurses and hot Pit Girls provide the rejuvenation and relaxation that every racer needs. Racetrack Owners and Event Promoters can learn more by visiting
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