N2 Track Days Takes Over NESBA Track Event Operations

N2 Track Days Takes Over NESBA Track Event Operations

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March 26, Asbury, NJ – N2 Track Days, LLC has officially announced that it has taken on the operational aspects of NESBA (Northeast Sportbike Association) track day operations earlier this month. According to N2 management, the 2014 event calendar has been finalized and registration is open.

The takeover by N2 Track Days (N2) was in response to recent events when it became apparent that NESBA was struggling to sustain its track day operations, leaving the 2014 season in question. NESBA was founded more than 18 years ago with the notion of promoting motorcycle safety through instruction on a closed course racetrack. Its vision contributed to what we now know as “the Trackday”. As dedicated and passionate supporters of this belief, the N2 team (racers, former NESBA instructors, and investors) acted immediately to salvage the operation and lay the course for a new organization grounded in these grass roots.

Following several weeks of intense planning and negotiations, the N2 team announced to the NESBA members that the launch of a new organization was imminent. Rather than acquire the NESBA organization, it was decided to create a new organization that caters specifically to track day events and rider education. N2 intends to also provide advanced instruction and help up-and-coming racers make their way onto the race grid.

N2 Track Days has a simple mission statement: Provide a safe and structured riding environment for sport-bike riders of all levels. Their instructors and coaching staff are comprised of club-racers (CCS/WERA), former NESBA control riders, and track day riders who are articulate and passionate about all aspects of this sport. N2 intends to provide an enjoyable riding experience, an environment where members can hone their skills and inspire confidence in their riding ability.

According to Robert Cichielo, N2’s CEO, “Our mission here is to help preserve what NESBA started long ago, but with new management and structure that is very customer focused. While safety is always paramount, we intend to create a very fun and instructional environment for our members”.

N2’s management team is a comprised of experienced C-level executives, business owners, racers, and motorsports enthusiasts who believe solid leadership and communication are key to the volunteer organization’s success. As part of the new operation, N2 has committed to honoring existing NESBA Basic and Elite memberships, credits, and season pass holders.

In a recent letter to its members, N2 states:

N2 is re-branding the existing NESBA website, event registration system, and even the member forum. So while this is a completely new organization, you’ll quickly feel right at home with all of your account information preserved. All of your existing registration information, emergency contacts, bike number, and credits will be right there where you left them. It is our intent to make this transition as simple as it can be. Our new home will be located at http://www.n2td.org and will be live on Monday, March 17th. If you have any questions about N2, event registrations, or general questions, please email us at [email protected].

N2’s inaugural event will be a 3-day weekend at Road Atlanta on April 18-20th as cited in N2’s initial member letter:

It’s been a long winter and we know many of you want to ride; and so do we. Our staff will be out in full force and we look forward to 3 days of fun and sunshine. We’ll have the barbecues lit-up to host our first meet and greet. We hope you can join us. Registration will open Monday, March 17th”.

If you are looking to register, please go to http://my.n2td.org or visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/N2TrackDays.

Cichielo adds, “With the help and support of our members, we managed to take what could have been a very painful situation and turn it into a positive one. Our 2014 schedule has been solidified and we’re looking forward to a great riding season”.

NESBA will remain in operation, however, it will direct its attention and efforts to the Yamaha Alliance and demo program, attending many of N2’s track day events. This program allows riders to tryout Yamaha’s newest products on the racetrack during select track day events.

N2 Management Team:

Robert Cichielo, Will Leinker, Jim Curtis, James Easley, Kris Smith, Jimmy Winters

N2 2014 Calendar:

Date Day Racetrack Location
4/18/2014 Friday Road Atlanta Braselton, GA
4/19/2014 Saturday Road Atlanta Braselton, GA
4/20/2014 Sunday Road Atlanta Braselton, GA
5/9/2014 Friday Summit Point- Main Summit Point, WV
5/12/2014 Monday NJMP- Thunderbolt Millville, NJ
5/17/2014 Saturday NJMP- Lightning Millville, NJ
5/18/2014 Sunday NJMP- Lightning Millville, NJ
5/23/2014 Friday Road Atlanta Braselton, GA
5/24/2014 Saturday Road Atlanta Braselton, GA
5/25/2014 Sunday Road Atlanta Braselton, GA
5/24/2014 Saturday PittRace Wampum, PA
5/25/2014 Sunday PittRace Wampum, PA
6/21/2014 Saturday Summit Point- Jefferson Summit Point, WV
6/23/2014 Monday NJMP- Thunderbolt Millville, NJ
7/4/2014 Friday Road Atlanta Braselton, GA
7/5/2014 Saturday Road Atlanta Braselton, GA
7/6/2014 Sunday Road Atlanta Braselton, GA
7/12/2014 Saturday NC Bike Garysburg, NC
7/13/2014 Sunday NC Bike Garysburg, NC
8/2/2014 Saturday NJMP- Thunderbolt Millville, NJ
8/3/2014 Sunday NJMP- Thunderbolt Millville, NJ
8/9/2014 Saturday NC Bike Garysburg, NC
8/10/2014 Sunday NC Bike Garysburg, NC
8/30/2014 Saturday PittRace Wampum, PA
8/31/2014 Sunday PittRace Wampum, PA
10/4/2014 Saturday NJMP- Lightning Millville, NJ
10/5/2014 Sunday NJMP- Lightning Millville, NJ
10/11/2014 Saturday Summit Point- Jefferson Extended 1.8 Mile Summit Point, WV
10/12/2014 Sunday Summit Point- Jefferson Extended 1.8 Mile Summit Point, WV

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