MV Agusta Unveils 2024 Enduro Veloce Adventure Model

MV Agusta Unveils 2024 Enduro Veloce Adventure Model

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MV Agusta unveils Enduro Veloce, the motorcycle that follows on from the LXP Orioli limited series as the Italian brand continues its journey in the high-performance adventure bike segment.

The Enduro Veloce pays tribute to a story that dates back almost eighty years. It was with the 98 ridden by Vincenzo Nencioni that the company first won a race, the “Golfo di La Spezia” off-road regularity race, on 8 October 1946. Three years later, several regularity motorcycles were prepared to participate in the British Six Days, a race that saw the great Carlo Ubbiali score MV Agusta its first international victory.

The new Enduro Veloce is the embodiment of MV Agusta’s key values: 100% Italian manufacturing, craftsmanship, engineering excellence and high performance, all in a motorcycle that represents the manufacturer’s original take on the adventure bike segment.

The riding ease and distinctive, dynamic character are the result of a combination of unique technical, style and engineering solutions.


A 2024-model MV Agusta Enduro Veloce. Photo courtesy MV Agusta.
A 2024-model MV Agusta Enduro Veloce. Photo courtesy MV Agusta.



The Enduro Veloce epitomises MV Agusta’s aesthetic standards. And, like every MV, it must be recognisable at first glance, identified as a member of that exclusive club, reserved to the world’s most beautiful bikes. The heritage and grandeur of the past live on in a radically contemporary object.

The Enduro Veloce has been created by designers at the cutting-edge MV Agusta style centre. Harmonious lines meet no-compromise solutions, the result of very successful design research and technical assessments.

A compact and pared back tail section contrasts with the front end, the volumes and shape of which are defined to effectively protect the rider from the air and offer a comfortable riding position that also affords maximum control. The extensive fairings are completed with a transparent plexiglass top fairing, designed to minimise turbulence in the helmet area.


The head-on view of a 2024-model MV Agusta Enduro Veloce. Photo courtesy MV Agusta.
The head-on view of a 2024-model MV Agusta Enduro Veloce. Photo courtesy MV Agusta.


Another very evocative style element is the iconic Ago Red and Ago Silver colour combination, which boosts the distinctive design of the motorcycle.

Aerodynamics have played an important part in defining the style of the Enduro Veloce. The design of the front mudguard, for example, was only finalised after a series of road tests and software simulations to ensure the utmost aerodynamic efficiency. Similarly, the lines of the front end maximise air flow directed to the radiator for cooling. This balance of attention to style and engineering research can also be seen in the air extractors on the side panels, the specific analysis of which results in a shape that guarantees the greatest comfort. The entire project involved comprehensive aerodynamic research using dedicated software and extensive road testing to recreate different situations of use, with a solo rider and both rider and passenger. This analysis was not just about verifying air protection, but also considered the impact on riding, to ensure stable behaviour even at high speed and complete with top and side cases.


The new 931 cc engine boasts an iconic technical solution seen on all new generation MV Agusta in-line three-cylinders: the counter-rotating crankshaft. Designed, developed, and built entirely at the firm’s factory, the engine stands out for its lightness, weighing in at just 57 kg, and extreme compactness.

But the engine’s compactness and contained weight are not the only features that contribute to the incredible handling of the Enduro Veloce. With a gyroscopic effect that essentially cancels out that of the front wheel, the counter-rotating crankshaft allows for particularly rapid changes in direction. This is particularly valuable on a model that mounts a 21” front wheel, in keeping with off-road tradition.


The 931cc inline three-cylinder engine of the 2024-model MV Agusta Enduro Veloce. Photo courtesy MV Agusta.
The 931cc inline three-cylinder engine of the 2024-model MV Agusta Enduro Veloce. Photo courtesy MV Agusta.


As with every MV Agusta, performance is first-rate. The engine delivers maximum power of 124 hp at 10,000 rpm and 102 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm. This data translates into pure riding pleasure, with an engine that guarantees power at high rpm and immediate torque at low range. The rider can already harness 85% of the maximum torque at 3,000 rpm. The bore-stroke ratio, larger compared to 675 and 798 cc units, combined with new camshaft profiles and timing makes for an engine that is very enjoyable and usable on the road.

The double overhead camshaft benefits from a DLC coating to reduce friction to a minimum.

The engine plays a key role in ensuring rider comfort in that vibration is reduced thanks to the countershaft and thorough study of the crank gear. The outstanding R&D work conducted at MV Agusta also ensures that operating temperatures remain particularly contained. Another positive in terms of comfort.

The rider can exploit the engine performance with a smooth and precise 6-speed gearbox, which can still be removed from the right rather than the left side. The Electronically Assisted Shift (EAS) system in its 4.0 version allows for up- and down-shifting with the quickshift while the throttle is open. Though less used, clutch operation is smooth and consistent thanks to hydraulic control.

The sound of the Enduro Veloce transmits excitement thanks to an exhaust system complete with bypass, the valve of which, when open, makes for a sound closer to that of a Superbike replica than an adventure bike. The symphony of the MV Agusta three-cylinder is the undisputed star of the acoustic experience aboard the Enduro Veloce, also on account of minimal mechanical and intake noise.


The MV Agusta Enduro Veloce boasts an exceptional electronics package. The 6-axis inertial platform collates significant dynamic data that is processed in real time, with the electronics using this to determine intervention. Adapting to all riding conditions and rider preferences, the Enduro Veloce boasts four riding modes: Urban, Touring, Off-Road and Custom All-Terrain.

The Full Ride by Wire accelerator system gives the rider full control over performance by harnessing torque management strategies.


The view of the cockpit of the 2024-model MV Agusta Enduro Veloce. Photo courtesy MV Agusta.
The view of the cockpit of the 2024-model MV Agusta Enduro Veloce. Photo courtesy MV Agusta.


Traction control, which can be deactivated, offers eight levels of intervention, with five dedicated to road use, two to off-road use and one for use on wet, low-grip surfaces.

In addition, through the main menu, it is possible to adapt the electronic response of the ECU based on the tyres that the rider chooses to mount. Therefore, the Enduro Veloce is equipped with 8 Traction Control levels based on the use of Bridgestone Battlax A41and 8 based on the AX41.

There are two levels of engine brake intervention, to be managed independently of the preselected Riding Mode. Level 1 corresponds to a reduced engine brake; level 2 is full engine brake. The Enduro Veloce is equipped with Launch Control. Activated via the right electric block, this offers the rider real control over the incredible acceleration, which sees the bike go from 0-100 km/h in 3”72. Such acceleration is also managed thanks to the Front Lift Control (FLC).

As with all MV Agusta models, Cornering ABS associates the RLM (Rear Wheel Lift-Up Mitigation) function with brake management through the turns. This reduces rear wheel lift and keeps the wheel on the ground in the case of extreme deceleration, for greater efficiency and safety when braking. There are 2 different ABS settings: Level 1 translates into a less invasive intervention on the front, perfect for sporty and off-road use, disengaged on the rear and with cornering function switched off, whilst RLM intervenes less intrusively.

Full ABS intervention is present when the rider selects Level 2, where ABS is active both on the front and rear and both Cornering and RLM functions are activated. ABS can only be deactivated in Off-Road and Custom All-Terrain modes.

The Enduro Veloce is equipped with Cruise Control, which can be adjusted in increments of 1 or 5 km/h through the switch cube on the left-hand side. Cruise control can be deactivated via the accelerator, with the use of counter rotation, which allows the rider to completely avoid using the brakes and maintain the ideal level of comfort and safety even in situations of sustained speed.

The quality, design of the graphics, and wealth of information accessible via the HD TFT screen only add to the touring spirit of the Enduro Veloce. The 7-inch screen allows for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection and can be adjusted in terms of brightness and graphics layout. With the MV Ride app, a smartphone can be quickly connected and used, for example, to follow a route turn by turn, to save an itinerary and share it, or to set up the bike’s many customisable operating parameters. Ignition is keyless, for maximum comfort.

The handlebar controls have LED backlighting for ease of use in all light conditions.


The Enduro Veloce is MV Agusta’s take on the highly competitive adventure bike segment. The Italian manufacturer’s latest addition reflects the MV Agusta philosophy of creating motorcycles with which people can fall in love, thanks to an extraordinary balance of chassis, engine, and electronics. The Enduro Veloce guarantees high-level performance on and off-road as well as maximum comfort during long-range travel.

The frame of the Enduro Veloce exploits a modern perimetral structure with a closed double cradle design. Materials and percentages have been carefully studied to offer perfect balance and the best compromise in terms of stability during high-speed road use and the ability to absorb energy during off-road use. The layout also lends itself to intense off-road use, in total safety. The rear subframe can be removed to facilitate maintenance or eventual replacement. The swingarm is in aluminium alloy for a weight saving that translates into heightened agility.


The back half of the 2024-model MV Agusta Enduro Veloce. Photo courtesy MV Agusta.
The back half of the 2024-model MV Agusta Enduro Veloce. Photo courtesy MV Agusta.


The Sachs fork with 48 mm is adjustable in compression, rebound and pre-load, with wheel travel of 210 mm. The adjustable Sachs mono shock guarantees rear wheel travel of 210 mm and is connected to the suspension via a progressive linkage. Pre-load can be practically managed via a dedicated knob.

Seat height is 870 mm, but the adjustable seat means this can be lowered to 850 mm. The shape and padding of the seat have been carefully studied to ensure comfort and adequate support in all conditions of use, including long-range highway travel. Ground clearance is 230 mm, ideal for off-road use.

The Brembo braking system is very high quality, comprising Stylema callipers on 320 mm floating discs at the front and a dual-piston calliper with 265 mm disc at the rear.


For maximum visibility and safety, the Enduro Veloce is equipped with a full LED front and rear lighting system.

As standard, the Enduro Veloce mounts Bridgestone Battlax A41 tyres in sizes 90/90-21 and 150/70-18 on Takasago Excel tubeless wheels with an elegant black finish. Bridgestone Battlax AX41 tyres are also homologated for those using the bike mainly off-road.

A wide range of accessories have been developed for the Enduro Veloce. These include MV-branded rigid aluminium side cases, equipped with the rapid release and push-block systems and with a respective capacity of 39 and 32 litres. For those keen to give the Enduro Veloce a more off-road look, MV Agusta has studied and developed protection bars, a reinforced aluminium skid plate, additional lights and the Termignoni titanium exhaust.

The Mobisat anti-theft system with integrated geolocation is offered free of charge for the first year.


Like the entire MV Agusta range, the Enduro Veloce works with the free MV Ride app, which has been significantly revised and updated to make it even more efficient and advanced in terms of connectivity. The rider can now enter a destination and view the route, turn by turn, on the colour TFT display. By enabling the Trip record functionality, data acquisition is active during riding. The experience begins before the engine is even turned on and can be relived once the journey ends, by reviewing the route, and data regarding speed, gears used, lean angle, altitude and so on. The rider can add to the experience by uploading routes of their day to share with other users of the MV Ride app. The app includes the option to personalise motorcycle response via the Custom mapping, which can be renamed as desired and even shared with other users within the ecosystem. A “Tuscany” map can be created, for example, and then made available to other Enduro Veloce owners, building this way a community.


The Enduro Veloce is delivered with a four-year factory warranty, which does not only improve the MV Agusta customer experience but also serves as tangible proof of the faith the company has in its Made in Italy motorcycles and in the strict quality control processes that every motorcycle undergoes.

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