MRA Celebrates Its 2014 Racing Season

MRA Celebrates Its 2014 Racing Season

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Denver, CO — In a time-honored tradition the MRA celebrated the people that make club racing the amazing sport that it is this past weekend during its annual awards ceremony. Riders placing in the top 5 of every class in the MRA were rewarded for their season long efforts during the ceremony with presentations of trophy plaques featuring the class name, their position, the class sponsor and a photograph of themselves racing during the season.

The MRA honored two long-time volunteers who both retired at the conclusion of the 2014 Season. Chaplain Paul “Boots” Reimer, the MRA’s spiritual leader, retired after 25 years of service. Since 1989 Chaplain Boots provided the MRA with a morning invocation, ran a Sunday morning Chapel Service and was the first to contact injured riders following each race weekend.

Since 2003 the Merle Jensen Memorial Award has been an annual award presented in recognition of service to the club. The first recipient of the award was Chaplain Boots and in 2014 the MRA retired the award by presenting it to him for a second time.

Starter Bob Heaton has been instrumental to MRA race weekends since 1994.His role as the starter was obvious, but he also was a strong adviser on the MRA safety team and our on-track meteorologist. Bob’s dedication was unwavering. In his 20 years of service he never missed a race weekend. He has overseen the starting procedure change from flags to lights as well as seeing a variety of operational changes based on the variety of tracks and changes at those tracks over the span of his career.

With the retirement of the Merle Jensen Memorial Award the MRA introduced the Bob Heaton Distinguished Service Award that was presented to Rick Bickhard for his dedication to improving the club’s timing and scoring system. For the past year Rick has set aside his own racing program to dedicate his time and effort to developing a more efficient system for the MRA.

Wyeth Jackson was honored with the MRA Sportsman of the Year Award. Wyeth is a long-standing member of the club and a former member of the board of directors, but her dedication to the club has continued well past her elected term. Wyeth has constantly promoted the MRA’s Super Street program to female riders and has become a role model for many throughout the paddock.

Race of the Rockies GTO and Overall Champion Rob Christman adds a #1 plate to the wall in 2014 after being able to defend his 2013 title. Christman also took home the Formula 40 and Open Superbike championships in 2014. The Race of the Rockies GTU Champion, Shannon Moham was also the annual Clubman Champion for acquiring the most total points across all classes during the 2014 season. In addition to the ROR-U Championship Shannon brought home the first place plaques for Lightweight Grand Prix, Modern Vintage GTU, Supertwins GTU, Solo Endurance Lightweight and Solo Endurance Heavyweight.

Special Awards given during the evening included:

Merle Jensen Memorial Award: Chaplain Paul “Boots” Reimer

Sportsman of the Year – Wyeth Jackson

Bob Heaton Distinguished Service Award – Rick Bickhard

Don E Bruner Memorial Award – Peter Tabor

Rookie of the Year Award – Syrus DeJong

Overall 2014 Season Class Finishes:

MRA Race of the Rockies Overall Championship Top Ten

#1 Rob Christman

#2 Peter Tabor

#3 Dan “Otis” Turner

#4 Ricky Orlando

#5 Aaron Hersh

#6 Shannon Moham

#7 Erik Peat

#8 Geoff Snyder

#9 Rick Grosse

#10 Nik Lenski

Fay Myers Motorcycle World Race of the Rockies GTO 1. Rob Christman, Peter Tabor 3. Dan Turner 4. Ricky Orlando 5. Aaron Hersh 6. Erik Peat

Vickery Motorsports Race of the Rockies GTU 1. Shannon Moham 2. Rick Grosse 3. Nik Lenksi 4. Jon Glaefke 5. David Purcell 6. Louden David

High Plains Raceway Ladies of the Rockies 1. Wyeth Jackson 2. Trina Dawson 3. Rachel Gillie 4. Siobhan Bennett 5. Tiffany Maestas

Moto-Garage and Sol Performance Formula 40 GTO 1. Rob Christman 2. Ricky Orlando 3. Geoffrey Snyder 4. Todd Larson 5. Chris Nami

Moto-Garage and Sol Performance Formula 40 GTU 1. Rick Grosse 2. Eric Becker 3. Wyeth Jackson 4. Jim Wilson 5. Jessie Martinez

Colorado Powersports Open Superbike 1. Rob Christman 2. Dan Turner 3. Peter Tabor 4. Ricky Orlando 5. Aaron Hersh

Alliance Motorsports Heavyweight Superbike 1. Peter Tabor 2. Shannon Moham 3. Rick Grosse 4. Casey Smith 5. Scott Rybarik

ACES Middleweight Superbike 1. Peter Tabor 2. Shannon Moham 3. Evan Cordonier 4. Rick Gross 5. Dennis Stowers

Northern Colorado Euro Open Supersport 1. Peter Tabor 2. Ricky Orlando 3. Chris Nami 4. Carl Sorensen 5. Dennis Stowers

Apex Sports Racing Heavyweight Supersport 1. Peter Tabor 2. Nik Lenski 3. Shannon Moham 4.Rick Grosse 5. Dennis Stowers

Brighton Radiator and Muffler Middleweight Supersport 1. Peter Tabor 2. Nicholas Lenski 3. Shannon Moham 4. Joseph Washburn 5. Ken Yee

Imperial Sportbikes Amateur GTO 1. Todd Larson 2. Evan Cordonier 3. Ken Yee 4. Eric Becker 5. Brad Morris

Vickery Motorsports Amateur GTU 1. Evan Cordonier 2. Syrus DeJong 3. Eric Becker 4. Brian Dobrowolski 5. Ken Yee

Spencer Russell Youth Racing Lightweight Grand Prix 1. Shannon Moham 2. Christopher Weed 3. Jason Madama 4. Randall Adami 5. Matt Galloway

Rocky Mountain Kawasaki 500 Production Cup 1. Jason Madama 2. Blair Harness 3. Tony Baker 4. Jeremy Widmann 5. Chris Fairbanks

Rocky Mountain Kawasaki 400 Production Cup 1. Joe Washburn 2. Brian Jackson 3. Jay Russell 4. Holly Hendrickson 5. Jim Soiland

Rocky Mountain Kawasaki 250 Production Cup 1. David Absolon 2. Rachel Gillie 3. Timmay Young 4. Mike Kionka 5. Mitchel Kibel

Woody’s Wheel Works Colorado Class 1. Christopher Weed 2. Jason Madama 3. Jeff Winter 4. David Absolon 5. Jay Russell

Boulder Motorsports Thunderbike 1. Jon Glaefke 2. Casey Smith 3. Dennis Stowers 4. Eric Becker 5. Tim Meiners

Performance Cycle Supertwins GTO 1. Jon Glaefke 2. Casey Smith 3. Scott Rybarik 4. Jim Brewer 5. Tim Meiners

Factory Trained Auto Repair Supertwins GTU 1. Shannon Moham 2. Christopher Weed 3. Chuck Shettsline 4. Matt Galloway 5. Jeff Winter

Un!nk Printworks Modern Vintage GTO 1. Erik Peat 2. Casey Smith 3. Zach Friley 4. Erik Sipila 5. Luke Miller

The Walnut Room Modern Vintage GTU 1. Shannon Moham 2. Rick Grosse 3. Christopher Weed 4. Chuck Shettesline 5. Luke Miller

Interstate Honda Novice GTO 1. Zach Hill 2. Eric Becker 3. Syrus DeJong 4. John Borst 5. Brian Moore

Law Tigers Novice GTU 1. John Borst 2. Zach Hill 3. Syrus DeJong 4. Andrew Holey 5. Brian Moore

ABATE of Colorado Solo Endurance Open 1. Aaron Hersh 2. Chris Nami 3. Carl Sorensen 4. Todd Larson 5. Rob Christman

Chicane Instruction Solo Endurance Heavyweight 1. Shannon Moham 2. Rick Grosse 3. Dennis Stowers 4. Ken Yee 5. Louden David Solo Endurance Middleweight 1. Rick Grosse 2. Evan Cordonier 3. Eric Becker 4. Brian Dobrowolski 5. Syrus DeJong

Logan Gaimara Colorado Solo Endurance Lightweight 1. Shannon Moham 2. Christopher Weed 3. Randall Adami 4. Timmay! Young 5. David Absolon

Clubman Overall Points Championship 1. Shannon Moham 2. Peter Tabor 3. Rick Grosse 4.Christopher Weed 5.Eric Becker

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