MotoGP: Dorna, FIM, IRTA, & MSMA Celebrate 500th GP Together

MotoGP: Dorna, FIM, IRTA, & MSMA Celebrate 500th GP Together

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#GP500: MotoGP™ celebrates 500 Grands Prix racing together

The collaboration between the FIM, IRTA, MSMA and Dorna reaches an incredible milestone in Texas

Thursday, 07 April 2022

The motorcycle Grand Prix World Championship is the oldest in the world, having begun in 1949. In 1992, the collaboration between the FIM, IRTA, MSMA and Dorna Sports began, ushering in a new era of collaboration and cooperation between all parties – the results of which can be seen every Sunday.

30 years later, as MotoGP™ arrives at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX, there is an incredible milestone to celebrate: 500 Grands Prix of #RacingTogether.

With the FIM, IRTA, the MSMA and Dorna working together, progress has been wide-ranging and comprehensive. The Grand Prix Commission, comprising representatives from the FIM, IRTA, MSMA and Dorna, has been a driving force behind creating the sport we enjoy today. Thanks to the evolution in the technical regulations agreed by all parties, the competition has never been better, with the sport showcasing the most level playing field possible across MotoGP™, Moto2™ and Moto3™.

Dorna Sports’ agreements with event promoters also continue to push the sport forward thanks to partners around the world, with MotoGP™ visiting an incredible range of racetracks and fans able to look forward to a full weekend of action at every Grand Prix, both on track and off. This season marks an additional milestone for MotoGP™ too, with 21 Grands Prix on the calendar seeing the Championship visit a record 17 countries in one season. The future is even brighter as new promoters and countries continue registering their interest in bringing the world’s fastest motorcycle racing Championship to their shores, with the sport having proven itself an economic, sporting and cultural asset to every region in which we race.

On track, one of the most vital advances of the racing together era has been in safety standards, with all parties working together to make the sport as safe as possible. In addition, the television and media coverage of MotoGP™ pushes boundaries year on year, with broadcasts now reaching nearly half a billion homes. The sport’s commercial reach has also grown exponentially, with MotoGP™ now enjoying a presence across every key global market as an ever-increasing portfolio of commercial partnerships prove testament to the sport’s appeal.

Racing together, every party has a voice in the paddock, working together to create the best possible spectacle and the best possible competition – for every stakeholder and every fan.

Jorge Viegas, FIM President: “The FIM is extremely proud to celebrate 500 GPs of the most exciting sport in the world, and we are especially proud of our partners: Dorna, IRTA and MSMA and obviously not forgetting our National Federations too. We have achieved this success story because we really work together as a very united family. But the important thing is that we continue to work for the riders, as they remain the real stars of the show!”

Herve Poncharal, IRTA President: “The main focus and purpose for IRTA has always been the safety of the riders. Clearly, since we started to work in the new era and now we’re celebrating 500 GPs of racing together, clearly we have established a much more positive atmosphere, and we’ve been listening to each other much more. Most importantly, the decisions regarding the sport, be it calendar, technical rules, circuits, are now discussed in the GPC with a representative from FIM, IRTA, the MSMA and Dorna.

“Now, the big decisions regarding the sport are decided unanimously. The four main bodies are like one, with the same goals and visions and targets for the sport. All the main actors work together and target the same, listening and understanding each other. If the sport is a success, every party wins.”

Stefan Pierer, MSMA Chairman: “It is amazing to think that MotoGP has now reached this notable milestone. The innovations and the improvements through this journey so far has only been possible thanks to the work and the vision of the collective group. We cannot forget how fantastic and well received MotoGP is around the world now. It is more popular than ever. Through the MSMA we have the same unity and ambitions and with Dorna Sports, the FIM and IRTA we can piece the puzzle together and keep growing and keep entertaining. The manufacturers all race to win but there is a strong feeling that the millions that follow and enjoy MotoGP are also ‘winning’. We look forward to the next 500.”

Carmelo Ezpeleta, Dorna CEO: “Congratulations to all the people who’ve made it possible to reach this milestone between the FIM, IRTA, MSMA and Dorna. We started in 1992, and it seems like yesterday but the 500 Grands Prix since have been fantastic and I’ve been very lucky to be present at all of them. It’s an incredible achievement, everyone has grown the sport together. The Championship now is much, much better and we’re extremely proud to celebrate 500 Grands Prix.

“The best achievement, in my opinion, has been the improvements in safety. When we began working with IRTA we were looking to try to make the Championship safer, and it’s never enough but we had that as the main goal. The second is to really give MotoGP the chance to expand around the world, which is an important achievement. And then of course, in the last few years, with MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3, now everyone has the chance to race with the same conditions, creating incredible competition in all the classes.”


During the 500 Grands Prix of this era, there have been 30 complete seasons of competition across six solo motorcycle classes as the 500cc, 250cc and 125cc categories became MotoGP™ (2002), Moto2™ (2010) and Moto3™ (2012). The sport has visited 23 countries, racing at 45 different circuits, and 55 riders from 12 countries have won at least one World Championship. There have been 28 lightweight class Champions, 24 intermediate class Champions and 12 premier class Champions.

Recently retired MotoGP™ Legend Valentino Rossi leads the way with nine Championships in the modern era; one 125cc crown, one 250cc title, the final 500cc Championship and then six MotoGP™ titles. The Italian is followed closely by Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda Team) with eight; one 125cc, one Moto2™ and six MotoGP™.

Mick Doohan’s stunning run of five premier class crowns in a row from 1994 to 1998 makes him the most decorated 500cc Champion of the era and one of the riders with third most titles, equal with Jorge Lorenzo on five. The Spanish soon-to-be MotoGP™ Legend has two 250cc crowns and three MotoGP™ World Championships.

Casey Stoner and Valentino Rossi are the only two riders to have won premier class titles with two different factories during the era.

What is the Grand Prix Commission?

The Grand Prix Commission is the driving force behind MotoGP™. Comprising representatives from the FIM, IRTA, MSMA and Dorna, the GPC takes the decisions that steer the sport, as well as deciding on and enacting changes to the technical and sporting regulations.

The technical and sporting regulations in place today have played a pivotal role in creating the high level of competition, safety and sporting excellence on show in the FIM MotoGP™ World Championship every weekend.

What is the FIM?

The FIM is the Federation International de Motocyclisme, or international motorcycle federation. The FIM is the governing body for MotoGP™. The FIM is global and was founded in 1904, since growing to encompass 248 Championships, 116 Federations and 14 Commissions. It is headquartered in Switzerland and is recognised by the IOC as the sole competent authority in motorcycle sport.

In MotoGP™, the most public role of the FIM concerns the rules and regulations. The FIM publishes the sporting and technical regulations. Changes to the regulations are decided by the Grand Prix commission, which comprises representatives from the FIM, IRTA, MSMA and Dorna, and then the FIM publishes the changes.

One of the most visible parts of the FIM at each MotoGP™ event is the FIM MotoGP Stewards and Appeal Stewards. The Stewards are in charge of sanctioning any riders, teams or members of the paddock who fail to follow the rules and regulations. The FIM is also responsible for homologation.

What is IRTA?

Founded in 1986, IRTA is the International Road Racing Teams Association and comprises all teams participating in the Championship.

IRTA exists to advocate for and represent its members in any decision making within the sport and paddock. This means IRTA also has a representative on the Grand Prix Commission, which proposes and approves changes to the technical and sporting regulations of MotoGP™.

One of IRTA and Dorna’s collaborations is in increasing sporting and financial support for participants in the paddock, working towards greater parity in competition and a level playing field. The role of IRTA also extends to paddock distribution, ensuring the paddock is an efficient space for all those who work within it.

What is the MSMA?

The MSMA is the Motorcycle Sports Manufacturers Association. It represents the manufacturers in the paddock, and, like the FIM, IRTA and Dorna, has a representative on the Grand Prix Commission.

Given it is the association of manufacturers, the MSMA have key input into the technical regulations, providing vital technical feedback to the GPC. The MSMA also plays a vital role in the sport’s evolution, such as MotoGP™’s move towards sustainable fuel.

What is Dorna?

Dorna Sports is the exclusive commercial and TV rights holder for the leading motorcycle racing championships on the planet, including MotoGP™.

Founded in 1988, Dorna became organiser of the Championship now known as MotoGP™ in 1991 and has been the exclusive commercial and television rights holder since. Based in Madrid, Spain, with premises in Barcelona and a subsidiary in Rome, Dorna organises the Grands Prix and has a 360 approach to events, from making agreements with the circuit and event promoters that host each Grand Prix to broadcasting the World Feed coverage of each session and race.

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