MotoGP Analysis: Racers Under Pressure, In The May Issue

MotoGP Analysis: Racers Under Pressure, In The May Issue

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Featured In the May 2021 issue of Roadracing World:    

        MotoGP is closer than ever and passing is more difficult than ever, so race weekends have never been more complicated for riders and engineers.

        Not so long ago Friday and Saturday of a MotoGP race weekend were all about working on race pace. Obviously race pace is still the big deal, but the racing is now so close that if you qualify or start badly you end up deep in the pack at the first corner, and may never be able to catch up to the lead group.

        Qualifying is now so important that the process starts before qualifying…

          —MotoGP Analysis: Racers Under Pressure, by MotoGP Editor Mat Oxley.


            Most MotoGP races are now often won by a few meters, so it’s never been more important to qualify and start well. Riders tell you that a qualifying lap is like losing one of their lives! This is how they do it, MotoGP Editor Mat Oxley reveals in the latest issue of Roadracing World!

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