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Nov 25, 2018

MotoE World Cup: Mike Di Meglio Tops Rain-Affected Final Day, Bradley Smith Fastest Overall At Jerez Test

Bradley Smith (38). Photo courtesy of Dorna.

FIM Enel MotoE World Cup Test

Jerez, Spain

November 25, 2018

Day Three Results (wet conditions, all using Energica Ego Corsa electric motorcycles and Michelin tires):

1. Mike Di Meglio, France, 1:52.160

2. Bradley Smith, UK, 1:52.272

3. Eric Granado, Brazil, 1:52.439

4. Randy De Puniet, France, 1:52.855

5. Josh Hook, Australia, 1:53.333

6. Lorenzo Savadori, Italy,1:53.968

7. Kenny Foray, France, 1:54.163

8. Marvin Fritz, Germany, 1:54.495

9. Sete Gibernau, Spain, 1:55.283

10. Nicolas Terol, Spain, 1:55.369

11. Niccolo Canepa, Italy, 1:55.576

12. Julian Miralles, Spain, 1:58.795

13. Niki Tuuli, Finland, 1:59.117

14. Matteo Ferrari, Italy, 1:59.153

15. Alex De Angelis, San Marino, 2:00.912

16. Matteo Casadei, Italy, 2:06.176

17. Maria Herrera, Spain, 2:06.860

18. Jesko Raffin, Switzerland, no time recorded

19. Luca Vitali, Italy, no time recorded

Overall Test Results (all using Energica Ego Corsa electric motorcycles and Michelin tires):

1. Bradley Smith, UK, 1:50.265

2. Niki Tuuli, Finland, 1:50.627

3. Mike Di Meglio, France, 1:50.741

4. Matteo Casadei, Italy, 1:50.885

5. Matteo Ferrari, Italy, 1:51.648

6. Eric Granado, Brazil, 1:51.842

7. Kenny Foray, France, 1:51.853

8. Randy De Puniet, France, 1:51.906

9. Josh Hook, Australia, 1:52.281

10. Niccolo Canepa, Italy, 1:52.375

11. Alex De Angelis, San Marino, 1:52.403

12. Jesko Raffin, Switzerland, 1:52.675

13. Lorenzo Savadori, Italy, 1:52.689

14. Sete Gibernau, Spain, 1:52.817

15. Julian Miralles, Spain, 1:52.945

16. Marvin Fritz, Germany, 1:53.355

17. Nicolas Terol, Spain, 1:53.834

18. Maria Herrera, Spain, 2:00.562

19. Luca Vitali, Italy, 2:06.560

More, from a press release issued by Alma Pramac Racing:

Jerez Test FIM Enel MotoE™ - Day 3

#JerezTest D3. After three days of testing, the #MotoE will be back in March. Positive feelings for Josh and Alex.

The first testing days in the history of #MotoE ended today at Jerez. On the third day of activity, Josh Hook and Alex De Angelis have been lapping in wet conditions with the other 16 riders who will be participating in the 2019 #MotoE season. It was a useful test to begin to understand the Energica Ego Corsa as Alma Pramac Racing - as well as the other Independent Team of MotoGP - had only one bike available for both riders. In the mid-March tests, however, Josh and Alex will have 2 machines at their disposal.

Josh Hook

"It's been a very interesting day. The bike surprised me with its ease of riding even though there are many aspects that we will have to work on. Having only one bike was not the ideal condition but from the next tests we will be able to start working on the setup".

Alex De Angelis

"The feelings are positive even if, especially in my case, the weather has not given me a hand. Basically, I was able to ride in “almost” dry conditions in just one session and I enjoyed it. I can't wait to get back on track in March to have all the sessions at disposal and start working with the team.

More, from a press release issued by Tech 3 Racing:

Foray completes electrifying first test in Jerez

Tech3 E-Racing together with Kenny Foray experienced a first ever MotoE outing at the Circuito de Jerez, which came to an end today after 69 laps and many lessons learned in the course of this weekend. Thereby, the French rider went out on a completely wet track for the first time today and developed an initial feeling with the Michelin rain tyres aboard his brand-new Energica bike. He concluded the day after 20 timed laps in seventh and the test overall with a fastest time of 1’51.883 in P7.

Kenny Foray

Position: 7th – Time: 1’54.163 – Laps: 30

“One more time today we had a lot of rain, so the first session was a bit difficult, because Id didn’t know the Michelin on the wet, but the grip was fantastic. For the second session, it was even better because it’s easy to push on the wet with a tyre like this and also the track offered a lot of grip. The last session was difficult, as there were many patches on track, plus we decided to try many things with the bike. I think we found a good solution, but now we have to wait until March for the next test to confirm it.”

Hervé Poncharal

Team Manager

“It was a very exciting three days’ test for Tech3 E-Racing. We were feeling like the pioneers of a new era. This bike is so different to everything we’ve been used to and honestly, we didn’t know what to expect as a team, our riders and the whole grid. After a few laps, everybody had a big smile on their face, no matter the conditions; every rider was very pleasantly surprised about how the bike behaved. This is a proper racing bike and I think Energica, Enel, Dorna – the MotoE team lead by Nicolas Goubert – did a great, great job and I would like to thank all of them. We enjoyed a trouble free three days of test, the riders were having fun on their bikes and it’s fun to watch. The corner speed, they can carry is unbelievable. The riders were happy about how the bike behaved, because even though it’s heavy, it didn’t feel heavy, the grip was amazing and the corner speed is closer to a Moto3 than a MotoGP bike. It’s a new way of riding, but young riders like Eric Granado, experienced riders like Sete Gibernau, Endurance riders, Moto2 and MotoGP riders, everybody who was there had great fun. I believe this is going to be much more exciting and interesting than what most of the people think. We are glad and proud to be part of it. This is the very beginning, but the level is already quite high and good enough to deliver exciting racing. I wish good luck to Energica and everybody involved in that project and I’m quite sure that the next test here in Jerez the bike will be eve more competitive and the riders will be quicker. We just can’t wait to be back on track with the MotoE!”

More, from a press release issued by Angel Nieto Team:


Nico Terol and María Herrera complete first test with electric motorcycle with which they will compete in the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup

The MotoE class riders have completed a first test with the new Energica bikes with which they will compete in 2019. On Sunday, the track conditions did not allow them to improve upon their times from Saturday. Mike di Meglio concluded the last day of the test as the fastest rider at the Circuito Jerez - Ángel Nieto, with a 1:52.160 lap. Behind him, Bradley Smith, Eric Granado and Randy de Puniet were less than a second slower. Smith was the fastest on the combined timesheet for the three days.

The Ángel Nieto Team had a positive debut in the MotoE class. Nico Terol finished the test with a tenth position on Sunday, less than a second off the top spot in the wet first session of the day. In mixed conditions, he was unable to find the same feeling. Teammate María Herrera completed the last day of testing with a 2:06.860 best time in rainy conditions. The Spanish rider, who put in a dozen laps today, has found areas for improvement ahead of the next test for the MotoE class, when will take place at Jerez in March 2019.

10th Nico Terol 1:55.369 (21 laps): "In the morning we finished a second off the top in the wet, with a good feeling. When the track was only half wet, we did not go as expected, because we couldn’t give our all. The good thing is that we are going to continue working non-stop this winter to get ready for the next test. "

17th María Herrera 2:06.860 (10 laps): "On this last day of testing before the winter break I had a better feeling than yesterday, but we have seen that there are things we will need to adapt, such as the handlebars and footrests, to feel more comfortable. We haven’t managed that yet. In March, when we return here, we will have the bike to our liking."

More, from a press release issued by Gresini Racing:


The first test and first good results for Matteo Ferrari and Lorenzo Savadori, both busy this weekend in a three-day test at Jerez de la Frontera.

The riders of the Trentino Gresini MotoE Team had a few sessions available with a dry track (practically only on Saturday morning), but it was still an important test in which it was essential to get kilometers under the belt on a bike that is decidedly different from those which they were accustomed to.

Matteo Ferrari finished with the 5th best time of the test (1'51.648s), while Lorenzo Savadori, who practically did not ride on a dry track, took the opportunity to work with the Michelin in the wet, still finding a good 1'52.689 on day1 (half dry).

The next test will again be at Jerez de la Frontera after the winter break (12-14 March).


"I didn´t spend much time on the track, practically only the Saturday morning session on the real dry track that counts. I immediately had a good feeling with the bike and considering that the others had spent more time on Friday, my fifth session time gives me hope. The bike takes a lot of adapting to, you have to slide a lot and avoid important braking, as the bike is very heavy. I have to say that I like the tires and the bike, both on dry and wet condition".


"I have to admit that I haven´t had the chance to spend much time on the bike. However, the test I can say was definitely positive, it was important for me to understand what kind of motion the bike has, and how it should be guided. In the end I managed to spend more time today in the rain yesterday and Friday, and it was the first time I had tried the Michelin tires in these conditions. Surely, it is an important and stimulating adventure and I cannot wait to get back on the bike again".

More, from a press release issued by ONE Energy Racing:

Bradley Smith dominates opening test for MotoE World Cup

ONE Energy Racing rider finishes three-day test in Jerez top of the timesheets, making great progress with the new generation of electric bikes.

The ONE Energy Racing team and Bradley Smith made a brilliant start to their new adventure in the MotoE World Cup. In three days of testing at the Jerez Circuit - Angel Nieto, the British rider was a constant presence at the top of the timesheets, eventually going fastest in the electric class' first ever test.

The rainy conditions meant that several sessions were held in the wet. Smith finished yesterday as the fastest rider with a 1:50.265 lap, a time that kept him quickest overall today. On Sunday he had three more sessions, held on a track that dried up during the day. He finished second with a 1:52.272 from 29 laps.

After this exciting debut in the world of electric bikes, ONE Energy Racing and Bradley Smith will return to action in 2019, with another test on March 12-14 in Jerez.

Johan Stigefelt - Team Director

“It has been three very interesting days with the MotoE bike. It's a completely different world from the one we're used to, but Bradley's comments are very positive and he's very surprised at how well the bike is handling; It is very nice to see him with a big smile on his face. The bike has a lot of room for us to continue working on it and make it even better. What we have done is try to make it easy for him to ride the bike and see how far it takes us. It's good for us to have topped these tests and I think we have a great MotoE season ahead with Bradley. It will be a tough and close class, where small details will make a difference, but we can't wait to start!”

#38 Bradley Smith

“I'm very happy with the work we've done today. We set a fast lap in the morning session, and I've felt better and better with the bike. In the afternoon we had mixed conditions on track, and it was good to have references for mapping and try out different setups to see what else we can work on for next March. In the last session there were a lot of puddles; we went out with slicks and were very competitive again. I'm very satisfied with this first test, as we have always been among the fastest riders and we have more and more knowledge about the bike. We know which direction to take and what to do to improve. I really enjoyed myself with my new team, and I'm looking forward to coming back to Jerez in March!”

More, from a press release issued by LCR E-Team:


After many years of successes across the classes in the MotoGP World Championships, LCR embarks on a new adventure in 2019, with the creation of the LCR E-Team, which will take part in the inaugural MotoE World Cup. The squad lines up former MotoGP stars Randy de Puniet and Niccolò Canepa, and the popular duo got their first taste of their new Energica Ego Corsa machinery at the Jerez circuit in Spain this weekend and both were impressed with the brand new machine – one which neither has had previous experience of.

The MotoE World Cup takes place at five MotoGP events in 2019, with 18 riders doing battle on identical machinery. They will get another chance to test at Jerez in March and April, before the season begins alongside the MotoGP race at the legendary Spanish venue in May.

Lucio Cecchinello (LCR E-Team Principal): “I am completely satisfied with how this first test with the MotoE bike has gone. Our riders Randy and Niccolò have performed extremely well in the circumstances, and were always towards the top of the timesheets across the sessions. Unfortunately, the weather conditions weren’t great for us, and the track was never completely dry which meant they couldn’t push the bike to its limit”.

“Everybody is very impressed by the motorcycle, the technology and the performance levels. We now look forward to the next test in March and we will do our best to be prepared for an exciting season in MotoE.”

Randy De Puniet

“The first test with the MotoE bike was really interesting, although we have been a little unlucky with the weather. There wasn’t too much time on track, and for the teams with two riders like us, the organizers provided only one bike available to share for this first test session. That meant we had to change things around a lot and we got less time than the teams with only one rider”.

“Despite this, the feeling was good, and the pace was also good. We are confident, and given that this was the first time with the team the atmosphere was great. My team-mate is cool so I think we can do good things next year!”

“There are still two more tests before the first race next year. We have time to improve, and by then we will have one bike each which will make working easier and allow us to improve our lap times. As things stand, it’s already good.”

Niccolò Canepa

“I’m really happy with these first days of testing and the first contact with the MotoE bike and the LCR E-Team. It was a fantastic experience, despite the unfortunate weather and the fact that Randy and I had to share a bike. We enjoyed ourselves and first impressions were positive. We were quite quick throughout and got to find out a lot about the bike, and we’re still not getting 100 percent out of it so we will have to work hard in the other two winter tests to adapt it to my riding style”.

“I’m sure the championship will be entertaining and we will be able to fight for the top positions. Thanks to the LCR E-Team team and their crew who have done some excellent work this week. I can’t wait to get together again for the next test!” 

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