MotoAmerica Twins Cup: Curtis Murray On Provisional Pole At Road Atlanta (Revised With DQ’s)

MotoAmerica Twins Cup: Curtis Murray On Provisional Pole At Road Atlanta (Revised With DQ’s)

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Suzuki Championship At Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta

MotoAmerica AMA/FIM North American Road Racing Series

Road Atlanta

Braselton, Georgia

April 5, 2019

Twins Cup Qualifying Session One Results (wet conditions, all on Dunlop tires):

1. Curtis Murray (Suz SV650), 1:43.930

2. Chris Parrish (Suz SV650), 1:44.283

3. Joseph Blasius (Suz SV650).1:45.750

4. Alex Dumas (Suz SV650), 1:46.200

5. Chris Bays (Suz SV650), 1:46.350

6. Justin Filice (Yam FZ-07/MT-07), 1:47.278

7. Michael Barnes (Duc Monster 797), 1:48.098

8. Daniel Adams (Suz SV650), 1:48.531

9. Tyler Freeman (Suz SV650), 1:49.030

10. Ned Brown (Suz SV650), 1:49.405

11. Greg Reisinger (Suz SV650), 1:49.730

12. Gillis Glidewell (Suz SV650), 1:50.013

13. Austin Phillips (Yam FZ-07/MT-07), 1:50.081

14. Jeffrey Tigert (Suz SV650), 1:50.709

15. Jerry Reeves (Suz SV650), 1:51.052

16. Jason Madama (Yam FZ-07/MT-07), 1:51.830

17. Dustin Walbon (Suz SV650), 1:51.862

18. Randall Smith (Suz SV650), 1:52.012

19. Jonathan Pellnitz (Suz SV650), 1:52.719

20. Kris Lillegard (Yam FZ-07/MT-07), 1:52.806

21. Shawn Adams (Suz SV650), 1:53.318

22. Robert Cichielo, Jr. (Suz SV650), 1:53.552

23. Austin Miller (Suz SV650), 1:53.782

24. Jon Crawford (Suz SV650), 1:55.085

25. Steven Smith (Suz SV650), 1:55.314

26. Carl Price (Yam FZ-07/MT-07), 1:55.793

27. Jim Whitten (Yam FZ-07/MT-07), 1:57.044

28. Gino Angella (Suz SV650), 1:57.641

29. William Coats (Suz SV650), 1:59.511

DQ. Kris Turner (Suz SV650), 1:45.008*

DQ. Ray Hofman (Suz SV650), 1:46.956*

DQ. Joshua Thomas (Suz SV650), 1:48.058*

DQ. Robert Fisher (Yam FZ-07/MT-07), 1:48.415*

DQ. Clifton Ramsdell (Suz SV650), 1:53.859*

*times disallowed, non-approved equipment fitted

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