MotoAmerica: Supersport Race Two Results From Barber Motorsports Park

MotoAmerica: Supersport Race Two Results From Barber Motorsports Park

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MotoAmerica Supersport Race Two came to a controversial end Sunday at Barber Motorsports Park.

After clinching the 2019 Championship with a win in Race One on Saturday, Bobby Fong had a commanding five-second lead on lap 16 of 19 in Race Two when he crashed his M4 ECSTAR Suzuki GSX-R600 in Turn Seven.

The crash put dirt and debris on the course, which resulted in officials stopping the race with a red flag.

Officials also decided to call the race complete with scoring reverted back to lap 14.

Richie Escalante celebrated as the winner on the podium with runner-up PJ Jacobsen and Fong’s teammate Sean Dylan Kelly in third place.

After the podium celebration and post-race press conference, however, MotoAmerica officials declared Fong the winner of Race Two according to FIM rules.

According to the FIM rules that MotoAmerica races under, unsafe track conditions cause red flags, not riders who have crashed or had a mechanical problem.

And at the time of a red flag, all riders who are actively competing are included in the result.

When the red flag came out, Fong had already remounted his motorcycle and rode away from the crash scene to continue in the race.

The FIM Regulation covering this situation is 1.28 Finish Of A Race And Race Results.

This resulted in 2 Wheel Legal/Hudson Motorcycles Yamaha’s Escalante being scored in second and Celtic HSBK Racing Yamaha’s Jacobsen scored in third.

MotoAmerica never produced printed results showing Escalante as the winner of Race Two.



MotoAmerica Championship Of Alabama

MotoAmerica AMA/FIM North American Road Racing Series

Barber Motorsports Park

Birmingham, Alabama

September 22, 2019

Supersport Race Two Results (All On Dunlop Tires):

  1. Bobby Fong (Suz GSX-R600), 15 laps, Total Race Time 20:27:149, 1:27.055
  2. Richie Escalante (Yam YZF-R6), -4.234 seconds, 1:27.217
  3. PJ Jacobsen (Yam YZF-R6), -5.713, 1:27.407
  4. Sean Dylan Kelly (Suz GSX-R600), -6.006, 1:27.397
  5. Nick McFadden (Yam YZF-R6), -21.162, 1:28.355
  6. Hayden Gillim (Yam YZF-R6), -21.620, 1:28.206
  7. Jason Aguilar (Yam YZF-R6), -22.698. 1:28.038
  8. Lucas Silva (Suz GSX-R600), -48.712, 1:29.841
  9. Nolan Lamkin (Yam YZF-R6), -51.402, 1:30.033
  10. Jaret Nassaney (Suz GSX-R600), -51.732, 1:29.923
  11. Christian Miranda (Yam YZF-R6), -53.443, 1:30.077
  12. Alejandro Thermiotis (Yam YZF-R6), -65.563, 1:30.946
  13. Chuck Ivey (Yam YZF-R6), -66.312, 1:31.122
  14. Andrew Lamoureux (Tri Daytona 675), -83.669, 1:32.064
  15. Bruno Silva (Suz GSX-R600), -83.993, 1:32.238
  16. Braeden Ortt (Yam YZF-R6), -1 lap, crash, 1:28.140
  17. Jeremy Simmons (Yam YZF-R6), -1 lap, 1:31.870
  18. Fernando Silva (Suz GSX-R600), -1 lap, 1:31.757
  19. Garrett O’Brien (Yam YZF-R6), -1 lap, 1:32.390
  20. Caleb Odom (Yam YZF-R6), -1 lap, crash, 1:30.674
  21. Cory Ventura (Yam YZF-R6), DNF, crash, 1:28.055
  22. Max Angles (Yam YZF-R6), DNF, crash, 1:29.692
  23. Bryce Prince (Yam YZF-R6), DNF, crash, 1:27.712
  24. Aaron Graham (Yam YZF-R6), DNF, 1:33.606
  25. Robert Pierce (Yam YZF-R6), DNS
  26. Tony Blackall (Yam YZF-R6), DNS
  27. Xavier Zayat (Yam YZF-R6), DNS


Championship Point Standings (after 17 of 17 races):

  1. Fong, 310 points
  2. Jacobsen, 275
  3. Gillim, 248
  4. Kelly, 215
  5. Escalante, 212
  6. Prince, 161
  7. McFadden, 142
  8. Aguilar, 127
  9. Josh Hayes, 116
  10. Ortt, 90

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