MotoAmerica: Landers On Twins Cup Provisional Pole In Wisconsin

MotoAmerica: Landers On Twins Cup Provisional Pole In Wisconsin

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MotoAmerica Superbikes at Road America

MotoAmerica AMA/FIM North American Road Racing Series

Road America

Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

May 29, 2020

Twins Cup Qualifying Session One Results (all on Dunlop tires):

  1. Rocco Landers (Suz SV650), 2:31.283
  2. Jackson Blackmon (Suz SV650), 2:31.700
  3. Jason Madama (Yam MT-07), 2:32.317
  4. Kaleb De Keyrel (Yam MT-07), 2:33.207
  5. Toby Khamsouk (Suz SV650), 2:33.236
  6. Hayden Schultz (Yam MT-07), 2:34.221
  7. Chris Parrish (Yam MT-07), 2:35.014
  8. Kris Lillegard (Yam MT-07), 2:35.240
  9. Trevor Standish (Suz SV650), 2:35.501
  10. Daniel Adams (Suz SV650), 2:35.830
  11. Cooper McDonald (Yam MT-07), 2:36.061
  12. Teagg Hobbs (Suz SV650), 2:38.739
  13. Shawn Adams (Suz SV650), 2:40.094
  14. Dr. Carl Price (Suz SV650), 2:42.026
  15. Shawn Hill (Yam MT-07), 2:42.076
  16. Austin Miller (Suz SV650), 2:42.267
  17. Ray Hofman (Suz SV650), 2:43.106
  18. Anthony Marcinek (Yam MT-07), 2:43.269
  19. Ryne Snooks (Suz SV650), 2:43.947
  20. Paul Hopkins (Suz SV650), 2:45.335
  21. Sam Wiest (Suz SV650), 2:45.695
  22. Rodney Vest (Suz SV650), 2:45.952
  23. Steven Smith (Suz SV650), 2:46.232
  24. Robert Cichielo, Jr. (Suz SV650), 2:47.083
  25. Gino Angella (Yam MT-07), 2:47.517
  26. Randy Mahr (Suz SV650), 3:00.004
  27. Eric Nygard (Suz SV650), 3:03.801
  28. Mitch Stein (Suz SV650), 3:04.002
  29. Darren James (Yam MT-07), no time recorded

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