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Feb 6, 2007

Keith Code And California Superbike School Take On A Really Young Gun

Misti Hurst coaches Peter Lenz on the starting gird. Note purse full of teaching supplies.
Keith Code's California Superbike School to Coach Young Gun Peter Lenz for 2007

Peter Lenz is 52.5 inches tall, weighs 60 lbs and in 2006 the young road racer from Vancouver, Washington won over 40 races and 9 championship titles across 4 countries.

Lenz began riding at the age of five on a PW 50 and began racing shortly after, starting with pocketbikes and then moving to Mini GP and Mini Motard.

His accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. For 2007 Lenz will ride for the Metrakit Canada Factory race team in the Canadian National Mini Roadracing Series aboard a Metrakit 50 and a Metrakit XL 80.

Over the past three years Peter has been receiving personal attention from Keith Code and California Superbike School staff coaches to improve his riding and racing skills. This will continue throughout 2007.

"Keith Code is a really good guy, he has helped a lot of people tune up their skills and win races and be a better person," says Lenz. "I think CSS has helped me in a lot of ways, like getting my butt on the middle of the seat and using the two-step process. There was this one drill that we had to roll the throttle on through the whole corner and it was pretty scary at first but then when you had a good line you were good to go and it was not scary! This is a lot of what CSS has taught me, and also a lot more."

Keith Code and CSS coaches Jason Paden, Misti Hurst and Paul Molinari provided several sessions of personal coaching to the young rider over the last few years. Lenz was drilled and worked on specific techniques taken directly from the standard California Superbike School curriculum. The schools step-by- step approach to rider improvement, used in all four levels of their training, were practiced by Lenz and perfected, with great results.

"I learned an enormous amount from coaching Peter and his teammate Bennie Taylor," says Code. "Chief among them was the simple truth that good techniques, that are flawlessly applied, build a solid foundation under any rider, young or old. What I was most surprised about was this: The single digit age bracket isn't immune to the identical problems that adults battle with. That was a big lesson. The rider is smaller, everything else is the same."

During the last race of 2006 Peter rode a new bike, a Pro-Circuit KTM 65SX Motard/ Road racer just one week after spending an entire day working with Canadian Road Racer and school coach Misti Hurst and set a scorching time of 48.5 seconds, setting a new class record!

"Misti helped me go faster through the corners," explained young Lenz after the race. "I like working with Misti because she had a different style of teaching and she made understanding things easy. She was a great coach. I'm looking forward to having her and Keith coaching me in 2007. I feel like I've known Misti a long time, she supports me when I have a race by calling me and going over our drills, and I usually win. I think Misti and Keith have had a lot to do with my riding, along with my dad. They built up my riding skills so I could go fast. Instead of me crashing and learning it the hard way I had Misti and Keith to help me learn it the easy way!"

For more information on Peter Lenz please visit and for information on the California Superbike School visit or call the office toll-free at 1-800-530-3350.
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