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May 29, 2005

Jeff Wood Takes Three Pole Positions, Breaks Track Record During F-USA Qualifying Sunday At Summit Point

Jeff Wood (9) Photo by David Swarts
Arclight Suzuki's Jeff Wood took three pole positions, set two new class lap records and broke the overall track record during Formula USA qualifying Sunday at Summit Point Raceway, in West Virginia.

Riding his GSX-R600 shod with DOT-labeled Dunlop Sportmax GP tires, Wood took the Sportbike (600cc) pole position with a new class lap record of 1:14.814. Riding the same bike fitted with 16.5-inch wheels and Dunlop slicks, which upset his set-up slightly, Wood took the Superbike (600cc) pole position with 1:14.930.

Wood saved his best for last, however, in the 15-minute Formula Sportbike (750cc) qualifying session. Riding his GSX-R750, Wood turned a lap at 1:14.317, which not only secured pole position for Monday's race, but also broke Robert Jensen's overall track record time of 1:14.401, set on a Yamaha YZF-R1 during a WERA National Challenge event in 2004.

"I'm happy we got the lap record," said Wood, whose on-board lap timer showed an even quicker lap time. "We've got the right spot to start the races from. Hopefully, we can get some holeshots, put some steady laps in and win tomorrow."

Wood currently leads the F-USA Sportbike, Superbike and Formula Sportbike Championship point standings after two rounds.

In addition to earning front-row starts in Sportbike, Superbike and Formula Sportbike, Jensen took pole position for the Unlimited Grand Prix while using well-worn DOT-labeled Michelins on his Suzuki GSX-R750.

Harding Harley-Davidson/Buell's Dave Estok topped Thunderbike qualifying with a lap of 1:19.460 on his Pirelli-equipped XB12R.

Formula USA Qualifying Results:

Sportbike (600cc):
1. Jeff Wood (Suz GSX-R600), 1:14.814; 2. Robert Jensen (Yam YZF-R6), 1:15.202; 3. Michael Himmelsbach (Yam YZF-R6), 1:16.075; 4. Scott Greenwood (Kaw ZX-6R), 1:16.179; 5. Scott Harwell (Suz GSX-R600), 1:16.298; 6. Adam Dolney (Yam YZF-R6), 1:16.694; 7. Hector Jimenez (Yam YZF-R6), 1:17.218; 8. Ryan Elleby (Suz GSX-R600), 1:17.341; 9. Trey Yonce (Yam YZF-R6), 1:18.510; 10. Chad Klock (Hon CBR600), 1:18.678.

Superbike (600cc):
1. Jeff Wood (Suz GSX-R600), 1:14.930; 2. Michael Himmelsbach (Yam YZF-R6), 1:15.703; 3. Robert Jensen (Yam YZF-R6), 1:15.113; 4. Scott Greenwood (Kaw ZX-6R), 1:16.241; 5. Scott Harwell (Suz GSX-R600), 1:16.507; 6. Adam Dolney (Yam YZF-R6), 1:16.727; 7. Donny Kelley (Suz GSX-R600), 1:18.028; 8. Tim Bemisderfer (Hon CBR600RR), 1:18.508; 9. Hector Jimenez (Yam YZF-R6), 1:18.832; 10. Chris Rockwell (Yam YZF-R6), 1:19.243.

Formula Sportbike (750cc):
1. Jeff Wood (Suz GSX-R750), 1:14.317; 2. Scott Harwell (Suz GSX-R750), 1:14.778; 3. Robert Jensen (Suz GSX-R600), 1:15.657; 4. Ryan Elleby (Suz GSX-R750), 1:15.785; 5. Jesse Janisch (Suz GSX-R750), 1:15.860; 6. Joseph Spina (Suz GSX-R750), 1:16.075; 7. Brian Stokes (Suz GSX-R750), 1:16.150; 8. Michael Garofalo (Suz GSX-R750), 1:17.069; 9. Hector Jimenez (Yam YZF-R6), 1:17.153; 10. Brandon Parrish (Suz GSX-R750), 1:17.674.

1.Dave Estok (Buell XB12R), 1:19.470; 2. David Yaakov (Suz SV650), 1:19.770; 3. Clint Brotz (Buell XB12R), 1:19.907; 4. Bryan Bemisderfer (Buell XB12R), 1:19.978; 5. Edward Repkoe (Suz SV650), 1:21.455; 6. Walt Sipp (Buell XB12R), 1:21.464; 7. Randy Rega (Buell XB12R), 1:21.469; 8. Nate Kern (BMW), 1:21.629; 9. Dan Bilansky (Buell XB12R), 1:21.642; 10. Sam Rozynski (Buell XB12R), 1:22.118.

Unlimited Grand Prix:
1. Robert Jensen (Suz GSX-R750), 1:15.842; 2. Brian Stokes (Suz GSX-R750), 1:16.113; 3. Ryan Gordon (Suz GSX-R750), 1:16.582; 4. Michael Garofalo (Suz GSX-R750), 1:16.673; 5. Tim Bemisderfer (Hon CBR1000RR), 1:16.870; 6. Jesse Janisch (Suz GSX-R750), 1:17.024; 7. David Loikits (Suz GSX-R1000), 1:17.865; 8. Michael Swank (Yam YZF-R1), 1:19.073; 9. Joseph Riberio (Suz GSX-R750), 1:19.728; 10. Jonathan Lawrence (Yam YZF-R6), 1:20.260.
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