Historic Racing: Between The Hedges, In The December Issue

Historic Racing: Between The Hedges, In The December Issue

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Featured In the December 2023 issue of Roadracing World:


        The article titled ‘The Way It Was’ in last year’s December issue concluded with mention of ‘real’ road racing on public roads. This two-part article will cover the 1970s experiences I had at such an event and how it compared to the same event in 2017. 

        By the early 1970s I was working as a designer at Norton in Wolverhampton, England and competing in club and occasional National races. Unlike some, natural road race talent was not part of my DNA but with persistence and careful machine preparation my results improved. 

        Like most sports, as your performance improves you get noticed by those who are also climbing the ladder. What many of us had in common was competing on closed road circuits in Ireland and on the Isle of Man. As a young motorcycle racing nut, I had first visited the Isle of Man in 1969 to help out a couple of friends competing in the Manx Grand Prix, an amateur race held on the TT circuit in August. Like the TT, the Manx GP was a two-week event with practice and races…

            “Historic Racing: Between The Hedges, Part One,” by Mick Ofield


            What was it like to show up to race at the Southern 100 as an open road racing rookie in 1967? Mick Ofield remembers that experience in great detail, and he shares those memories of what it was like when a legend like Joey Dunlop was sponsored by a dumpster rental service! Read about it in the latest issue of Roadracing World!       


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