Historic Racebike Illustrations: 1966 Bultaco TSS125

Historic Racebike Illustrations: 1966 Bultaco TSS125

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        Avid road race enthusiast and engineer Francisco “Paco” Bulto helped form Montesa in 1944. But the motorcycle company didn’t want to spend money racing, so Bulto finally left in 1958 to start his own new company, Bultaco. 

        Several staff members from Montesa’s development department joined Bultaco as the company set about building its first bike, a single-cylinder two-stroke 125, the Tralla. 

         A Super Sport version (TSS) was entered in the 1960 Ultra Lightweight TT on the Isle of Man, ridden by John Grace. The technical problems that resulted in a DNF did not cool Bulto’s enthusiasm for the sport. 

        A batch of racebikes were built for the 1961 season, and seven were entered in the 1961 Ultra Lightweight TT. Ralph Rensen finished sixth, the first two-stroke rider home behind five factory Hondas, and only one Bultaco failed to finish!

           — Historic Racebike Illustrations: 1966 Bultaco TSS125, by Mick Ofield


Smuggled steel tubing in the frames and advanced electronic ignition providing the spark, the Bultaco TSS125 sold well and with some careful preparation, performed well at national and international events including Grand Prix races. Read the back story of this innovative machineit’s in the latest issue of Roadracing World!

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