Historic Racebike Illustrations: 1961 AJS 7R, In April 2020

Historic Racebike Illustrations: 1961 AJS 7R, In April 2020

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Featured In the April 2020 issue of Roadracing World:

     In the late 1940s, AJS Sales Director and accomplished road racer Jock West wanted the company to market an over-the-counter 350cc road racer that was fast, easy to maintain, and cheap to produce.

     Chief Designer Phil Walker sketched out his thoughts: Single cylinder, chain-driven single-overhead-cam, roller-bearing big end, pressed-up roller bearing crankshaft, chain-driven magneto ignition, separate gearbox, and chain primary drive, all incorporated in a chassis featuring twin rear shocks, telescopic forks, a 19-inch rear wheel and a 21-inch front wheel.

     None of these features were very revolutionary but that was to be the 7R’s strength; advanced engineering often looks good in sales brochures but can be crippling to a privateer riding and maintaining his bread-winner while traveling from race to race.

     The first 7Rs were produced in 1948, and rider Geoff Murdoch showed the model’s potential by finishing fourth in the Senior TT despite competing against riders on 500cc machines!

—”Historic Racebike Illustrations: 1961 AJS 7R,” by Mick Ofield

Simple, fast and reliable, the AJS 7R was a privateer racer’s dream. And so spot-on was the AJS design that the 7R, an honest, down-to-earth production racer, took Mike Duff to third in the 350cc World Championship and was still on the podium at the TT 16 years after it was first produced! Read all the details on this remarkable, long-lived racing machine – the story’s in the latest issue of Roadracing World!

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