Hastings, Diaz Take Multiple CCS Race Wins Before Thunderstorm Hits Summit Point Raceway

Hastings, Diaz Take Multiple CCS Race Wins Before Thunderstorm Hits Summit Point Raceway

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Arnold Hastings and Art Diaz each took a pair of victories during Sunday’s CCS event at Summit Point Raceway, near Washington, D.C.

Hastings rode his www.smisigns.com-sponsored Ducati 999 to wins in the SuperTwins and Formula 40 races. Hastings also finished second in the GT Lights race, which was won by Diaz on his Schaeffer’s Harley-Davidson/Buell XB-12R. Earlier in the day, Diaz piloted his Buell to a win in the Formula 40 Lightweight race.

Other race winners on Sunday included Loikits Industries’ David Loikits, who came from behind on his Suzuki GSX-R1000 to beat Justin Marm in the GTO race; young gun Patrick “P.J.” Jacobsen, who ran away with the 125cc Grand Prix race; Harley-Davidson/Buell of Frederick’s Bryan Bemisderfer, who took advantage of an error by Deeley H-D/Buell’s Dave Estok to win the Thunderbike sprint; local rider David Rose, who rode his Castles-and-Cottages Yamaha YZF-R6 to a win in the Middleweight Grand Prix race; and Mike Himmelsbach, who took his Himmelsbach Racing Triumph Daytona 675 to victory ahead of Butler Machinery’s Robert Jensen in the red-flag-shortened GTU event.

The day was marred by two incidents. First, Mike Himmelsbach’s father Bill Himmelsbach highsided his Yamaha TZ250 during the GTU race. He was knocked unconscious in the fall and transported to a local hospital by helicopter. Himmelsbach regained consciousness and was alert and responsive to safety workers before being loaded onto the helicopter, according to race officials.

The day ended early when a severe thunderstorm hit Summit Point Raceway. In fact, some race officials reported seeing a funnel cloud over the racetrack. During the storm, extremely strong winds ripped through the paddock, destroying canopies and pulling away a section of the timing and scoring building’s roof.

CCS Summit Point Raceway Summit Point, West Virginia May 27, 2007 Provisional Race Results (listed in chronological order):

FORMULA 40 EXPERT: 1. Arnold Hastings (Duc 999); 2. Craig Moodie (Yam YZF-R6); 3. Art Diaz (Buell XB-12R); 4. Marty Crotty (Suz GSX-R750); 5. Rick Beggs (Kaw ZX-6R); 6. George Federlin (Suz GSX-R600).

FORMULA 40 AMATEUR: 1. Max Broniseusley (Yam YZF-R6); 2. Edwin Bishop (Suz GSX-R600); 3. Liz Wemett (Suz GSX-R750); 4. Bill Sylvester (Duc 1000); 5. Sean Kerns (Apr RSV1000); 6. Coleman Howard (Hon CBR600).

FORMULA 40 LIGHTWEIGHT EXPERT: 1. Art Diaz (Buell XB-12R); 2. Eric Helmbach (Hon CBR600F2); 3. Gil Schweitzer (Hon CBR600); 4. Joey Thomas (Duc 1000); 5. Max Grant (Duc 1000); 6. Eric Wilson (Suz SV650).

FORMULA 40 LIGHTWEIGHT AMATEUR: 1. John Morgan, Jr. (Suz SV650); 2. James Foley (Hon CBR600); 3. Bob Rothrock (Hon RS125); 4. Luke Wernle (Kaw EX650).

GTU AMATEUR: 1. Ryan Meade (Suz GSX-R600); 2. Greg Bordeleau (Hon CBR600RR); 3. Zsolt Bencze (Yam YZF-R6); 4. Martin Lazor (Suz GSX-R600); 5. Max Broniseusley (Yam YZF-R6); 6. Erick Kline (Suz GSX-R600).

GTU EXPERT: 1. Mike Himmelsbach (Tri Daytona 675); 2. Robert Jensen (Suz GSX-R600); 3. Ryan Patterson (Yam YZF-R6); 4. Jonathan Lawrence (Suz GSX-R600); 5. Zsolt Veres (Yam YZF-R6); 6. Scott Greenwood (Kaw ZX-6R).

GT LIGHTS EXPERT: 1. Art Diaz (Buell XB-12R); 2. Arnold Hastings (Suz SV650); 3. Bob Michael (Suz SV650); 4. Travis McNerney (Suz SV650); 5. Joey Thomas (Duc 1000); 6. Alex Marshall (Suz SV650).

GT LIGHTS AMATEUR: 1. Bobby Kim (Suz SV650); 2. Alexander Lazo (Suz SV650); 3. Timothy Morin (Suz SV650); 4. John Morgan, Jr. (Suz SV650); 5. Steve Klein (Suz SV650); 6. Adam Wentlink (Suz SV650).

GTO EXPERT: 1. David Loikits (Suz GSX-R1000); 2. Justin Marm (Suz GSX-R750); 3. Geoffrey Allen (Yam YZF-R1); 4. Antal Halasz (Kaw ZX-10R); 5. Lloyd Bayley (Suz GSX-R1000); 6. Ivan Milan (Suz GSX-R1000).

GTO AMATEUR: 1. Max Broniseusley (Kaw ZX-10R); 2. Martin Lazor (Suz GSX-R1000); 3. David East (Suz GSX-R750); 4. Erick Kline (Suz GSX-R600); 5. Rich Lettieri (Yam YZF-R1); 6. Bob Badger (Hon CBR929RR).

125cc GRAND PRIX: 1. Patrick “P.J.” Jacobsen (Hon RS125); 2. Scott Smallwood (Hon RS125); 3. Steve Gorrell (Hon RS125); 4. Mike Orien (Hon RS125); 5. Stuart Aitken-Cade (Hon RS125); 6. Allen Campbell (Hon RS125).

THUNDERBIKE EXPERT: 1. Bryan Bemisderfer (Buell XB-RR); 2. Dave Estok (Buell XB-9R); 3. Darren James (Buell XB-9R); 4. Art Diaz (Buell XB-12R); 5. Dan Bilansky (Buell XB-12R); 6. Joe Rozynski (Buell XB-12R).

THUNDERBIKE AMATEUR: 1. Alexander Lazo; 2. Bobby Kim (Suz SV650); 3. Timothy Morin (Suz SV650); 4. Jonathan Shap (Suz SV650); 5. Peter Alesso (Buell XB-12R); 6. Seth Buchbinder (Buell XB-12R).

MIDDLEWEIGHT GP AMATEUR: 1. Ryan Meade (Suz GSX-R600); 2. Greg Bordeleau (Hon CBR600RR); 3. Zsolt Bencze (Yam YZF-R6); 4. Martin Lazor (Suz GSX-R600); 5. Wayne Hartpence (Hon CBR600RR); 6. James Easley (Hon CBR600RR).

MIDDLEWEIGHT GP EXPERT: 1. David Rose (Yam YZF-R6); 2. Ryan Patterson (Yam YZF-R6); 3. Zsolt Veres (Yam YZF-R6); 4. Terry Taylor (Suz GSX-R600); 5. David Hockenberry (Kaw ZX-6R); 6. Henry Hoyle (Yam YZF-R6).

SUPERTWINS EXPERT: 1. Arnold Hastings (Duc 999); 2. Bryan Bemisderfer (Buell XB-RR); 3. Dave Estok (Buell XB-9R); 4. Darren James (Buell XB-9R); 5. Dan Bilansky (Buell XB-12R); 6. Art Diaz (Buell XB-12R).

SUPERTWINS AMATEUR: 1. Bobby Kim (Suz SV650); 2. Jason Magnavice (Duc 996); 3. John Morgan, Jr. (Suz SV650); 4. Tim Duckworth (Suz SV650); 5. Timothy Morin (Suz SV650); 6. John Mullen (Suz 1000).

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