Chef Eatz Offering Meal Package Delivery To Races And Track Days

Chef Eatz Offering Meal Package Delivery To Races And Track Days

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Chef Eatz Prepares for Iconic Daytona 200

As the famous Daytona 200 nears, Chef Eatz prepares by offering free delivery of meal packages to racers, their teams, and families alike!

Chef Eatz has quickly become a staple in the motorcycle community over the last year by offering healthy, high-quality meals that can be reheated in just a few minutes in a microwave or portable lunch box heater.

Owner Jeff Servin explains how this vision came to be: “I was at the track training for the 2023 season, and we hit our lunch break. I sat in line for about 15 minutes, the food took about 20 minutes to get to me, and after finally getting to sit down and eat, I was ready to get back out on track for my first session after lunch. When I got back in, I felt like I weighed a thousand pounds. I could feel the greasy french fry oil pouring out of my forehead and felt like I had a gallon of grease settled in my gut. I felt like crap. I rode like crap. It just wasn’t fun after that. I had to figure out a new way to eat at track, and here we are now, offering vending at tracks, sponsorships, and more. I can’t believe we are in a place to do it, and couldn’t be prouder to be an integral part of this industry.”

It was at that moment that the Chef Eatz business model started to transform. They say that if you find a job that you love, you won’t work a day in your life. So, the Servin family started focusing on how they could bring their delicious and healthy meals to the racetrack for riders, racers, teams, and family during race weekends and track day events.

Fast forward only one year later, Chef Eatz can be found in almost every paddock across the eastern United States. At some events, you can find the Chef Eatz race bikes and vending tents that offer a variety of meals as well as microwaves for easy heating, drinks, and the Servin family doing what they love – offering healthy meals and riding motorcycles!

That’s not all! Chef Eatz opened an incredible sponsorship program in 2024 that not only offers discounts for their riders and racers, but also offers an affiliate “1010” discount code that they can share among their fans, friends and family and earn revenue for their race program! Chef Eatz offers a 10% discount for the racer’s fans, friends and family and matches that discount and sends CASH directly to the racer! This new sponsorship program seems to be one-of-a-kind, especially coming from a small, family-owned business that truly puts their money where their mouth is!

“I’m sure this program is only for the Pros.”


While Chef Eatz does partner with some huge names like JD Beach, Max Van, Avery Dreher, and more, they also partner with amateur racers and track day riders as well! This company really cares about the industry and has shown a true effort in helping with the rising costs of enjoying a motorcycle at the racetrack!

As Daytona 200 approaches, Chef Eatz has offered free, hand-delivered orders for pickup at Daytona in the infield on March 8th!

You can order at and select Daytona 200 Pickup, and they’ll see you at the track!

Next time you see a Chef Eatz tent, stop and say hello! You’re likely to not only see Jeff running around, but the entire family!

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