Brough Superior Coming To North America

Brough Superior Coming To North America

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Brough Superior Motorcycles arrives in North America 

The iconic motorcycle brand Brough Superior is proud to announce the opening of its first filial office in North America.  Earlier this year, Brough Superior launched Brough Superior Japan to bring its historic motorcycles to riders across the country. 

Founded in Nottingham, England in 1919, Brough Superior is renowned for producing the world’s first superbikes and is considered the “Rolls-Royce of Motorcycles.” The brand is known for its signature 1,000 cc V-twin engine, striking design, and impeccable quality. Brough Superior has a rich history and was favored by famous riders like T.E. Lawrence “Lawrence of Arabia.” The rebirth of Brough Superior in France marks a new stage in the adventure of this exceptional brand, which draws from its DNA the know-how and inspiration to make dreams come true by shaping French luxury motorcycles. Masterpieces handcrafted with passion and authenticity. Made in Toulouse, France, world capital of aircraft industry (Airbus), the new era Brough Superior models are bringing distinctive innovations such as Titanium Chassis and Engine Crankcases fully machined from aeronautical alloy solid blocks. 

Brough Superior North America has recently started building up a dealer network in select cities, to provide sales and service for the entire Brough Superior range, including the SS100, Lawrence, and the AMB Pro model in collaboration with Aston Martin. The standard models are fully homologated for the US and Canadian markets, and can be purchased with several options, either through the dealership network or the filial. The first flagship is set to open in May 2024 in Malibu, CA and others are scheduled to follow later on this year in Florida, Texas, Illinois, New York and Georgia.

Current MSRP prices are: $81,075 for the SS100 and Lawrence and $183,895 for the track only AMB Pro.


A Brough Superior SS100. Photo courtesy Brough Superior.
A Brough Superior SS100. Photo courtesy Brough Superior.


Paul Capodanno, CEO of Brough Superior North America said, “Launching Brough Superior North America and re-introduce this brand of exceptional motorcycles to discerning riders is truly an amazing project. There is a growing demand for luxury, limited production and exclusive motorcycles in this market, and we believe Brough Superior is uniquely positioned to serve provide riders with a brand that is considered “the Rolls Royce of Motorcycles. The North American office will also offer customization options for Brough Superior motorcycles tailored to each customer, as well as the ability for dealers to create a community of riders, local events and VIP gatherings”.

Albert Castaigne – Executive Director for Brough Superior Motorcycles SAS – added: “Our commitment to increase our presence worldwide started with our decision to expand into North America and Asia in 2024. It’s important for our company to provide riders from all over the world with a quality motorcycle, that carries the latest technology, amazing design and performance, and fits the expectations of modern motorcycle buyers. We’ve very excited to finally open our first office in North America, after many years of hard work and dedication from our partners and suppliers, and start creating a new dynamic around the Brough Superior models”.

Brough Superior represents the pinnacle of motorcycling luxury and performance. The arrival of Brough Superior North America invites riders to experience these qualities firsthand. To learn more or find a local dealer, visit

Brough Superior was recently elected to the “Motorcycle Trophies” 2024 edition, an annual event organized by Editions Larivière in Paris, France. Rewarding the best innovations and performances in the world of motorcycles, by categories selected by a vote open to the public, it brings together enthusiasts, professionals and the media to celebrate advances in design, technology, eco-responsibility and safety. 


About Brough Superior Motorcycles SAS 

Brough Superior was founded in Nottingham, England in 1919 and produced the world’s first superbikes. The brand is renowned for its striking design, signature 1,000 cc V-twin engine, and impeccable quality. Brough Superior has a historic pedigree and was favored by famous riders like T.E. Lawrence. In recent years, Brough Superior has had a 

resurgence under new ownership and released the SS100, Lawrence and AMB Pro models. Brough Superior Japan is the brand’s first office in Asia.  For more information, visit: 


Models available in North America


An icon built for icons during the Roaring Twenties that quickly garnered itself with a legendary status thanks to Lawrence of Arabia, Brough Superior’s Super Sports 100 motorcycle is for riders who love luxury, beauty and speed. With its classic design, unparalleled elegance, sleek detailing, and top-notch performance, the SS100 is an emblematic Brough Superior motorcycle. Each SS100 motorcycle is handcrafted, and custom built for its future owner in Brough Superior’s French workshop. This classic motorcycle has been updated with a modern design while encapsulating the brand’s original engineering ethos. Each detail is designed to optimize its rider’s interaction with the bike and connectivity with the road! 


The latest addition to Brough Superior’s French workshop, Lawrence is the ultimate 21st century pillion motorcycle. Its luxurious aesthetics were inspired by the sleek, flowing curve of the traditional Bedouin dagger used by Lawrence of Arabia – the man who helped bring this brand its legendary status and who also inspired this eponymous motorcycle. 

This revolutionary, hand-crafted, custom two-seater features a revamped retro design that is an ode to the brand’s past. Designed for two riders who want to share in their passion, primmed to hit the road with their adventurous partner. This motorcycle exhibits superior quality, down to the last screw, thanks to the exceptional knowledge and skill used for its traditional artisanal production. This new model represents a major milestone for Brough Superior. It is handcrafted by the finest French artisans and incorporates state-of-the-art engineering and innovative materials, Lawrence is a customizable, high-end pillion motorcycle that can be tailored to its future owner’s specifications. 


An Aston Martin by Brough Superior AMB 001 Pro. Photo courtesy Brough Superior.
An Aston Martin by Brough Superior AMB 001 Pro. Photo courtesy Brough Superior.


Aston Martin by Brough Superior AMB 001 Pro 

The strictly limited-edition AMB 001 PRO is the latest design collaboration between the two brands, pairing Aston Martin’s legendary design with state-of-the-art Brough Superior motorcycle engineering. Offered in 2 PRO specifications, the successor to the sold-out AMB 001 was inspired by Aston Martin’s no rules track hyper car Valkyrie AMR Pro. Like its inspiration, AMB 001 PRO takes track performance to the extreme, offering a 25% power increase on its predecessor, with its 225 HP producing a power to weight ratio of 1.28 hp/kg, similar to that of a Formula One® car. AMB 001 Pro is offered in two spectacular racing liveries; Aston Martin Verdant Jade, with Photon Lime accents creates a bold modern look whilst Aston Martin Racing Green paired with Lime Essence pays a nod to Aston Martin’s winning bloodline on the track. Both specifications feature satin finished carbon fiber bodywork and wheels, with high performance black Cerakote for the engine and suspension. In common with other extreme performance, ultra-luxury Aston Martin models, AMB 001 PRO is fitted with the Aston Martin ‘lacewing’ badge. Designed for the Aston Martin Valkyrie programme, the chemical etched aluminum lacewing is a remarkable 99.4% lighter than the brand’s regular enamel badge, and at just 70 microns thick is 30% thinner than a human hair. It will be applied on the nose cowl and tank, on top of the painted finish yet beneath a perfectly smooth coat of lacquer.


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