ASRA/CCS: Landers, Mesa, Scott Win Big In New Jersey

ASRA/CCS: Landers, Mesa, Scott Win Big In New Jersey

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090620 NJMP ASRA TC Results

090620 NJMP CCS Results




Multiple Wins for Landers, Scott, Mesa

CCS Atlantic/ASRA Team Challenge

New Jersey Motorsports Park – Thunderbolt Course – Millville, NJ

September 5-6, 2020

By Lisa Theobald in behalf of ASRA/CCS

Championship Cup Series Atlantic Championship competitors met at New Jersey Motorsports Park Thunderbolt Course along with the AMA sanctioned ASRA Team Challenge Presented by Michelin Tire for a Twin Sprints weekend of racing during the two-day weekend event.

Team LB Sports’ Lloyd Bayley won the Combined Overall ASRA Team Challenge  after completing all 69 laps of the endurance race riding solo on his BMW S1000RR.  “I was just having fun.” exclaimed Bayley after the race.  “I was watching the lightweight battle.  That was pretty crazy. They were very aggressive and I was like, ‘Wow, look at these guys!’  I just sat back for a couple of corners and watched.  It was like, ‘Man these guys are crazy.’  It was a lot of fun. Thanks to BMW and Dunlop for keeping me playing.  The bike’s running good and I feel good and just having some fun.”

Team Fast Lane Racing was the only other team, of the 23 entries, to complete all 69 laps of the endurance race.  Riders Rick Beggs and Brad Moser finished second overall while bringing their Kawasaki ZX-6R to victory in the GTU class.  “It was awesome,” stated Moser.  “Once again we’re back up here.  I didn’t expect it.  It was a tough weekend a whole bunch of stuff that all kind of came together.  We just muscled through it and got on the gas, it was awesome.”    Beggs exclaimed, “It was fun as Hell!  The suspension was starting to get a little soft towards the end of the race and I wasn’t sure if Brad could keep it up, but he did a good job.  And, thanks to all of our sponsors, everything held together and we’re ready for Blackhawk.”

Team Birch Racing rounded off the podium of top three Overall finishers with 68 laps completed by riders DJ Birch and Jody Barry.  “It was a tough weekend, I crashed twice,” said Birch.   “I wanna thank the whole crew and everyone that helped get me back on track not once but two times.  Thanks also to Jody for putting in some work on and off the bike.”  Barry added, ” Congratulations to Lloyd for getting the overall again.”

Team Landers Racing won the GTL class on board the Kawasaki Ninja 400 with 67 laps completed by Rocco Landers and Ben Gloddy, finishing 6th Overall.

Landers was also one of the biggest winners of the weekend, running undefeated with a grand total of 7 victories.   He won the GT 500, Moto 3, and Superbike 500 classes on Saturday, then cam back on Sunday to also win the Supersport 500 and Moto 3 and Superbike 500 classes again.

In fact, all of the weekend’s biggest winners were undefeated.  Stefano Mesa completed the weekend with 6 victories, and both Tyler Scott and Amateur rider Jonathan Price matched Landers’ in a three-way tie with 7 victories each.

Mesa, plagued with mechanical issues on Saturday, only competed in the morning races, first winning the GTO on his Kawasaki ZX-10R, then the GTU on his Kawasaki ZX6R.  He was back on Sunday to claim victories in the Unlimited Supersport, Middleweight Supersport, Middleweight Superbike, and Unlimited Grand Prix races.    Mark Heckles won the first round of the Unlimited Grand Prix on Saturday, finishing ahead of Lloyd Bayley and Brandon Barker.   Mark Heckles and Frankie Babuska, Jr. rounded off the top three in Sunday’s race.

Scott won the GTL, Thunderbike, LW Grand Prix, and Lightweight Superbike classes on Saturday.  He won the second runnings of the Thunderbike, Lightweight Grand Prix, and Lightweight Superbike classes again on Sunday.

Price’s first two victories on Saturday were in the Amateur Thunderbike and Lightweight Supersport classes, which he won again on Sunday, adding Rookie Cup Challenge GTL, Lightweight Grand Prix, and Lightweight Superbike victories to complete the weekend as the winningest amateur of event.

The CCS Atlantic region is scheduled to compete next at NC Bike September 12-13th, in another Twin Sprints event.  The next round of the AMA Sanctioned ASRA Team Challenge is scheduled for September19th at Blackhawk Farms.

All race results, lap times, grids, and points standings, as well as information regarding the remaining 2020 schedule, licensing information, rules, and general information for all regions are available online at:


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