Army Of Darkness Wins WERA/N2 Endurance Race At Summit Point

Army Of Darkness Wins WERA/N2 Endurance Race At Summit Point

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Army Of Darkness Debuts Their 2020 Yamaha R1 in First Place at Summit Point WERA/N2 National Endurance Race June 6, 2020

After an epic weekend of preparation, Army Of Darkness rolled their new Yamahas out of the trailer and onto the top of the podium at Summit Point.  Team Captain Sam Fleming explains “COVID-19 meant getting bikes, parts doing fabrication and, of course, team communication,  made preparing for the season very complicated.  We are very fortunate to have a volunteer prep crew made up of racers and fabricators so we were able to turn and burn the bikes.  But, it left no time for any sort of cosmetics or testing.  We put in about 100 hours of effort last weekend getting the bikes assembled but we literally had not even pushed the starter buttons on these biked until two days before the race.  We has zero miles on them.  No testing, no break in, no nothing.  We had no idea if the electrics would handle the changes we had made to the breathing of the engine.  Our sponsors really came through and it all just came together right at the last moment.”

Chris Peris “The bikes were almost perfect out of the trailer.  These guys really know how to build a race bike.  I was about 1.8 seconds off the lap record of the track, on lap 102 of an endurance race with a gargantuan tank.  The Michelins had a ton of grip and the Yamaha could drive on the side of the tire.  There is more there though so we can go faster later in the season.”

Riders Chris Peris and long-time Summit Point racers Ben Walters and Sam Fleming controlled the race from the front from the first hour until the checkered flag.

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