And Now For Something Completely Different…

And Now For Something Completely Different…

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For your April Fool’s Day enjoyment…

Racing Chaplain Mark Merical and his daughter Makenzie Deckard recorded a song called Superbike Rider, which is based on the song Rough String Rider by Sons of the San Joaquin.

Click on the play button below to hear the song Superbike Rider. The lyrics appear below.




Superbike Rider


He’s the badass of the paddock, holding lightning in his hand,

Sitting on nitroglycerin he’s a fast and focused man


Of all the bikes he’s ridden, there’s one that stands apart,

It’s 1000ccs of dynamite, a bullet to the heart


It crouches in the factory tent, all gleaming and aglow

But don’t be fooled by the glitter because you can bet that show will go


(Chorus) Superbike rider, superbike rider


The class started in the States with a hellish four-stroke roar,

Men like Steve McLaughlin and the first champion Reg Pridmore


Each year brought evolution, factories can’t stand gettin’ beat,

Crews conspire to win, but please don’t use the word “cheat”


Superbike Rider…Muzzy and Yoshimura liked to stretch the rules…


Superbike riders crave acceleration, they need that hit of speed,

So the smaller classes hold no interest, a 600 won’t make your eyes bleed


While other racers play on scooters and wheelie on pit bikes

The Superbike rider studies data late into the night


Superbike rider, leathered man alone, Superbike rider, a racetrack for his home. Superbike rider…sweaty and hot and all fit rider…super dang hot rider…


It’s a grueling summer grind running from coast to coast and back

But Superbike riders are busy unlocking the secrets of the track


They don’t brag or chat or gossip, there’s no reason to flap their lips

Because lap times don’t drop by talking, you’ve got to let ‘er rip


Superbike rider, Leathered man alone, Superbike rider…

Superbike rider, superhot rider, rich and fit and sweaty and cute and fffast…take me to your motorhome, Superbike rider…


When it’s time to thrown down, there’s no-one more set and ready,

Than the Superbike rider who mimics old guys like Freddie and Eddie


The Monster girls love them, flirting and playing coy

They could date riders in the other classes but don’t want a little boy


Superbike rider… faces danger all alone,

Tucked in and hurtling toward the great unknown.

Superbike rider…you big handsome hunk of guts and brawn

Take me out for dinner and you can stay until the dawn.


Superbike rider….

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