American Flat Track Twins: Indian Motorcycle Minnesota Mile Results (Updated)

American Flat Track Twins: Indian Motorcycle Minnesota Mile Results (Updated)

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Indian Motorcycle Minnesota Mile/American Flat Track

Canterbury Park

Shakopee, Minnesota
September 29, 2018

AFT Twins Provisional Free Practice 1 Results (all on Dunlop tires):
1. Jeffrey Carver Jr. (Ind), 40.262
2. Briar Bauman (Ind), 40.312
3. Bryan Smith (Ind), 40.683
4. Mikey Rush (Har), 40.862
5. Jarod Vanderkooi (Har), 40.893
6. Brandon Robinson (Har), 40.984
7. Bronson Bauman (Ind), 41.086
8. Jake Johnson (Ind), 41.104
9. Robert Pearson (Ind), 41.128
10. Sammy Halbert (Har), 41.274
11. Ryan Varnes (Kaw), 41.472
12. JD Beach (Yam), 41.540
13. Stevie Bonsey (Duc), 42.051
14. Cory Texter (Ind), 42.358
15. Jake Shoemaker (Duc), 43.012
16. Brock Schwarzenbacher (Kaw), 43.792
17. Davis Fisher (Ind), 44.736
18. Gary Ketchum (Kaw), 45.312
19. Macintosh McGrew (Hon), 46.168
20. Jay Maloney (Ind), 46.512
21. Henry Wiles (Ind), 1:21.491
22. Shawn Baer (KTM), 1:22.950
23. Chad Cose (Ind), 1:25.596
24. Jeremy Higgins (Kaw), 1:26.373
25. Brian Lehfeldt (Kaw), 1:31.455
26. Jared Mees (Ind), 2:46.675
27. Shane Fox (Har), no time recorded

AFT Twins Provisional Qualifying 1 Results (all on Dunlop tires):
1. Briar Bauman (Ind), 39.965
2. Henry Wiles (Ind), 40.019
3. Bronson Bauman (Ind), 40.314
4. Jared Mees (Ind), 40.429
5. Jeffrey Carver Jr. (Ind), 40.442
6. Chad Cose (Ind), 40.513
7. Bryan Smith (Ind), 40.575
8. Robert Pearson (Ind), 40.667
9. Shawn Baer (KTM), 40.876
10. Brandon Robinson (Har), 41.042
11. Davis Fisher (Ind), 41.153
12. Jake Johnson (Ind), 41.185
13. JD Beach (Yam), 41.198
14. Mikey Rush (Har), 41.274
15. Jarod Vanderkooi (Har), 41.328
16. Jeremy Higgins (Kaw), 41.412
17. Ryan Varnes (Kaw), 41.594
18. Sammy Halbert (Har), 41.827
19. Stevie Bonsey (Duc), 41.872
20. Jake Shoemaker (Duc), 42.000
21. Jay Maloney (Ind), 43.362
22. Brock Schwarzenbacher (Kaw), 43.480
23. Cory Texter (Ind), 43.821
24. Gary Ketchum (Kaw), 44.300
25. Brian Lehfeldt (Kaw), 45.337
26. Macintosh McGrew (Hon), 45.561
27. Shane Fox (Har), 49.719

AFT Twins Provisional Qualifying 2 Results (all on Dunlop tires):
1. Jared Mees (Ind), 39.881
2. Jeffrey Carver Jr. (Ind), 39.987
3. Briar Bauman (Ind), 40.022
4. Chad Cose (Ind), 40.339
5. Brandon Robinson (Har), 40.484
6. Robert Pearson (Ind), 40.693
7. Shawn Baer (KTM), 40.726
8. Jeremy Higgins (Kaw), 40.843
9. Jake Johnson (Ind), 40.867
10. Bryan Smith (Ind), 41.030
11. Bronson Bauman (Ind), 41.212
12. Ryan Varnes (Kaw), 41.259
13. JD Beach (Yam), 41.308
14. Jarod Vanderkooi (Har), 41.314
15. Henry Wiles (Ind), 41.340
16. Mikey Rush (Har), 41.429
17. Davis Fisher (Ind), 41.442
18. Sammy Halbert (Har), 41.638
19. Cory Texter (Ind), 41.646
20. Stevie Bonsey (Duc), 42.199
21. Jay Maloney (Ind), 42.310
22. Jake Shoemaker (Duc), 42.313
23. Brock Schwarzenbacher (Kaw), 42.973
24. Macintosh McGrew (Hon), 43.963
25. Gary Ketchum (Kaw), 44.248
26. Brian Lehfeldt (Kaw), 44.941
27. Shane Fox (Har), 49.671

Provisional AFT Twins Heat 1 Results (all on Dunlop tires):
1. Jared Mees (Ind), 10 laps
2. Henry Wiles (Ind), -00.758 seconds
3. Shawn Baer (KTM), -06.577
4. Mikey Rush (Har), -07.974
5. Brandon Robinson (Har), -08.227
6. Davis Fisher (Ind), -08.707
7. Cory Texter (Ind), -10.037
8. Jay Maloney (Ind), -21.950
9. Gary Ketchum (Kaw), -10 lap, -0*.*0*

Provisional AFT Twins Heat 2 Results (all on Dunlop tires):
1. Bryan Smith (Ind), 10 laps
2. Jarod Vanderkooi (Har), -09.819 seconds
3. Briar Bauman (Ind), -12.130
4. Jeremy Higgins (Kaw), -12.359
5. JD Beach (Yam), -12.422
6. Stevie Bonsey (Duc), -22.977
7. Brock Schwarzenbacher (Kaw), -37.183
8. Brian Lehfeldt (Kaw), -43.966
9. Bronson Bauman (Ind), -5 lap, -00.0**

Provisional AFT Twins Heat 3 Results (all on Dunlop tires):
1. Jeffrey Carver Jr. (Ind), 10 laps
2. Chad Cose (Ind), -01.550 seconds
3. Jake Johnson (Ind), -03.019
4. Robert Pearson (Ind), -05.497
5. Sammy Halbert (Har), -07.654
6. Ryan Varnes (Kaw), -11.472
7. Jake Shoemaker (Duc), -16.367
8. Macintosh McGrew (Hon), -1 lap, -07.843
9. Shane Fox (Har), -10 lap, -**.***

Provisional AFT Twins Main Event Results (all on Dunlop tires):

1. Bryan Smith (Ind), 25 laps
2. Henry Wiles (Ind), -05.307 seconds
3. Robert Pearson (Ind), -13.902
4. Chad Cose (Ind), -16.188
5. Jeffrey Carver Jr. (Ind), -18.813
6. Jarod Vanderkooi (Har), -21.656
7. JD Beach (Yam), -26.697
8. Brandon Robinson (Har), -28.515
9. Mikey Rush (Har), -30.255
10. Jeremy Higgins (Kaw), -33.414
11. Davis Fisher (Ind), -38.627
12. Jake Johnson (Ind), -1 lap, -05.944
13. Sammy Halbert (Har), -1 lap, -16.074
14. Briar Bauman (Ind), -2 laps
15. Jared Mees (Ind), -10 laps
16. Shawn Baer (KTM), -12 laps
17. Ryan Varnes (Kaw), -17 laps
18. Stevie Bonsey (Duc), -18 laps

More, from a press release issued by American Flat Track/AMA Pro Racing/DMG:

Bryan Smith Victorious in Shocking Minnesota Mile Finish

Briar Bauman and Jared Mees DNF; Carlile and Bromley go 1-2 in AFT Singles

SHAKOPEE, Minn. (September 29, 2018) – Bryan ‘Mile Master’ Smith (No. 4 Indian Motorcycle Racing backed by Allstate Scout FTR750) scored a crazy, surprise-twist victory in Saturday evening’s AFT Twins presented by Vance & Hines Main Event at the Indian Motorcycle Minnesota Mile – a race in which 5000-plus hearty spectators turned out in 45-degree temperatures to experience.

Briar Bauman (No. 14 Zanotti Racing Indian Scout FTR750), fresh off his first victory of 2018 at the Williams Grove Half-Mile, looked certain to continue his devastating form. He was basically running away from the field and powering to his first-career Mile victory to complete the Grand Slam when disaster struck. With just two of 25 laps remaining and holding a massive lead over second, Bauman’s Scout FTR750 ran out of fuel and he was forced out of contention.

Smith was more than happy to storm by the helpless Bauman after earlier doing the same to reigning Grand National Champion Jared Mees (No. 1 Indian Motorcycle Rogers Racing SDI Scout FTR750), who encountered a mechanical problem late in the race while trailing the speedy Bauman.

Smith said, “I saw Jared peel off and I thought, ‘Okay, I’ve got second. This is good, but there’s no catching Briar, he’s putting the clinic on everyone today.’ And then I did a double take and thought I saw the #14 pulling off. ‘Am I leading this thing?’ I’d rather be lucky than good any day!”

The evening marked American Flat Track’s first trip to the Minneapolis area and Canterbury Park since 2010, with preparation of the soft and sandy horse-racing surface a key issue. Several days of track prep yielded a racetrack that was both groove and cushion, and one that offered multi-line racing – which typically yields more exciting action and more passing opportunities for riders. While there were some rough spots, most riders felt the track to be challenging and one that rewarded bravery, skill and creativity.

“This is definitely one of the toughest, most challenging, technical Miles we race,” Smith said. “It was a free-for-all. Everybody was taking different lines and doing different things.”

Bauman and Mees appeared most ready to capitalize, the two engaging in a thrilling back-and-forth dogfight during the race’s opening half before Bauman broke Mees’ challenge. Bauman was well on his way to a statement-making victory before the dramatic twist finish.

In addition to Smith’s surprise win, runner-up Henry Wiles (No. 17 Bandit Industries/Wilco Racing/Willy Built Indian Scout FTR750) and third-place Robert Pearson (No. 27 R/J Performance/Hite Trucking Indian Scout FTR750) saw top-five rides transformed into podium performances.

The DNF ends Mees’ hopes at equaling the legendary Ricky Graham for most wins in a single season at 12. However, if he concludes his season with an 11th triumph in next weekend’s 2018 Meadowlands Mile finale, Mees will lay claim to the highest single-season win percentage in American Flat Track history.

AFT Singles

The AFT Singles Minnesota Mile Main Event proved to be a head-to-head battle of champions.

2017 class champion Kolby Carlile (No. 1 Estenson Racing/McCandless Truck Center Yamaha YZ450F) engaged in a war for supremacy with the man who usurped his throne – newly crowned class champion Dan Bromley (No. 62 KTM North America/Bromley Motorsports 450 SX-F).

Carlile edged Bromley for the holeshot and immediately put his head down. His breakaway strategy allowed him to successfully break free from all pursuers – save one.

Carlile continued to hold point despite coming under intense pressure. Bromley demonstrated superior corner speed late in the shootout but simply could not find a way past 2017 champ Carlile, who held on to claim the checkered flag by a 0.196 seconds margin of victory and who’s quickly becoming a bit of an AFT Singles ‘Mile Master’ himself.

The win was Carlile’s third Mile triumph of 2018 after going winless during his championship-winning season. He’ll also have an opportunity to gain another small measure of revenge in next weekend’s season finale where he could equal Bromley for most wins in 2018 at four.

After the race the ‘Flying Tomato’ explained that his win was even more dramatic than it appeared from the fences: “Mentally, the win was huge because we had an electrical issue come in with about four laps to go. As soon as I let off the gas, the power would die to the bike. I would have to get it back to wide open for it to start up again. I looked back after the third time it happened and Dan was right on my tail. Luckily, he’s a great rider and no one ran into each other out there. Fortunately, the bike didn’t shut off. The last time coming through 3 and 4 I was really scared; I just wicked it right on and the thing kicked out sideways. Luckily the old girl fired up one more time.”

Bromley’s runner-up finish was his 12th podium in 17 races this season.

Tristan Avery (No. 16 Ron Ayers/Mr. Sign Honda CRF450R) fought his way forward throughout the 15-lap affair, making up for his poor start to ultimately clawing his way into a pack battle for third. In the end he secured the position to garner his first podium finish of 2018. Ryan Wells (No. 94 RMR/Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda CRF450) and Cameron Smith (No. 44 D&D Cycles/Basciani Foods/Greg Vietri Honda CRF450R) filled out the top five.

Next Up:

American Flat Track’s 2018 finale happens next weekend at the Meadowlands Mile presented by Ducati at the MetLife Sports Complex in East Rutherford, NJ on October 6. Live coverage can be viewed on starting at 3:30 pm ET with Opening Ceremonies scheduled to get underway at 6:15 pm ET. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here:

For a thoroughly in-depth Indian Motorcycle Minnesota Mile experience with flag-to-flag coverage of both Main events enhanced by drone and onboard footage, be sure to catch the NBCSN telecast of the Minnesota Mile on Sunday, October 14 at 5:00 pm ET (2:00 pm PT). Be sure to check your local listings, or for the complete broadcast schedule for AFT on NBCSN, please visit

How to Watch:

NBCSN and are the official homes for coverage of American Flat Track. For the 2018 season, NBCSN’s coverage of AFT moves to highly-coveted, weekend afternoon programming slots within two weeks of each event. The complete schedule for AFT on NBCSN can be viewed at remains a cornerstone of AFT’s digital strategy, providing live streaming coverage of every event on AFT’s live page while previous events and exclusive features are available on AFT’s VOD page.

About American Flat Track:

American Flat Track is the world’s premier dirt track motorcycle racing series and one of the longest-running championships in the history of motorsports. Sanctioned by AMA Pro Racing in Daytona Beach, Fla., the series is highly regarded as the most competitive form of dirt track motorcycle racing on the globe. For more information on American Flat Track, please visit, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, check us out on Instagram, live stream the events at and catch all the American Flat Track racing action on NBCSN.

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