American Flat Track: Indy Mile II Running Results (Updated Again)

American Flat Track: Indy Mile II Running Results (Updated Again)

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American Flat Track

Indy Mile II/American Flat Track

Indiana State Fairgrounds

Indianapolis, Indiana

August 22, 2020

AFT Production Twins Qualifying 1 Results (all on Dunlop tires):

1. James Rispoli (Har), 39.288
2. Ben Lowe (Yam), 39.316
3. Ryan Varnes (Kaw), 39.471
4. Michael Inderbitzin (Kaw), 39.633
5. Nick Armstrong (Yam), 39.760
6. Chad Cose (Har), 39.784
7. Hayden Gillim (Har), 39.965
8. Dylan Bell (Har), 39.995
9. Patrick Buchanan (Kaw), 40.037
10. Danny Eslick (Kaw), 40.050
11. Cory Texter (Yam), 40.143
12. Jeremiah Duffy (Kaw), 40.162
13. Jacob Lehmann (Kaw), 40.186
14. Cody Johncox (Yam), 40.301
15. Brock Schwarzenbacher (Kaw), 41.440
16. Garret Wilson (Kaw), 41.856
17. Jimmy McAllister (Kaw), 41.962
18. Scott Barrett (Kaw), 43.100

AFT Singles Qualifying 1 Results (all on Dunlop tires):

1. Wyatt Anderson (KTM), 39.993
2. Henry Wiles (Hon), 39.996
3. Morgen Mischler (KTM), 40.047
4. Tanner Dean (Hon), 40.064
5. James Ott (KTM), 40.070
6. Brandon Kitchen (Hon), 40.076
7. Michael Inderbitzin (Hon), 40.076
8. Andrew Luker (Yam), 40.147
9. Dallas Daniels (Yam), 40.183
10. Cole Zabala (Hon), 40.210
11. Ryan Wells (KTM), 40.246
12. Chad Cose (Suz), 40.249
13. Kevin Stollings (Hon), 40.259
14. Justin Jones (Hon), 40.271
15. Michael Rush (Yam), 40.365
16. Aidan RoosEvans (Yam), 40.378
17. Max Whale (Kaw), 40.384
18. Shayna Texter (KTM), 40.428
19. Cameron Smith (Hon), 40.437
20. Trent Lowe (Hon), 40.469
21. Trevor Brunner (Hon), 40.624
22. Jayson Bloss (KTM), 40.633
23. Jesse Janisch (Hus), 40.798
24. Jordan Jean (Hon), 40.906
25. Dylan Bell (Hon), 40.971
26. Kasey Sciscoe (Hon), 41.247
27. Nicholas Myers (Hon), 41.638
28. Kyler Adams (KTM), 42.128
29. Scott Barrett (Hon), 44.144
30. David Wiggin (KTM), no time recorded

AFT SuperTwins Qualifying 1 Results (all on Dunlop tires):

1. Briar Bauman (Ind), 37.916
2. Sammy Halbert (Ind), 38.347
3. Jeffrey Carver Jr. (Ind), 38.382
4. Bryan Smith (Har), 38.388
5. Bronson Bauman (Ind), 38.680
6. Brandon Price (Ind), 38.694
7. Jared Mees (Ind), 38.789
8. Brandon Robinson (Ind), 38.793
9. Dan Bromley (Ind), 38.800
10. Davis Fisher (Ind), 38.825
11. Dalton Gauthier (Har), 38.875
12. Robert Pearson (Ind), 39.056
13. Jarod Vanderkooi (Har), 39.118
14. Larry Pegram (Ind), 39.240
15. JD Beach (Yam), 39.428
16. Andrew Luker (Ind), 39.556
17. Kolby Carlile (Yam), 39.687
18. Jay Maloney (Ind), 39.883

AFT Production Twins Qualifying 2 Results (all on Dunlop tires):

1. James Rispoli (Har), 39.483
2. Chad Cose (Har), 39.517
3. Nick Armstrong (Yam), 39.655
4. Dylan Bell (Har), 39.709
5. Michael Inderbitzin (Kaw), 39.735
6. Ben Lowe (Yam), 39.735
7. Ryan Varnes (Kaw), 39.778
8. Patrick Buchanan (Kaw), 39.904
9. Danny Eslick (Kaw), 39.997
10. Hayden Gillim (Har), 40.240
11. Cory Texter (Yam), 40.328
12. Jacob Lehmann (Kaw), 40.435
13. Jeremiah Duffy (Kaw), 40.522
14. Cody Johncox (Yam), 40.525
15. Jimmy McAllister (Kaw), 41.501
16. Brock Schwarzenbacher (Kaw), 41.581
17. Garret Wilson (Kaw), 41.745
18. Scott Barrett (Kaw), 43.941

AFT Singles Qualifying 2 Results (all on Dunlop tires):

1. Ryan Wells (KTM), 39.798
2. Chad Cose (Suz), 39.843
3. Henry Wiles (Hon), 39.860
4. Kevin Stollings (Hon), 39.862
5. Morgen Mischler (KTM), 39.953
6. Max Whale (Kaw), 39.963
7. Brandon Kitchen (Hon), 39.969
8. Michael Inderbitzin (Hon), 40.045
9. Cole Zabala (Hon), 40.206
10. Michael Rush (Yam), 40.238
11. Tanner Dean (Hon), 40.242
12. Trent Lowe (Hon), 40.258
13. Dallas Daniels (Yam), 40.281
14. Andrew Luker (Yam), 40.323
15. Justin Jones (Hon), 40.345
16. Shayna Texter (KTM), 40.349
17. James Ott (KTM), 40.351
18. Cameron Smith (Hon), 40.409
19. Trevor Brunner (Hon), 40.481
20. Jordan Jean (Hon), 40.491
21. Aidan RoosEvans (Yam), 40.507
22. Wyatt Anderson (KTM), 40.549
23. Jayson Bloss (KTM), 40.623
24. Dylan Bell (Hon), 40.626
25. Jesse Janisch (Hus), 40.941
26. Nicholas Myers (Hon), 41.107
27. Kasey Sciscoe (Hon), 41.229
28. Kyler Adams (KTM), 41.626
29. David Wiggin (KTM), no time recorded
30. Scott Barrett (Hon), no time recorded

AFT SuperTwins Qualifying 2 Results (all on Dunlop tires):

1. Sammy Halbert (Ind), 38.174
2. Briar Bauman (Ind), 38.184
3. Jared Mees (Ind), 38.186
4. Bronson Bauman (Ind), 38.563
5. Brandon Price (Ind), 38.637
6. Bryan Smith (Har), 38.639
7. Brandon Robinson (Ind), 38.699
8. Jeffrey Carver Jr. (Ind), 38.706
9. Davis Fisher (Ind), 38.758
10. Andrew Luker (Ind), 38.795
11. Jarod Vanderkooi (Har), 38.803
12. Robert Pearson (Ind), 38.828
13. Dalton Gauthier (Har), 38.867
14. Larry Pegram (Ind), 39.157
15. Dan Bromley (Ind), 39.178
16. JD Beach (Yam), 39.211
17. Kolby Carlile (Yam), 39.396
18. Jay Maloney (Ind), 39.738

AFT Production Twins Semi 1 Results (all on Dunlop tires):

1. James Rispoli (Har), 8 laps
2. Ryan Varnes (Kaw), -06.226 seconds
3. Michael Inderbitzin (Kaw), -06.444
4. Cory Texter (Yam), -07.409
5. Dylan Bell (Har), -09.334
6. Hayden Gillim (Har), -11.605
7. Jacob Lehmann (Kaw), -11.877
8. Brock Schwarzenbacher (Kaw), -21.228
9. Garret Wilson (Kaw), -27.955

AFT Production Twins Semi 2 Results (all on Dunlop tires):

1. Chad Cose (Har), 8 laps
2. Ben Lowe (Yam), -00.226 seconds
3. Nick Armstrong (Yam), -01.349
4. Danny Eslick (Kaw), -04.931
5. Jeremiah Duffy (Kaw), -05.247
6. Patrick Buchanan (Kaw), -05.806
7. Cody Johncox (Yam), -06.589
8. Jimmy McAllister (Kaw), -22.211
9. Scott Barrett (Kaw), -32.870

AFT Singles Semi 1 Results (all on Dunlop tires):

1. Brandon Kitchen (Hon), 8 laps
2. Henry Wiles (Hon), -00.001 seconds
3. Michael Inderbitzin (Hon), -00.191
4. Michael Rush (Yam), -00.218
5. Morgen Mischler (KTM), -00.494
6. Ryan Wells (KTM), -00.497
7. James Ott (KTM), -00.659
8. Dallas Daniels (Yam), -00.915
9. Trevor Brunner (Hon), -00.931
10. Aidan RoosEvans (Yam), -01.080
11. Justin Jones (Hon), -01.752
12. Jesse Janisch (Hus), -03.705
13. Jayson Bloss (KTM), -03.757
14. Kasey Sciscoe (Hon), -3 laps

AFT Singles Semi 2 Results (all on Dunlop tires):

1. Chad Cose (Suz), 8 laps
2. Tanner Dean (Hon), -00.012 seconds
3. Shayna Texter (KTM), -00.154
4. Cole Zabala (Hon), -00.196
5. Kevin Stollings (Hon), -00.227
6. Andrew Luker (Yam), -00.228
7. Max Whale (Kaw), -00.264
8. Cameron Smith (Hon), -01.002
9. Wyatt Anderson (KTM), -02.283
10. Trent Lowe (Hon), -04.588
11. Dylan Bell (Hon), -05.050
12. Jordan Jean (Hon), -08.207
13. Kyler Adams (KTM), -08.759
14. Nicholas Myers (Hon), -8 laps

AFT SuperTwins Semi 1 Results (all on Dunlop tires):

1. Briar Bauman (Ind), 8 laps
2. Jared Mees (Ind), -00.000 seconds
3. Bryan Smith (Har), -00.184
4. Brandon Price (Ind), -01.638
5. Davis Fisher (Ind), -04.230
6. Robert Pearson (Ind), -05.021
7. Dan Bromley (Ind), -07.695
8. Kolby Carlile (Yam), -08.458
9. Larry Pegram (Ind), -10.103

AFT SuperTwins Semi 2 Results (all on Dunlop tires):

1. Bronson Bauman (Ind), 8 laps
2. Brandon Robinson (Ind), -00.057 seconds
3. Jeffrey Carver Jr. (Ind), -00.365
4. Dalton Gauthier (Har), -02.168
5. Jarod Vanderkooi (Har), -04.217
6. JD Beach (Yam), -06.429
7. Andrew Luker (Ind), -07.215
8. Jay Maloney (Ind), -11.276
9. Sammy Halbert (Ind), -2 laps

AFT Production Twins Main Event Results (all on Dunlop tires):

1. James Rispoli (Har), 18 laps
2. Cory Texter (Yam), -12.397 seconds
3. Nick Armstrong (Yam), -12.864
4. Chad Cose (Har), -13.880
5. Ben Lowe (Yam), -13.900
6. Danny Eslick (Kaw), -16.861
7. Ryan Varnes (Kaw), -17.610
8. Hayden Gillim (Har), -22.630
9. Patrick Buchanan (Kaw), -25.744
10. Jeremiah Duffy (Kaw), -30.614
11. Dylan Bell (Har), -30.745
12. Garret Wilson (Kaw), -4 laps
13. Jacob Lehmann (Kaw), -17 laps
14. Michael Inderbitzin (Kaw), -18 laps
15. Cody Johncox (Yam), -18 laps
16. Brock Schwarzenbacher (Kaw), -18 laps
17. Jimmy McAllister (Kaw), -18 laps

AFT Singles Main Event Results (all on Dunlop tires):

1. Henry Wiles (Hon), 17 laps
2. Cole Zabala (Hon), -00.052 seconds
3. Shayna Texter (KTM), -00.419
4. Dallas Daniels (Yam), -00.497
5. Ryan Wells (KTM), -00.540
6. Brandon Kitchen (Hon), -00.958
7. Kevin Stollings (Hon), -00.964
8. Michael Inderbitzin (Hon), -01.202
9. Tanner Dean (Hon), -01.368
10. Andrew Luker (Yam), -02.181
11. Max Whale (Kaw), -02.238
12. Trent Lowe (Hon), -03.017
13. James Ott (KTM), -03.102
14. Cameron Smith (Hon), -09.542
15. Michael Rush (Yam), -34.773
16. Morgen Mischler (KTM), -4 laps
17. Chad Cose (Suz), -17 laps

AFT SuperTwins Main Event Results (all on Dunlop tires):

1. Briar Bauman (Ind), 24 laps
2. Jared Mees (Ind), -01.148 seconds
3. Bryan Smith (Har), -02.004
4. Brandon Robinson (Ind), -04.969
5. Sammy Halbert (Ind), -05.407
6. Bronson Bauman (Ind), -05.427
7. Jeffrey Carver Jr. (Ind), -06.940
8. Brandon Price (Ind), -07.140
9. Robert Pearson (Ind), -13.870
10. Jarod Vanderkooi (Har), -13.888
11. Davis Fisher (Ind), -16.888
12. Dan Bromley (Ind), -17.934
13. JD Beach (Yam), -26.316
14. Andrew Luker (Ind), -26.553
15. Kolby Carlile (Yam), -29.824
16. Larry Pegram (Ind), -29.835
17. Jay Maloney (Ind), -1 lap, -10.246
18. Dalton Gauthier (Har), -8 laps,




More, from a press release issued by American Flat Track:

Bauman Doubles Up With Indy Mile II Masterclass

Smith’s characteristic finesse earns Harley-Davidson’s first Mile podium for XG750.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It took Briar Bauman (No. 1 Indian Motorcycle/Progressive Insurance FTR750) nine seasons in American Flat Track’s premier class to finally claim his maiden Mile victory and complete the career Grand Slam. It took just one day for him to earn a second.

Bauman completed the Indianapolis double with a tactical ride to win Saturday night’s AFT SuperTwins presented by Vance & Hines Main Event at the Indy Mile II.

Saturday’s rematch at the Indiana State Fairgrounds & Event Center took on a different shape compared to Friday’s Indy Mile I, as Jared Mees (No. 9 Indian Motorcycle/Progressive Insurance FTR750) was determined to prevent the reigning Grand National Champion from executing another early escape.

Lap after lap, Mees would dive back into the lead on corner entrance. Doing so not only kept Bauman corralled behind him, it also put him under threat with both Bryan Smith (No. 4 Harley-Davidson/Vance & Hines XG750R Rev X) and Brandon Robinson (No. 44 HCRR Racing/Ben Evans Racing Indian FTR750) running in close contention.

After taking and losing the lead on numerous occasions early, Bauman switched up tactics and spent the bulk of the second half of the race just waiting in third, leaving the Mile-proven virtuosos of Mees and Smith to exercise a well-known mutual rivalry.

After Mees had secured a solid lead ahead of a still-determined Smith, Bauman seized the opportunity to make the high line work to his advantage, powering past both living legends to rip open a multiple bike-length lead. Mees did his best to respond on the final lap but couldn’t quite muster enough pace to reel Bauman back to within striking distance.

Bauman took the checkered flag with 1.147 seconds in hand over Mees, while Smith earned Harley’s first Mile podium since the .

Bauman said, “It’s pretty crazy. Honestly, I had both Jared’s and Bryan’s posters on my wall when I was growing up. I watched them every chance I could. Getting to race with them is a little bit surreal… The racing was clean and fast and the track was gnarly. All-in-all, it’s a dream come true.”

Robinson lost touch with the leaders with around three minutes to go but had built up just enough space to hold off a charging Sammy Halbert (No. 69 Coolbeth-Nila Racing Indian FTR750) for fourth.

Bronson Bauman (No. 37 Indian Motorcycle/Progressive Insurance FTR750), Jeffrey Carver Jr. (No. 23 Happy Trails Racing FTR750), Brandon Price (No. 92 Roof Systems of Dallas, Texas Indian FTR750), Robert Pearson (No. 27 R/J Performance Racing/Hite Trucking Indian FTR750) and Jarod Vanderkooi (No. 20 Harley-Davidson/Vance & Hines XG750R Rev X) completed the top ten.

Bauman’s twin victories move him ahead of Mees in what’s promising to be a season-long heavyweight title fight, 90-87. Halbert is a distant third with 66 points to his credit.

AFT Singles presented by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys

Henry Wiles (No. 17 RMR Honda/Honda Talon CRF450R) earned his first victory since transitioning to the AFT Singles presented by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys class following one of the most entertaining races in recent memory.

As many as ten riders still held a shot at the win as the clock showed 0:00, setting up an epic final two laps to decide the race.

No matter how massive the pack, Wiles ran near the front throughout, swapping the lead on countless occasions with last night’s surprise winner, Brandon Kitchen (No. 105 Donley Excavating/TCD Suspension Honda CRF450F), former teammate Cole Zabala (No. 51 Cornerstone Masonry/B&M Masonry CRF450R) and prodigy Dallas Daniels (No. 32 Estenson Racing Yamaha YZ450F).

Long-time AFT Singles standouts Shayna Texter (No. 52 Red Bull KTM Factory Racing 450 SX-F) and Ryan Wells (No. 94 Waters Autobody Racing/D&D PowerSports KTM 450 SX-F) emerged late, both flashing the potential to steal the win away in the same fashion that Kitchen had the night before.

As the final lap played out, it became increasingly obvious the race would come down to a final straight shootout between Wiles and Zabala. Wiles worked hard to open up a small advantage through Turns 1, 2 and 3 but appeared vulnerable after making a slight bobble while exiting 4. Zabala pulled right up behind Wiles and then swung out of his draft with the checkered flag in sight. While he managed to speed up alongside his opponent’s bike, he didn’t have quite enough steam to complete the winning maneuver.

Wiles said, “We had some guys up there in the mix in the Main Event we hadn’t really seen all day. Cole was riding the wheels off his bike. I’m really happy to see him up here on the podium.

“The guys at RMR and American Honda have been giving us a good effort, and it showed up tonight. Everybody had been saying I’m kind of a big boy and genetically at a disadvantage, but we got it done tonight. I’m really stoked that I could come through.”

Despite narrowly missing out on the win, Zabala’s eye-opening effort still qualifies as a breakthrough performance; it not only marked his first career AFT podium, but his first-ever top-five in the series.

Texter finished third, with Daniels, Wells and Kitchen taking fourth, fifth, and sixth, respectively.

After an unfortunate mechanical, title hopeful Mikey Rush (No. 15 Estenson Racing Yamaha YZ450F) finished an uncharacteristic 15th. As a result, Wiles now leads Kitchen 68-65 with Texter jumping up to third with 58 points.

AFT Production Twins

James Rispoli (No. 43 Latus Motors Racing Harley-Davidson XG750R) got a second chance to end his run of AFT Production Twins second-place finishes. He responded by winning by more than 12 seconds in an absolute show of force.

“The Rocket” had been knocking on the door ever since returning to dirt track in 2019 after assembling a national championship-winning roadracing career. He notched up four podiums a year ago, and opened his 2020 campaign with three consecutive runner-up finishes.

Rispoli established himself as the heavy favorite on Saturday night, topping both qualifying sessions and running away with his Semi. Despite the lofty expectations set by his pace, he was quickly swallowed up and shuffled back to fourth as the Main Event got underway.

The race was completely reset, however, following a Michael Inderbitzin (No. 54 Weirbach Racing/Rekluse Kawasaki Ninja 650) crash. And this time around, Rispoli stole the holeshot and quickly erased any aspirations of victory his rivals might have entertained as he disappeared into the distance.

Rispoli was consistently a full second per lap better than the rest of the field, ultimately taking the checkered flag with a massive 12.396-second margin of victory.

The win was Rispoli’s first in American Flat Track competition in more than a decade. Afterward, he was suitably excited: “I’m so stoked! I’m so fired up, I lost my voice on the cooldown lap. It’s been so long since I won… I’ve got to thank George Latus for putting the team together, ProBEAM, all the guys on the team for just getting through the grind, and Vance & Hines for giving us a rocketship.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever had this big of a lead in my entire career. That’s what we want to do — we want to stamp our authority. They say it’s hard but when everything is flowing it’s easy. I’m just pumped!”

The race for second was considerably less predictable with as many as six riders in contention for the position deep into the contest. Friday winner Ben Lowe (No. 25 Roof Systems of Dallas/Bruce Lowe Excavating Yamaha MT-07) and 2015 GNC2 Indy victor Nick Armstrong (No. 60 Lessley Brothers Racing/Competitive SheetMetal Yamaha MT-07) resumed last night’s intense scrap as they repeatedly went side-by-side angling for the spot.

At least they did until both riders found themselves outclassed by reigning class champion Cory Texter (No. 1 G&G Racing/Roof Systems Yamaha MT-07), who sailed past and then eked out a gap on the final lap to finish as the race’s runner-up.

Armstrong held on for third to score his first AFT podium result since the aforementioned ‘15 Indy win. Chad Cose (No. Wally Brown Racing Harley-Davidson XG750R) came home fourth, edging Lowe at the stripe by 0.019 seconds.

Texter’s late-race flurry helped minimize the championship damage, but it wasn’t enough to prevent Rispoli from taking a commanding lead of the early-season title fight. Rispoli now leads with 85 points to Texter’s 76 while Lowe sits third with 68.

Both of this weekend’s races will air on NBCSN, with the Indy Mile I airing on Thursday, August 27, starting at 1:00 a.m/10:00 p.m., and the Indy Mile II to follow on Saturday, August 29, at 12:00 a.m. ET/9:00 p.m. PT. The broadcasts will include exclusive features, cutting-edge aerial drone and onboard footage, and the expert commentary of AFT legend Chris Carr.

Next Up:

American Flat Track will follow up two days of racing at the Indy Mile with a Springfield tripleheader. The AFT Singles will kick the weekend off in Springfield, Illinois, with the Springfield ST on Friday, September 4. After that, the AFT SuperTwins and AFT Production Twins will take over for two days of racing at the “World’s Fastest Mile,” with the Springfield Mile I on Saturday, September 5, and the Springfield Mile II on Sunday, September 6. Live coverage of the entire weekend’s racing activities will be available on any device for less than $1 per event via TrackPass on NBC Sports Gold.

Fans can keep up-to-date with American Flat Track on Facebook (@American Flat Track), Twitter (@AmericanFlatTrk) and Instagram (@AmericanFlatTrack). AFT mobile apps are available for iPhone on the App Store and for Android at Google Play. For more information, please visit

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