3:16 Trackdays Announces Its New “America Superbike Camp” And 2020 Schedule (Updated)

3:16 Trackdays Announces Its New “America Superbike Camp” And 2020 Schedule (Updated)

© 2019, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc. From a press release issued By 3:16 Trackdays LLC:

3:16 Trackdays announces The America Superbike Camp at COTA [Circuit of The Americas] to be held on July 6, 2020

3:16 Trackdays LLC has developed a new format in through experience working with Texas Motorcycle Academy led by retired AMA Pro Craig Gleason and facilitating the Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association (CMRA) race school. The format has been named “The America Superbike Camp.”

The America Superbike Camp has completed the 2019 season with this unique
format which includes mentor coaching done by experienced road racing
athletes from the novice level all the way to the MotoAmerica level.
Coaching “student-to-teacher” ratio is extremely low 4:1 and sessions will be
30 minutes long at COTA.

Coaching is personalized by gathering key focus points from riders to
focus on. The riders are then matched with a mentor coach according to
their needs and skill levels.

These high value events are reasonably priced and will go on sale via the
website https://316trackdays.com on December 1, 2019 there will be one COTA
event, other events will be held at club level tracks in Cresson, Texas
and Houston, Texas.  (MSRC and MSRH)

3:16 Trackdays/American Superbike Camp 2020 Schedule:
3/23/20 – America Superbike Camp at MSRC 1.7 CCW
5/25/20 – Memorial day America Superbike Camp MSRH CW
7/6/20 –   America Superbike Camp at COTA CCW
8/8/20 –  America Superbike Camp at MSRH CW
8/9/20 – Just a Trackday at MSRH CW
9/7/20 – Superbike Camp at MSRC 1.7 CCW
9/7/20 – Superbike Camp at MSRH CW
For more information visit 316trackdays.com

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