Final Call! 2024 Trackday Directory: Submit Schedules And Photos By February 2

Final Call! 2024 Trackday Directory: Submit Schedules And Photos By February 2

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Roadracing World Publishing is now requesting schedule and photo submissions from trackday organizers and riding school operators for the 2024 season to put in Roadracing World & Motorcycle Technology magazine and the 2024 Roadracing World Trackday Directory annual edition.

All schedule submissions should include: the name of your school or trackday organization, your schedule (including exact dates, correct track names and locations, and the track layout being used that day, if applicable), and full contact information for consumers.

Schedules submitted will be published in the Calendar section of Roadracing World magazine and the Events calendar section of as soon as possible after they are received.

For trackday and school organizations and schedules to be listed in Roadracing World’s 2024 Trackday Directory annual edition, however, we need your schedule and the following information by February 2, 2024:

School or Trackday Organization Name:

Physical or Mailing Address (Street address, city, state abbreviation, zip code):

Phone Number:

Website Address:

Email Address:


Participant Information (Select one answer for each question):

  1. Events Run Rain or Shine: Yes or No
  1. Coolant: Antifreeze OK or No Antifreeze Allowed
  1. Headlight & Taillight: OK or Tape or Disconnect or Tape and Disconnect
  1. Mirrors & Signals: OK or Tape or Remove
  1. License Plate: OK or Remove
  1. Safety Wire: Some Required or None Required
  1. Sidestand: OK or Remove
  1. The minimum age to participate is: ?

Please e-mail schedule/calendar and Trackday Directory listing information and/or updates to [email protected].

Even if your 2024 schedule is not finalized, please respond to us and send whatever information you can so that you will not be left out of the Trackday Directory annual. Provisional schedules or dates listed as provisional are allowed.

There is no cost to be listed in Roadracing World’s Trackday Directory annual edition, but we can’t post your information if we don’t receive it in time. As a result, late submissions or incomplete submissions may not be published.

Again, the deadline to submit is February 2, 2024.

If you’ve already submitted your schedule for inclusion in the Calendar section of Roadracing World & Motorcycle Technology, great! But this is not enough information for an entry in the Trackday Directory. Please submit the participant information requested above to be included in the once-per-year Roadracing World Trackday Directory or call us to do minor updates to the information we published in our last Trackday Directory.

If you have any doubt about what you have or have not sent in or if it was received, please contact us.

Send Photos

As always, we are also requesting trackday organizers and school operators to submit digital photos of their events and groups in action – on and off the track — for possible publication in the 2024 Trackday Directory. This is a great way to publicize your events and spotlight some of your members at no cost to you, but we need you to help us help you.

Digital photos must be in-focus, free from any watermarks or graphics, and high-resolution, which means a minimum of 300 dpi/ppi or 3000 pixels wide at 3 inches. The best way to submit these photos is with a file transfer program like Google Drive, Hightail, or Dropbox, which are free to download and use on a limited basis. Emailing the photos in small batches also works.

Photos must be accompanied by information to be used to write a caption. This includes the name of the track and information in order to credit the photographer, etc. By submitting a photo or photos, you certify that you own the submitted material and that you give us (Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.) permission to publish it in Roadracing World magazine and/or post it on, without paying you (or anybody else) any money.

And racing organizations, if your contact information has changed since last year or you just want to be sure we have your correct information please e-mail it in.

For additional information, e-mail [email protected] or call (909) 654-4779.

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