2021 KTM 200 Duke, The Light Heavyweight

2021 KTM 200 Duke, The Light Heavyweight

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Featured In the January 2021 issue of Roadracing World: 

        To understand the KTM 200 Duke, you have to understand where it comes from, and what KTM wants to do with it. Without that perspective, it’s hard to grasp the reasoning behind bringing a motorcycle that is uncomfortable at freeway speeds to the land of—well, freeway speeds, under any and all circumstances, freeway or not! 

        But when you do understand that perspective, it’s a good little motorcycle that makes very good sense.

        Let’s be clear: The KTM 200 Duke is a beginner’s bike. It’s designed to be the bike for someone who hasn’t ridden before, who is throwing their leg over a motorcycle for the first time. Lots of riders spend years in the dirt before they are old enough to ride a streetbike. This isn’t the bike for them. This is a motorcycle for someone who is a fan of the KTM Duke lineup, who wants to have a 1290 Super Duke R in their garage some day, and who wants to take every step of the journey toward KTM’s ‘halo bike’ on a Duke…


—Quick Look: 2021 KTM 200 Duke, The Light Heavyweight, by Michael Gougis


KTM’s 200 Duke is a small-displacement bike that comes with big-bike features and the feel of riding a full-size machine. Read about the company’s latest entry point into the sport of motorcycling for brand-new riders – all in the latest issue of Roadracing World!


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