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Mar 13, 2002

Updated With Reader Reaction: DiSalvo Apologizes To Lapped Rider Moreau For Collision At Daytona

This just in from Jason DiSalvo:

I would like to formally apologize to Rick Moreau, Rick was involved in the turn 6 incident during AMA 250cc Grand Prix race at Daytona last weekend with me. The unfortunate incident that took place during the race was poor judgement on my part. Also I have to come to the realization that I'm not racing in Europe anymore and there will be riders lapping slower than the front runners, like I was at one time. I haven't experienced circumstances from the overtaking rider's point of view for the last two years racing over in Europe because of the 107% qualifying maxima, and the use of blue flags to warn a slower rider that he's being approached quickly by someone faster. I was, however, shown the blue flag during World Championship events that I've participated in over the past three years, and the results of such a system seemed mutually beneficial to everyone.

On a final note I would like to encourage as many people as possible to solicit the AMA for usage of the blue flag system in all classes. I feel instating blue flag regulations would make for better racing, and more importantly, make racing much more safe for everyone.

My written apology stands as written above, and upon my next meeting with Rick Moreau I will extend another apology in person, because there is no excuse for the incident that took place.

Jason DiSalvo #40
Team America GP Racing

And now some reaction from readers:

I was very pleased to read Jason's apology and explanation to the lapped rider he hit at Daytona. I am glad to see that he has the maturity and strength to admit he was in the wrong in the situation.

Unfortunately these qualities are lacking in too many of our professional sportsmen.

In the past, I have not closely followed Jason's career. I think he is a rising professional that deserves more attention and opportunities.

Good luck, Jason, and thanks for putting your best foot forward.

George Leavell
Gilroy, CA

I just wanted to say that Jason DiSalvo posting a formal apology was outstanding, and showed his maturity and integrity in this greatest sport in the world. Go get em', Jason.

Trey Godwin
CCS #13

I watched that collision carefully and it appeared that Jason was holding a tight, inside line and making better corner speed and Jason's position at that point was not seen by the slower rider...who appeared to be in a very lazy late-apex maneuver.

I think Jason was showing a lot of maturity in sending his apology, but I am not entirely convinced he owed one to the other rider.

I am rooting for Jason to do well this season.

Dave Johnson

In regards to Jason's apology, I must admit it almost brought a tear to my eye. I couldn't imagine a better one. Very gracious, indeed. I'm feeling bad for thinking he was a jerk. I also agree with him on the use of the blue flags and I understand a little better what triggered the incident in the first place. Thanks for the update.

Keith Hertell
CMRA Board Member
San Antonio, Texas