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Mar 8, 2002

Updated Post: Yates Wins Daytona Supersport Race In Last-Lap Melee

Copyright 2002, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.<BR><BR>Aaron Yates caught the lead pack and worked his way up to take the lead in the run to the white flag, charged through the infield and onto the west banking, held off his pursuers through and out of the chicane, and won the Daytona Supersport race on his Yoshimura Suzuki.<BR><BR>Yates was aided by Kurtis Roberts, who spun up his Erion Honda's rear tire, slid up the banking out of the chicane, and delayed the rest of the leaders.<BR><BR>The race was marred by a fiery crash exiting the chicane on lap 7 of 18, involving Anthony Gobert, Aaron Gobert and Tommy Hayden. One of the Gobert brothers was run over by Hayden in the crash, which saw Anthony Gobert's Yamaha go end over end and burst into flames.<BR><BR>After reviewing a video tape replay of the Supersport race finish, AMA timing and scoring ruled that Honda's Miguel Duhamel finished in third place 0.001 second ahead of Jamie Hacking. The change was announced in the Daytona Media Center at approximately 6:10 p.m. Eastern Time.<BR>Revised unofficial results follow:<BR><BR>1. Aaron Yates, Suzuki<BR>2. Nicky Hayden, Honda, -0.402 second<BR>3. Miguel Duhamel, Honda, -0.502<BR>4. Jamie Hacking, Suzuki, -0.503<BR><BR>5. Kurtis Roberts, Honda, -0.567<BR>6. Damon Buckmaster, Yamaha, -6.792<BR>7. Mike Hale, Honda, -17.263<BR>8. Jason Pridmore, Suzuki, -17.382<BR>9. Josh Hayes, Suzuki, -17.386<BR>10. Ben Spies, Suzuki, -17.417<BR>11. Tom Kipp, Suzuki, -25.794<BR>12. Miering, Kawasaki, -52.951<BR>13. Roger Lee Hayden, Honda, -54.629<BR>14. Steve Rapp, Suzuki, -54.706<BR>15. Jimmy Moore, Suzuki, -54.723<BR>16. Alex Gobert, Honda, -61.001<BR>17. Jake Zemke, Honda, -70.007<BR>18. Scott Hermersmann, Suzuki, -77.279<BR>19. Shaun Harris, Suzuki, -85.811<BR>20. John Ashmead, Suzuki, -1:47.576<BR>21. Ray Bowman, Honda<BR>22. Tyler Wadsworth, Yamaha<BR>23. Owen Richey, Yamaha<BR>24. Ty Howard, Suzuki, 17 laps<BR>25. Russ Intravartolo, Kawasaki, 17 laps<BR>26. Chris Greer, Yamaha, -17 laps<BR>27. Kevin Pate, Suzuki, -17 laps<BR>28. David McPherson, Yamaha, -17 laps<BR>29. Richard Ford, Suzuki, -17 laps<BR>30. Eric Bostrom, Kawasaki, DNF, 14 laps, mechanical<BR>31. Andrew Nelson, Kawasaki, DNF, 13 laps<BR>32. Aaron Gobert, Yamaha, DNF, 6 laps, crash<BR>33. Tommy Hayden, Kawasaki, DNF, 6 laps, crash<BR>34. Anthony Gobert, Yamaha, DNF, 6 laps, crash<BR>35. Santiago Villa, Yamaha, DNF, 5 laps<BR>36. Hector Romero, Yamaha, DNF, 5 laps<BR>37. Jimmy Filice, Kawasaki, DNF, 2 laps<BR><BR>DNS: Owen Weichel, Larry Pegram, Lee Acree, Craig Connell, Jordan Szoke, Jeff Tigert, Dirk Sanchez, Brent Bennett, Scotty Van Scoik.<BR><BR>Race Time: 34 minutes, 26.890 seconds<BR>Victory Margin: 0.402-second<BR>Winner's Average Speed: 111.611 mph<BR>Winner's Average Lap Time: 1:54.827<BR>Second-place Average Speed: 111.589 mph<BR>Second-place Average Lap Time: 1:54.850
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