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May 6, 2001

Updated Post With Point Standings: Anthony Gobert Wins Restarted 600cc Supersport Race At Sears Point

The 600cc Supersport race at Sears Point was red-flagged on before the sixth lap was complete due to a crash in turn 11 that left American Supercamp's Tyler Wadsworth laying on the track with a concussion. Yoshimura Suzuki's Aaron Yates had grabbed the holeshot and early lead over Eric Bostrom, Anthony Gobert, and Jamie Hacking. Gobert passed Bostrom on the brakes for turn 11 on lap three and took the lead from Yates on the next lap when Yates ran wide in the carousel. Hacking crashed on lap four at the exit of the carousel and was trying to get back in the race for the re-start. The new grid was formed from the lap five running order.<BR><BR>Kurtis Roberts switched to his back-up bike after his A-bike "broke" on the hot lap. During the 15-minute red flag break, Roberts' crew switched the shock from his A-bike to his back-up machine. Roberts had a moment on lap five and dropped back five positions.<BR><BR>Order At Red Flag: 1. Anthony Gobert, Yamaha<BR>2. Aaron Yates, Suzuki<BR>3. Eric Bostrom, Kawasaki<BR>4. Miguel Duhamel, Honda<BR>5. Tommy Hayden, Yamaha<BR>6. Jason Pridmore, Suzuki<BR>7. John Hopkins, Suzuki<BR>8. Jake Zemke, Honda<BR>9. Josh Hayes, Honda<BR>10. Brian Parriott, Suzuki<BR>11. Kurtis Roberts, Honda<BR>12. Damon Buckamster, Yamaha<BR>13. Owen Weichel, Kawasaki<BR>14. Grant Lopez, Suzuki<BR>15. Aaron Gobert, Yamaha<BR>16. Roger Lee Hayden, Honda<BR>17. Lee Acree, Suzuki<BR>18. Vincent Haskovec, Suzuki<BR>19. Jimmy Moore, Suzuki<BR>20. Joe Gill, Yamaha<BR><BR><BR>Anthony Gobert Wins Restarted 600cc Supersport Race<BR><BR>Anthony Gobert won the restarted 600cc Supersport race at Sears Point after Aaron Yates crashed while leading in a spirited battle with Gobert.<BR><BR>Final Results:<BR><BR>1. Anthony Gobert, Yamaha<BR>2. Eric Bostrom, Kawasaki<BR>3. Miguel Duhamel, Honda<BR>4. Josh Hayes, Honda<BR>5. Tommy Hayden, Yamaha<BR>6. John Hopkins, Suzuki<BR>7. Jake Zemke, Honda<BR>8. Brian Parriott, Suzuki<BR>9. Grant Lopez, Suzuki<BR>10. Owen Weichel, Kawasaki<BR>1. Roger Lee Hayden, Honda<BR>12. Lee Acree, Suzuki<BR>13. Jimmy Moore, Suzuki<BR>14. Vincent Haskovec, Suzuki<BR>15. Stuart Stratton, Yamaha<BR>16. Steve Patterson, Suzuki<BR>17. David Ortega, Suzuki<BR>18. Jeremy Toye, Yamaha<BR>19. Aaron Gobert, Yamaha<BR>20. Owen Richey, Yamaha<BR>21. Gary Hatfield, Yamaha<BR>22. Jeff Tigert, Honda<BR>23. Kevin Carter, Yamaha<BR>24. Kurt Marmor, Honda<BR>25. Blake Lawson, Honda<BR>26. Jeremiah Johnson, Yamaha<BR>27. Davie Norgord, Yamaha<BR>28. David Rodgers, Yamaha<BR>29. Mark Simon, Suzuki, -1 lap<BR>30. Eric Hancock, Yamaha, -1 lap<BR>31. Justin McReynolds, Yamaha, -1 lap<BR>32. Dan Bennett, Suzuki, -1 lap<BR>33. Joe Gill, Yamaha, -2 laps<BR>34. Justin Blake, Honda, -2 laps<BR>35. Lance Williams, Yamaha, -2 laps<BR>36. Aaron Yates, Suzuki, -4 laps, DNF, crash<BR>37. Jason Pridmore, Suzuki, -6 laps, DNF, mechanical<BR>38. Geoff Pestes, Yamaha, -6 laps DNF<BR>39. Damon Buckmaster, Yamaha, -7 laps, DNF<BR>40. Kurtis Roberts, Honda, -8 laps, DNF, crash<BR>41. Robert Bussey, Suzuki, -11 laps, DNF<BR>42. Tyler Wadsworth, Yamaha, -11 laps, DNF, crash<BR>43. Jamie Hacking, Suzuki, -13 laps, DNF, crash<BR>44. Jonathan Evans, Suzuki, DNF<BR><BR><BR>600cc Supersport Point Standings:<BR>1. Anthony Gobert, 66<BR>2. Miguel Duhamel, 66<BR>3. Eric Bostrom, 58<BR>4. Tommy Hayden, 50<BR>5. Josh Hayes, 48<BR>6. Jake Zemke, 46<BR>7. Lee Acree, 39<BR>8. Grant Lopez, 36<BR>9. Jimmy Moore, 35<BR>10. Nicky Hayden, 32<BR>11. Kurtis Roberts, 29<BR>12. Jamie Hacking, 25<BR>13. John Hopkins, 25<BR>14. Aaron Yates, 24<BR>15. Brian Parriott, 23
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