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Sep 17, 2001

Updated Post With Photos: Yamaha Releases Details Of New Fuel-Injected YZF-R1

From a Yamaha press release on the 2002 YZF-R1:<BR><BR>ALL New for 2002:<BR><BR><hr noshade size="1"><img src="../issues/oct01/yam2.jpg"><hr noshade size="1">Completely new, ultra-sleek bodywork features a sharper front profile and headlight; more compact fuel tank; engine-revealing side cowlings; and restyled seat and ultra-sleek tailsection.<hr noshade size="1"><img src="../issues/oct01/yam3.jpg"><hr noshade size="1"><BR><BR>Compact, ultra-lightweight 998cc, DOHC, 20-valve, liquid-cooled, in-line four-cylinder engine features significant intake, exhaust and internal retooling to enhance low- and mid-range torque and boost top-end power! <BR><BR>All-new, competition-bred suction-piston type fuel injection - the first ever such system used on a production motorcycle - features shorter intake ports and a special vacuum-controlled intake system to ensure optimum low-rpm air volume and thus smoother, stronger, more linear power across the rpm range. <BR><BR>EFI's lightweight Electronic Control Unit (ECU) adjusts injection period and timing via intake air temperature/pressure, atmospheric pressure, coolant temperature, crankshaft position, and rpm and throttle position sensors. <BR><BR><hr noshade size="1"><img src="../issues/oct01/yam5.jpg"><hr noshade size="1">All-new, forward-facing airbox routes cooler, fresher air engine-ward as speeds increase, delivering greater high-rpm output. <BR><BR>All-new, higher silicon-content cylinder sleeves ensure greater heat dissipation (and reduced oil consumption) for consistent power delivery and reduced frictional power loss. <BR><BR>Lightweight forged pistons feature carburized connecting rods with stronger, new-design fastening bolts for greater high-rpm durability. <BR><BR>4-into-2-into-1 exhaust with titanium muffler features reshaped, lighter-weight titanium header pipes for enhanced low- to mid-range torque and top-end power. <BR><BR>All-new, higher-efficiency radiator and ring-style cooling fan produces 20% more airflow. <BR><BR>Yamaha's patented Exhaust Ultimate Power (EXUP) valve, redesigned with two shafts and dual butterfly valves to be smaller and lighter, adjusts exhaust flow for maximum torque. <BR><BR>Increased oil capacity and larger oil cooler provide 20% better performance, while bigger sightglass ensures easy oil level inspection. <BR><BR>All-new direct ignition coils, iridium spark plugs and higher-output magneto delivers hotter, more reliable firing. <BR><BR><hr noshade size="1"><img src="../issues/oct01/yam1.jpg"><hr noshade size="1">All-new aluminum Deltabox III frame, finished in gorgeous R7-spec black, boasts greater rigidity with reduced weight, a 600cc-class 54.9" wheelbase, and uses the engine as a fully stressed member for industry-leading handling. <BR><BR>Solid-mounted engine has been raised 20mm inside new frame, centralizing rider/machine mass for quicker cornering transitions. <BR><BR>All-new, fully detachable aluminum subframe means easier rear shock access. <BR><BR>Extra-long (22.9") swingarm features all-new asymmetrical design to accommodate retooled EXUP valve and muffler, as well as higher pivot axis and slant angle to match repositioned engine mounting. <BR><BR>Redesigned inverted telescopic front fork features 4.7" of travel and more rigid, larger-diameter 43mm tubes with higher-rate springs and a wider range of damping adjustability for sharper, more responsive cornering performance. <BR><BR>Revised front-end geometry features reduced fork offset and increased trail for more linear response during cornering. <BR><BR><hr noshade size="1"><img src="../issues/oct01/yam6.jpg"><hr noshade size="1">All-new, one-piece hollow forged aluminum clip-ons and a lighter-weight steering shaft pipe deliver enhanced balance and feel. <BR><BR>40mm piggyback rear shock with 5.1" of travel features higher spring rates, a wider range of full adjustability and a lighter-weight aluminum preload adjuster cam to ensure exceptional rear wheel tracking and handling performance. <BR><BR>Dual 298mm front disc brakes feature new gold-anodized, 4-piston calipers with all-new aluminum pistons and sintered brake pads for stronger, one-finger stopping power. <BR><BR>Rear brake set-up features lighter-weight, smaller-diameter 220mm disc with all-new 2-piston pin-slide-type caliper.<BR><BR><hr noshade size="1"><img src="../issues/oct01/yam.jpg"><hr noshade size="1">All-new LED taillight is lighter-weight and significantly brighter, while boasting a sleek, single-piece curved design.<BR><BR>All-new speedometer console with newly adjustable LCD illumination features multi-function digital (odometer, dual tripmeters, water temperature) and analog (tachometer) gauges and indicator lights. <BR><BR>Instrumentation also features all-new shift indicator light, adjustable for pre-selected rpm levels to suit different riding styles or roads. <BR><BR>Overall weight reduced thanks to lighter-weight wheels, drive sprocket cover, drive chain and front fender. <BR><BR>Additional Features:<BR><BR><hr noshade size="1"><img src="../issues/oct01/yam4.jpg"><hr noshade size="1">Specially designed, one-piece cylinder and crankcase assembly provides tremendous engine rigidity that's lighter and stiffer than two-piece designs. <BR><BR>Special 3-axis gearbox design stacks input/output shafts to create a low center of gravity and keep overall engine size to 600cc-spec dimensions. <BR><BR>Close-ratio 6-speed transmission delivers seamless power transfer between gears for maximum acceleration. <BR><BR>Compact, large-capacity clutch ensures consistent, positive engagement. <BR> <BR> <BR>
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