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Apr 19, 2001

Updated Post With Additional Information: AMA Claims It had Secret Plan to Buy Air Fence All Along As Our Fund Reaches $48,208

The AMA issued a press release April l9 attempting to discredit the Roadracing World Air Fence fundraising drive, claiming the existence of a secret AMA plan to buy and deploy Air Fence. <BR><BR>This despite AMA Pro Racing CEO Scott Hollingsworth telling Roadracing World's John Ulrich (at Daytona in March) that he had been unable to convince the AMA Pro Racing Board of Directors to agree to purchase new Air Fence.<BR><BR>"I hope you haven't written a check I can't cash," said Hollingsworth, referring to a report on that the Pro Racing Board was considering buying additional Air Fence. In fact, the Board was unable to reach agreement on the purchase and had not put together the funding.<BR><BR>Now that Roadracing World has decided it's time to stop talking and start taking action by launching a donation drive to purchase Air Fence, AMA Pro Racing has changed its story and claimed that purchase of the new Air Fence has been in the works since late last year.<BR><BR>But two days ago, a Board member complained in an e-mail to Roadracing World that he had been diligently working on a plan to purchase Air Fence for a month. One month ago was March 2001, not December 2000. Yet AMA Pro Racing now claims that the purchase has been in the works since December of last year.<BR><BR>The AMA release read as follows.<BR><BR>"AMA PRO RACING BRINGS CLARITY TO RECENT DISCUSSIONS ON AIR FENCE<BR>PICKERINGTON, Ohio -- In December 2000, the AMA Pro Racing Board of Directors took action to initiate a plan for the purchase of 30 additional units of Air Fence to be used at rounds of the AMA Chevy Trucks U.S. Superbike Championship. <BR><BR>The estimated cost to purchase, staff, transport and store the fencing exceeds $450,000 for a three-year period, not including ongoing maintenance and repair costs. <BR><BR>"A formal announcement of this program was planned once all details were complete. It should be noted that a four-month lead time is required for the delivery of this quantity of air fence. <BR><BR>"AMA Pro Racing appreciates the individuals and corporations pledging support throughout the development of this important initiative. Visit for updates on this and other AMA Pro Racing news and race results. "<BR><BR>In response to the AMA press release, Roadracing World's John Ulrich said, "The AMA release is the usual excuse for why something hasn't happened. I've been pushing these guys to get more Air Fence since Grant Lopez, Miguel Duhamel, and Thomas Wilson slammed into bare concrete walls two or three years ago. At this time the AMA has three sections of Air Fence, one of which leaks badly. In two and a half days, I've raised $48,000, enough for 16 sections of Air Fence, with donations coming from individual AMA members, race teams, racing enthusiasts, and companies involved in racing, without any help whatsoever from anybody at the AMA headquarters. Talk is cheap and it's easy for bureaucrats to make plans. <BR><BR>"It's also worth noting that they didn't say they've already come up with the money to enact this grand plan, they just said they're working on it and were planning to announce the plan when they were finished, which is what they always say.<BR><BR>"What we've done is make something happen. That's what racers do, and we're not going to stop until we have funded 30 new sections of Air Fence. And if I have to buy a truck and transport and deploy it myself, that is what I'm going to do. How is that a bad thing?"<BR><BR>A spokesman for an Air Fence supplier based in Europe has told Roadracing World that Air Fence could be delivered to Road Atlanta in time for the AMA National there next month.<BR><BR><BR>The Roadracing World Air Fence fundraising drive has already raised $48,208, and the list of contributors continues to grow, with new donations from racer Dean Scarpa, Anonymous, Mike Canfield/Chandelle Motorsports, Spectrum Motorsports/VJB Racing, Debbie Roy, and many other racers, team owners, teams and fans. The current donation list follows:<BR><BR>Erik Buell/Buell Motorcycle Company $5800<BR>Anonymous $4725<BR>John Ulrich/Roadracing World $2900<BR>Aprilia USA $2900<BR>American Suzuki Motor Corp. $2900<BR>Ducati North America $2900<BR>Wendell Phillips/Lockhart Phillips $2500<BR>Dennis Smith/Sport Tire Services $1500<BR>Marc Salvisberg/Factory Pro Tuning $1450<BR>Bob Dragich/Roadracing World $1450<BR>Bob Blandford/N.E. Sportbike Assn. $1100<BR>Chuck Warren/Arclight Suzuki $1000<BR>Jim Rashid/4&6 Cycle $1000<BR>Scott Willock $1000<BR>Team Daemon Racing $600<BR>Don Lemelin/Scuderia West $500<BR>Kevin Erion/Erion Racing $500<BR>Pinky's Pizza of Walnut Creek $500<BR>Doug Gonda $500<BR>Jerry Wood/Penguin School $500<BR>Mike Canfield/Chandelle Motorsports $500<BR>Jim Davis/J6 Racing/In Memory of Dirk Piz $500<BR>Edward S. Siccardi, Jr. $300<BR>Dan Fischer/ $300<BR>David Finniff $300<BR>Marietta Motorsports $300<BR>Brendan Guy $300<BR>Dean Scarpa $300<BR>Anonymous $300<BR>Brian Mitchell $250<BR>Al Ludington $250<BR>Tim Simpson $250<BR>Spectrum Motorsports/VJB Racing $250<BR>David Roy, Ducati N. America $250<BR>Debbie Roy/Frenotec $250<BR>Papa Thiam/WERA BBS $200<BR>Bill Capshaw/ICE Motorsports $200<BR>Scott Decker $200<BR>Terry Embury $200<BR>Jim "Dutch" MacKenzie/WERA BBS $200<BR>Scott Jenkins $200<BR>Chris Kelley $150<BR>Jim Williams/ $125<BR>David Boosales/WERA BBS $125<BR>Mike Brown $125<BR>Pat Stricker $100<BR>Gary Rand $100<BR>Michael Roberson/WERA BBS $100<BR>Sean Jordan/WERA BBS $100<BR>Army of Darkness $100<BR>Stuart Gregg $100<BR>Pinky's Pizza/Lippman Racing $100<BR>Bob Szoke $100<BR>TyrSox $100<BR>Ron West/Omzig Productions $100<BR>Joe Facer $100<BR>Preston Rash $100<BR>Geoff Maloney/GP Tech $100<BR>Melissa Berkoff/Neighbor Of The Beast $100<BR>Caesar Gonzales/WERA BBS $100<BR>Dorina Groves $100<BR>Philip Rusin/ $100<BR>Allen "Spence" Spencer $100<BR>Matt Wadsworth $100<BR>Dean N. De St. Croix $100<BR>Tony Tugwell/ $100<BR>Bart Fuqua $100<BR>Brian Stokes $100<BR>Chris "Opie" Caylor $100<BR>David McElvain/NEDOD $100<BR>Ned "Peanut" Brown/NESBA/TPM $100<BR>Vance Hacecky $100<BR>Patrick Mee $100<BR>Dave and Jason Parker $100<BR>Paul Kingsburgh/ $100<BR>Lucky Deleoni $100<BR>Tom Drumm $100<BR>David Brown $100<BR>Steve Moonitz $100<BR>Jake Swan $100<BR>Chris Story $100<BR>Chris Eklund $100<BR>Randy Ball/WERA BBS $100<BR>Mark Hellvig $100<BR>Gary Schilling/On Time Racing $100<BR>Steve Sumner $100<BR>Laura Granato $100<BR>Paul Black $100<BR>Tyson Kamp $75<BR>Nelo Hakola $50<BR>Tyler Sandell $ 50<BR>David J. Kopfinger $ 50<BR>Aaron Loyd $50<BR>Martin Voelker $50<BR>Steve Hopkins $50<BR>Louis DeBlois $50<BR>Leigh Taunton/EMGO $50<BR>Randy Sinisi $50<BR>Danny Hull $50<BR>Team Skidmark Racing $50<BR>Ryan Meskimen/WERA BBS $50<BR>Erik Astrup $50<BR>Paul Zavada $50<BR>James Greeson $50<BR>Victor Mokler $50<BR>Steve Clark/J. Guthridge/Tight Squeeze Racing $50<BR>Nate Olsen $50<BR>Anthony Moey $50<BR>Dustin Miller $50<BR>Lindsey Leard $30<BR>Greg Gabis $29<BR>Ripley Howe $29<BR>Josh Loberant $25<BR>Charles Tomes $25<BR>Jon DeMent $25<BR>Timothy Wilson $25<BR>Mark Novak $25<BR>S.C. Pittman $20<BR><BR>To pledge a contribution, call Roadracing World at (800) 464-8336 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time, when operators will be standing by. Credit cards accepted. Pledges can also be made by e-mailing Readers should feel free to call their parts, tire and accessory suppliers and urge them to make a contribution to improve safety conditions for AMA racers. For that matter, contact local dealers and ask them to encourage their OEMs to contribute. For background information, see Time To Take Back The AMA post from Tuesday morning. Stay tuned for more details.<BR><BR>
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