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Jun 3, 2001

Updated Post With 500cc, 250cc, 125cc Results: Barros Wins Red-flagged, Restarted 500cc Grand Prix At Mugello, Roberts And Rossi Crash

Alex Barros won the restarted Gran Premio Cinzano d'Italia at Mugello Sunday, winning by a combined 8.359 seconds. In a combined-time battle between homeboys Loris Capirossi and Max Biaggi, Capirossi beat Biaggi by 0.35-second.<BR><BR>Reigning 500cc World Champion Kenny Roberts crashed with three laps to go, and current 500cc points leader Valentino Rossi crashed with one lap left.<BR><BR>The race was stopped at 3:34 p.m. local time when it started to rain with 7 laps completed, then was restarted at 4:06 p.m. local time. Total combined race distance was 23 laps, or 120.635 kilometers (74.962 miles).<BR><BR>500cc Results, Segment One, After 7 Laps (Red-flagged)<BR>1. Max Biaggi, Italy, Yamaha, 13:36.960<BR>2. Alex Barros, Brazil, Honda, 13:37.461<BR>3. Valentino Rossi, Italy, Honda, 13:37.587<BR>4. Loris Capirossi, Italy, Honda, 13:38.406<BR>5. Kenny Roberts, USA, Suzuki, 13:39.607<BR>6. Tohru Ukawa, Japan, Honda, 13:39.623<BR>7. Alex Criville, Spain, Honda, 13:39.896<BR>8. Norick Abe, Japan, Yamaha, 13:41.204<BR>9. Carlos Checa, Spain, Yamaha, 13:41.576<BR>10. Sete Gibernau, Spain, Suzuki, 13:42.506<BR>11. Shinya Nakano, Japan, Yamaha, 13:42.750<BR>12. Jurgen v.d. Goorbergh, Holland, Proton, 13:43.929<BR>13. Chris Walker, GB, Honda, 13:44.548<BR>14. Noriyuki Haga, Japan, Yamaha, 13:46.589<BR>15. Jose Luis Cardoso, Spain, Yamaha, 13:49.400<BR>16. Haruchika Aoki, Japan, Honda, 13:59.655<BR>17. Anthony West, Australia, Honda, 14:10.783<BR>18. Barry Veneman, Holland, Honda, 14:10.823<BR>19. Mark Willis, Australia, Pulse, 14:10.915<BR>20. Jason Vincent, GB, Pulse, 15:16.807<BR><BR>500cc Results, Combined Segment One and Segment Two, After 23 laps<BR>1. Barros, 49:26.006<BR>2. Capirossi, 49:34.365<BR>3. Biaggi, 49:34.515<BR>4. Criville, 49:35.002<BR>5. Aoki, 49.46.657<BR>6. Gibernau, 49:50.729<BR>7. Ukawa, 49:53.751<BR>8. Nakano, 49:58.774<BR>9. Abe, 50:17.363<BR>10. Haga, 50:34.511<BR>11. Cardoso, 50:44.032<BR>12. v.d. Goorbergh, 51:15.339<BR>13. Willis, 50:26.333<BR>14. Rossi, DNF, crash, 22 laps<BR>15. Roberts, DNF, crash, 20 laps<BR>16. Vincent, DNF, crash, 20 laps<BR>17. Walker, DNF, crash, 11 laps<BR>18. West, DNF, crash, 10 laps<BR>19. Checa, DNF, retired, 7 laps<BR><BR><BR>In 250cc action, Tetsuya Harada led total Aprilia domination, with the Italian marque taking the first five positions in the wet. Harada ran away, winning the 21-lap race by 12.729 seconds; it took Harada 46 minutes, 11.129 seconds to complete the 110.145-kilometer (68.4-mile) race.<BR><BR>Katja Poensgen earned her first Grand Prix points with a 14th-place finish.<BR><BR>250cc Results<BR>1. Tetsuya Harada, Japan, Aprilia<BR>2. Roberto Rolfo, Italy, Aprilia, -12.729 seconds<BR>3. Marco Melandri, Italy, Aprilia, -37.673<BR>4. Roberto Locatelli, Italy, Aprilia, -43.860<BR>5. Fonsi Nieto, Spain, Aprilia, -47.149<BR>6. Emilio Alzamora, Spain, Honda, -54.884<BR>7. David Cehca, Spain, Honda, -57.903<BR>8. Alex Debon, France, Aprilia, -59.092<BR>9. Shahrol Yuzu, Malaysia, Yamaha, -1:00.763<BR>10. Daijiro Katoh, Japan, Honda, -1:13.110<BR>11. Lorenzo Lanzi, Italy, Aprilia, -1:13.110<BR>12. Naoki Matsudo, Japan, Yamaha, -1:40.274<BR>13. David de Gea, Spain, Yamaha, -1:42.351<BR>14. Katja Poensgen, Germany, Aprilia, -1:42.515<BR>15. Jeronimo Vidal, Spain, Aprilia, -1:42.911<BR><BR><BR>Noboru Ueda won the 20-lap, 104.9-kilometer 125cc Grand Prix by 3.810 seconds over Gino Borsoi. Usual front-runner Youich Ui was 18th on the Derbi, one lap down.<BR><BR>125cc Results<BR>1. Noboru Ueda, Japan, TSR-Honda, 45:15.046<BR>2. Gino Borsoi, Italy, Aprilia, -3.810 seconds<BR>3. Manuel Poggiali, San Marino, Gilera, -6.917<BR>4. Toni Elias, Spain, Honda, -12.917<BR>5. Simone Sanna, Italy, Aprilia, -13.280<BR>6. Angel Nieto Jr., Spain, Honda, -14.127<BR>7. Arnaud Vincent, France, Honda, -21.103<BR>8. Masao Azuma, Japan, Honda, -21.250<BR>9. Jarno Muller, Germany, Honda, -21.263<BR>10. Alex de Angelis, San Marino, Honda, -25.424