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May 19, 2001

Updated Post: Saturday Practice And Qualifying Times From Road Atlanta AMA Superbike National

Times for each class will be added to this post as available.<BR><BR>Final Superbike Qualifying Saturday Morning:<BR>1. Mat Mladin, Suzuki, 1:22.735<BR>2. Eric Bostrom, Kawasaki, 1:23.257<BR>3. Aaron Yates, Suzuki, 1:23.226<BR>4. Anthony Gobert, Yamaha, 1:23.246<BR>5. Nicky Hayden, Honda, 1:23.999<BR>6. Tommy Hayden, Yamaha, 1:24.190<BR>7. Steve Rapp, Ducati, 1:24.231<BR>8. Miguel Duhamel, Honda, 1:24.385<BR>9. Doug Chandler, Kawasaki, 1:24.431<BR>10. Jamie Hacking, Suzuki, 1:24.716<BR>11. Kurtis Roberts, Honda, 1:24.744<BR>12. Larry Pegram, Ducati, 1:24.799<BR>13. Mike Smith, H-D, 1:25.029<BR>14. Jordan Szoke, H-D, 1:25.380<BR>15. Andreas Meklau, Ducati, 1:25.406<BR>15. Pascal Picotte, H-D, 1:25.455<BR>16. Ben Spies, Suzuki, 1:27.400*<BR>17. Lee Acree, Suzuki, 1:27.701*<BR>18. Brian Parriott, Suzuki, 1:27.765*<BR>19. Vince Haskovec, Suzuki, 1:27.453*<BR>20. Andy Deatherage, Suzuki, 1:29.064<BR><BR>*Rider on 750cc Supersport racebike<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Formula Xtreme Saturday Morning Practice:<BR><BR>1. John Hopkins, Suzuki GSX-R1000, 1:25.405<BR>2. Roger Lee Hayden, Honda CBR929RR, 1:25.657<BR>3. Aaron Gobert, Yamaha YZF-R1/R7, 1:25.970<BR>4. Jake Zemke, Honda CBR929RR, 1:25.981<BR>5. Mark Miller, Honda CBR929RR, 1:26.485<BR>6. Rich Alexander, Suzuki GSX-R1000, 1:27.453<BR>7. Jason Pridmore, Suzuki GSX-R1000, 1:28.929<BR>8. Steve Grigg, Kawasaki 840, 1:29.090<BR>9. Michael Barnes, Suzuki GSX-R750, 1:29.141<BR>10. Grant Lopez, Suzuki GSX-R1000, 1:29.290<BR>11. Troy Vincent, Suzuki, 1:30.868<BR>12. Billy Ethridge, Suzuki, 1:31.466<BR>13. Scott Carpenter, Suzuki, 1:31.660<BR>14. Robert Hilliard, Suzuki, 1:33.393<BR>15. James Compton, Yamaha, 1:34.474<BR>16. Jim Bonner, Yamaha, 1:34.542<BR>17. Rick Narup, Suzuki, 1:35.441 <BR><BR><BR><BR>750cc Supersport Saturday Morning Practice Times:<BR><BR>1. Mike Ciccotto, 1:26.889<BR>2. Chris Ulrich, 1:27.928<BR>3. Ben Spies, 1:28.346<BR>4. Richie Alexander, 1:28.424<BR>5. Vincent Haskovec, 1:29.214, Suzuki GSX-R600<BR>6. Brian Parriott, 1:29.254, Suzuki GSX-R600<BR>7. Gabriel Henning, 1:29.381<BR>8. Lee Acree, 1:29.423, Suzuki GSX-R600<BR>9. Daigoro Suzuki, 1:29.488<BR>10. Scott Brown, 1:29.753<BR>11. Jimmy Moore, 1:29.830, Suzuki GSX-R600<BR>12. Tony Meiring, 1:29.898<BR>13. Mauro Cereda, 1:30.082<BR>14. David Ortega, 1:30.784<BR>15. Brian Stokes, 1:30.883<BR><BR>Note: All riders on Suzuki GSX-R750s except where noted.<BR><BR><BR>600cc Supersport Saturday Morning Practice Times:<BR><BR>1. Aaron Yates, 1:26.689, Suzuki<BR>2. Jamie Hacking, 1:27.141, Suzuki<BR>3. Kurtis Roberts, 1:27.304, Honda<BR>4. Josh Hayes, 1:27.385, Honda<BR>5. Eric Bostrom, 1:27.670, Kawasaki<BR>6. Brian Parriott, 1:27.824, Suzuki<BR>7. Jake Zemke, 1:27.943, Honda<BR>8. Tommy Hayden, 1:28.024, Yamaha<BR>9. John Hopkins, 1:28.124, Suzuki<BR>10. Miguel Duhamel, 1:28.184, Honda<BR>11. Roger Lee Hayden, 1:28.417, Honda<BR>12. Aaron Gobert, 1:29.422, Yamaha<BR>13. Lee Acree, 1:29.482, Suzuki<BR>14. Jimmy Moore, 1:29.649, Suzuki<BR>15. Vincent Haskovec, 1:30.347, Suzuki<BR>16. Steve Patterson, 1:30.364, Suzuki<BR>17. Edward Ted Cobb, 1:30.680, Suzuki<BR>18. Scott Gardner, 1:31.156, Yamaha<BR>19. Scott Brown, 1:31.490, Suzuki<BR>20. Brian Livengood, 1:31.511, Yamaha<BR><BR><BR>250cc Grand Prix Saturday Morning Practice Times<BR><BR>1. Rich Oliver, 1:26.646, Yamaha<BR>2. Chuck Sorensen, 1:28.332, Yamaha<BR>3. Perry Melneciuc, 1:29.736, Yamaha<BR>4. Roland Sands, 1:30.110, Yamaha<BR>5. Simon Turner, 1:30.522, Yamaha<BR>6. Michael Hannas, 1:30.927, Yamaha<BR>7. Jimmy Filice, 1:31.106, Yamaha<BR>8. Ed Marchini, 1:31.206, Yamaha<BR>9. Derek King, 1:31.557, TSR Honda<BR>10. Cory West, 1:32.626, Yamaha<BR>11. Ben Walters, 1:32.816, Yamaha<BR>12. Greg Esser, 1:32.905, Honda<BR>13. William Himmelsbach, 1:33.078, Yamaha<BR>14. Ed Sorbo, 1:33.097, Yamaha<BR>15. Chris Pyles, 1:34.312, Yamaha<BR><BR><BR>600cc Supersport Final Qualifying:<BR>1. Anthony Gobert, 1:26.797, Yamaha<BR>2. Eric Bostrom, 1:26.870, Kawasaki<BR>3. Aaron Yates, 1:27.068, Suzuki<BR>4. Jamie Hacking, 1:27.071, Suzuki<BR>5. Tommy Hayden, 1:27.109, Yamaha<BR>6. Joshua Hayes, 1:27.676, Honda<BR>7. Lee Acree, 1:27.827, Suzuki<BR>8. Kurtis Roberts, 1:27.833, Honda<BR>9. Roger Lee Hayden, 1:27.910, Honda<BR>10. Brian Parriott, 1:27.955, Suzuki<BR>11. John Hopkins, 1:27.994, Suzuki<BR>12. Miguel Duhamel, 1:28.124, Honda<BR>13. Aaron Gobert, 1:28.228, Yamaha<BR>14. Jake Zemke, 1:28.460, Honda<BR>15. Jimmy Moore, 1:29.178, Suzuki<BR>16. Vincent Haskovec, 1:29.297, Suzuki<BR>17. Damon Buckmaster, 1:29.630, Yamaha<BR>18. Edward Ted Cobb, 1:29.883, Suzuki<BR>19. Daigoro Suzuki, 1:30.300, Kawasaki<BR>20. Steve Patterson, 1:30.687, Suzuki<BR><BR><BR>Yamaha's Anthony Gobert's time of 1:26.797 breaks Aaron Yates' 2000 lap record of 1:27.538. Josh Hayes was the fastest from the odd-numbered qualifying session, but his time was only good enough for sixth-fastest overall. <BR>
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