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May 6, 2001

Updated Post: Sands Wins 250cc Race At Sears Point After Oliver Crashes

Roland Sands won the 250cc Grand Prix race at Sears Point after early leader Rich Oliver crashed. Performance Machine's Sands raced with reigning 250cc Grand Prix Champion Chuck Sorensen for the lead until Sorensen's motorcycle slowed; Sorensen limped home in ninth place. Results follow:<BR><BR>1. Roland Sands, Yamaha<BR>2. Jim Filice, Yamaha<BR>3. Michael Hannas, Yamaha<BR>4. Simon Turner, Yamaha<BR>5. Ed Marchini, Yamaha<BR>6. Perry Melneciuc, Yamaha<BR>7. Andre Castanos, Honda<BR>8. Jeff Leggitt, Honda<BR>9. Chuck Sorensen, Yamaha<BR>10. Cory West, Yamaha<BR>11. Derek McKelvie King, Honda<BR>12. Greg Esser, Honda<BR>13. Adrian Webb, Yamaha<BR>14. Ed Sorbo, Yamaha<BR>15. Colin Jensen, Aprilia<BR>16. John Davis, Yamaha<BR>17. Roy De Groot, Yamaha<BR>18. Rocky Wong, Honda<BR>19. Mark Smith, Honda<BR>20. Mark Watts, Honda, -1 lap<BR>21. John France, Honda, -1 lap<BR>22. Ty Piz, Yamaha, -1 lap<BR>23. Sean Crane, Yamaha, -1 lap<BR>24. Bruce Lind, Yamaha, -1 lap<BR>25. Phil Snowden, Honda, -1 lap<BR>26. Andy Edwards, Yamaha, -1 lap<BR>27. Keith Almond, Yamaha, -1 lap<BR>28. Rich Snowden, Honda, -1 lap<BR>29. Emil Gallant, Yamaha, -1 lap<BR>30. Tom Christian, Honda, -1 lap<BR>31. Steve Bowline, Honda, -1 lap<BR>32. Sean Wray, Yamaha, - 2 laps<BR>33. Jason Dave, Yamaha, -4 laps<BR>34. Tim Hallbeck, Honda, -5 laps<BR>35. Rich Oliver, Yamaha, -15 laps, DNF, crash<BR><BR><BR>250cc Grand Prix Points<BR>1. Sands, 69<BR>2. Filice, 58<BR>3. Hannas, 52<BR>4. Melneciuc, 49<BR>5. Turner, 49<BR>6. Marchini, 46<BR>7. McKelvie King, 39<BR>8. Oliver, 39<BR>9. Esser, 34<BR>10. West, 34