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Jun 2, 2001

Updated Post: Roberts Second-quickest In Mugello 500cc Qualifying Despite Having 12th-Fastest Bike, Harada, Ui Top 250cc And 125cc Qualifying

Reigning 500cc World Champion Kenny Roberts was second only to Valentino Rossi in final qualifying for Sunday's 500cc Grand Prix at Mugello, Italy, despite Roberts having the 12th-fastest bike.<BR><BR>Roberts' Suzuki RGV500 reached a top of speed of 299.9 kph (186.357 mph) on the long main straightaway at Mugello and was 12th fastest, while Rossi's Honda NSR500 was the fastest bike, reaching 306.2 kph (190.273 mph).<BR><BR>Final qualifying times and top speeds follow.<BR><BR>500cc Qualifying Times<BR>1. Valentino Rossi, Italy, Honda, 1:52.554<BR>2. Kenny Roberts, USA, Suzuki, 1:52.688<BR>3. Loris Capirossi, Italy, Honda, 1:52.834<BR>4. Max Biaggi, Italy, Yamaha, 1:52.942<BR>5. Alex Barros, Brazil, Honda, 1:53.021<BR>6. Alex Criville, Spain, Honda, 1:53.142<BR>7. Jurgen v.d. Goorbergh, Holland, Proton, 1:53.241<BR>8. Carlos Checa, Spain, Yamaha, 1:53.253<BR>9. Tohru Ukawa, Japan, Honda, 1:53.335<BR>10. Shinya Nakano, Japan, Yamaha, 1:53.406<BR>11. Norck Abe, Japan, Yamaha, 1:53.589<BR>12. Stee Gibernau, Spain, Suzuki, 1:54.036<BR>13. Noriyuki Haga, Japan, Yamaha, 1:54.091<BR>14. Jose Luis Cardoso, Spain, Yamaha, 1:54.384<BR>15. Chris Walker, GB, Hodna, 1:54.827<BR>16. Jason Vincent, GB, Pulse, 1:55.780<BR>17. Haruchika Aoki, Japan, Honda, 1:56.390<BR>18. Anthony West, Australia, Honda, 1:57.119<BR>19. Johan Stigefelt, Sweden, Sabre, 1:57.765<BR>20. Barry Veneman, Holland, Honda, 1:58.009<BR>21. Mark Willis, Australia, Pulse, 1:58.365<BR><BR>500cc Top Speeds<BR>1. Rossi, 306.2 kph<BR>2. Ukawa, 306.0<BR>3. Gibernau, 304.8<BR>4. Criville, 303.9<BR>5. Haga, 303.3<BR>6. Biaggi, 303.2<BR>7. Nakano, 302.7<BR>8. Abe, 302.3<BR>9. Barros, 302.2<BR>10. Capirossi, 301.9<BR>11. Checa, 300.2<BR>12. Roberts, 299.9<BR>13. v.d. Goorbergh, 299.8<BR>14. Cardoso, 299.7<BR>15. Walker, 299.7<BR>16. Vincent, 288.1<BR>17. Stigefelt, 295.9<BR>18. Vladimir Castka, Slovakia, Paton, 282.9<BR>19. Willis, 279.7<BR>20. West, 276.4<BR>21. Aoki, 274.7<BR>22. Veneman, 274.7<BR><BR><BR>Meanwhile, 250cc Final Qualifying resulted in an all-Aprilia front row on the grid, led by former 250cc World Champion Tetsuya Harada. In fact, only one non-Aprilia made it onto the first two rows of the grid, being Daijiro Katoh's Honda; Katoh was sixth-fastest. And the only other non-Aprilia on the first three rows was Sebastian Porto's Yamaha in 11th.<BR><BR>250cc Final Qualifying Times<BR>1. Tetsuya Harada, Japan, Aprilia, 1:53.922<BR>2. Marcellino Lucchi, Italy, Aprilia, 1:54.585<BR>3. Jeremy McWilliams, GB, Aprilia, 1:54.691<BR>4. Randy de Puniet, France, Aprilia, 1:54.915<BR>5. Roberto Locatelli, Italy, Aprilia, 1:55.018<BR>6. Daijiro Katoh, Japan, Honda, 1:55.024<BR>7. Franco Battaini, Italy, Aprilia, 1:55.248<BR>8. Marco Melandri, Italy, Aprilia, 1:56.108<BR>9. Alex Debon, Spain, Aprilia, 1:55.416<BR>10. Roberto Rolfo, Italy, Aprilia, 1:55.426<BR>11. Sebastian Porto, Argentino, Yamaha, 1:55.473<BR>12. Fonsi Nieto, Spain, Aprilia, 1:55.492<BR>13. Alex Hofmann, Germany, Aprilia, 1:55.709<BR>14. Klaus Nohles, Germany, Aprilia, 1:56.775<BR>15. N. Matsudo, Japan, Yamaha, 1:56.853<BR><BR><BR>In the 125cc class, Youich Ui was quickest on the Derbi.<BR><BR>125cc Final Qualifying Times<BR>1. Youichi Ui, Japan, Derbi, 1:59.246<BR>2. Toni Elias, Spain, Honda, 1:59.656<BR>3. Lucio Cecchinello, Italy, Aprilia, 1:59.878<BR>4. A. Ballerini, Italy, Aprilia, 1:59.881<BR>5. Stefano Perugini, Italy, Italjet, 2:00.165<BR>6. Nobby Ueda, Japan, 2:00.231<BR>7. Masao Azuma, Japan, 2:00.291<BR>8. Gino Borsoi, Italy, Aprilia, 2:00.305<BR>9. Steve Jenkner, Germany, Aprilia, 2:00.309<BR>10. Angel Nieto, Jr., Spain, Honda, 2:00.420
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