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Sep 7, 2001

Updated Post: Parriott Fastest In F-USA Unlimited Superbike Practice At Portland

Arclight Suzuki's Brian Parriott was fastest in two Unlimited Superbike practice sessions on Friday, turning a best lap at 1:07.717 in the morning session. Tray Batey, who was fastest in the afternoon session, encountered mechanical problems with coolant leaking into a combustion chamber on his Aprilia RSV Mille R; teammate Mike Himmelsbach was forced to ride a spare bike when his fastest machine encountered engine problems. Times follow:<BR><BR>Rider/Bike, Morning Best Time, Afternoon Best Time<BR>1. Brian Parriott/Suzuki, 1:07.717, 1:08.323<BR>2. Tray Batey/Aprilia, 1:07.994, 1:08.081<BR>3. Lee Acree/Suzuki, 1:08.059, 1:08.083<BR>4. Mike Ciccotto/Suzuki, 1:08.081/1:08.644<BR>5. Michael Barnes/Suzuki, 1:08.186, 1:08.487<BR>6. Shawn Higbee/Suzuki, 1:09.636, 1:08.311<BR>7. Grant Lopez/Suzuki, 1:09.128, 1:08.741<BR>8. Craig Connell/Ducati, 1:09.217, 1:08.896<BR>9. Ty Howard/Kawasaki, 1:09.777, 1:09.194<BR>10. Eric Wood/Suzuki, 1:09762, 1:09.306<BR><BR><BR>Unlimited Superbike, Afternoon Times<BR>1. Batey, 1:07.994<BR>2. Acree, 1:08.083<BR>3. Barnes, 1:08.186<BR>4. Higbee, 1:08.311<BR>5. Parriott, 1:08.323<BR>6. Ciccotto, 1:08.644<BR>7. Lopez, 1:08.741<BR>8. Connell, 1:08.896<BR>9. Howard, 1:09.194<BR>10. Wood, 1:09.306<BR>11. Ken Chase, Suzuki, 1:09.369<BR>12. Mike Himmelsbach, Aprilia, 1:09.506<BR>13. Mike Sullivan, 1:09.808<BR>14. John Haner, Kawasaki, 1:10.046<BR>15. Joshua Bryan, 1:10.422<BR>16. Jake Holden, 1:10.628<BR>17. Marc Palazzo, Honda, 1:10.838<BR>18. Stoney Landers, Suzuki, 1:10.945<BR>19. Mark Ledesma, Aprilia, 1:11.064<BR>20. Aaron Clark, Aprilia, 1:11.181<BR><BR><BR>Sportbike, Afternoon Times<BR>1. Barnes, Suzuki, 1:09.140<BR>2. Acree, Suzuki, 1:09.409<BR>3. Paul Harrell, Yamaha, 1:09.580<BR>4. Howard, Yamaha, 1:09.581<BR>5. Parriott, Suzuki, 1:09.759<BR>6. Ciccotto, Suzuki, 1:09.814<BR>7. Shawn Conrad, Suzuki, 1:10.729<BR>8. Clint McBain, 1:10.926<BR>9. Wood, 1:10.937<BR>10. Mike Sullivan, 1:11.164<BR>11. Shannon Ball, Suzuki, 1:11.321<BR>12. Stoney Landers, Suzuki, 1:11.418<BR>13. Matt Zurbuchen, 1:12.001<BR>14. Palazzo, Honda, 1:12.103<BR>15. Tom Wertman, 1:12.496<BR><BR><BR>Buell Lightning, Afternoon Times<BR>1. Barnes, 1:13.063<BR>2. Richie Morris, 1:15.023<BR>3. Jeff Vermeulen, 1:15.339<BR>4. Tripp Nobles, 1:16.047<BR>5. Daniel Bilansky, 1:16.532<BR>6. Bryan Bemisderfer, 1:16.908<BR>7. Brian Bodine, 1:17.333<BR>8. Steve Luxem, 1:17.564<BR>9. Darren James, 1:17.631<BR>10. Jason Smith, 1:17.713<BR>11. Brian Frank, 1:17.997<BR>12. Jeff Johnson, 1:18.278<BR>13. John Snell, 1:18.912<BR>14. Greg Avello, 1:20.005<BR>15. William Laupp, 1:31.585<BR><BR><BR>Aprilia Cup Challenge, Afternoon Times<BR>1. Jeff Wood, 1:16.083<BR>2. Shannon Silva, 1:16.814<BR>3. Joshua Sortor, 1:17.837<BR>4. Dan Fischer, 1:18.215<BR>5. John Lemak, 1:19.229<BR>6. Brent Prindle, 1:25.471